Thursday, 30 June 2016

Little Things #14

Bomb Cosmetics candles and wax melts*
I'm a huge fan of Bomb Cosmetics but bizarrely don't think I've ever tried their candles or wax melts/burners before. I'd been wanting to try the burner and 'Little Hotties' wax melts for ages and wasn't disappointed - you get a little selection of adorably-shaped wax melts in four fragrances, and they have so many different scents to choose from. They all smell incredible and I love that you can combine complementary fragrances together or use them separately. I think they make a fab little gift! They have a huge range of candles too - the tinned candle I tried was Vintage Velvet, a delicious mix of lilac blossoms, white violets, ylang ylang and heliotrope, all wrapped up in velvet musks to create a super luxurious scent. So much love for Bomb Cosmetics.*
I was recently sent some goodies from, a website I hadn't previously heard of but couldn't stop scrolling through once I was on. They have an amazing range of stunning range of really delicate-yet-beautiful jewellery, with pieces in sterling silver and 9ct gold. I love their range of delicate necklaces, particularly those in a rose gold hue, so couldn't resist getting the rose gold infinity necklace and the interlocking hoop necklace. I also chose these adorable crescent moon-shaped earrings, as I've been looking for a pair of simple, everyday earrings recently and I thought these were perfect. The best thing about this website? Everything is really affordable. Seriously, you need to go and check it out. 

Pug Tangle Teezer*
The Tangle Teezer is most definitely one of my favourite, everyday, go-to hair tools, and so when I heard they were adding a super cute pug design to their repertoire, I was there. I'm building up quite a collection of Tangle Teezers (including my beloved Shaun the Sheep-print one), purely because they are so effective at ridding my ridiculously messy hair of knots and tangles whilst being compact enough to just chuck in my handbag. This design is totally my favourite - and definitely a conversation-starter when you pull it out - but who doesn't love a good pug?! 

All That Jazz nail lacquer*
I have a love-hate relationship with painting my nails, and especially recently I've found it much more of a chore than a way to pamper myself. I like to slap on my polish before bed and let it dry overnight (I know, a recipe for disaster, and I've woken up many a time with duvet-printed nails) but so many polishes take so long to dry and I find I'll have smudged them before I've even shut my eyes. Once they are painted, I find so many brands of polish chip ridiculously easily on my weaker-than-weak nails, and so lately I've been at a bit of a loss as to how to make nail polish something I get excited about again. That was, until, I discovered the brand All That Jazz. Focused on trend-lead nail polishes, All That Jazz is a brand I'd never heard of until recently, but as soon as I started applying the shade Pixie Whispers (pictured above) I knew it would be the start of something special. This polish applies like a dream, is seriously opaque and leaves your nails looking and feeling glossy and strong. It doesn't chip easily, and although it's not the cheapest polish I've tried at just under a tenner, it is definitely worth it for the quality. I really love this shade in particular too - it's a beautiful muted nudey lilac that I think looks so chic on the nails. 

Enchanted Forest colouring book
We all know colouring books are huge at the minute, and whilst I wasn't initially sure this was a bandwagon I wanted to jump on, I gave in recently because I'm always on the look-out for ways to de-stress, and having grown up loving art and all things creative it kind of made perfect sense. I picked up the Enchanted Forest colouring book by Johanna Basford and I absolutely love it - it's such a beautiful collection of illustrations, and it's not just about colouring either - there are lots of hidden symbols to find throughout too. I know this probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're looking for something to help you relax before bed or if you just fancy seeing what the fuss is all about I definitely recommend checking out this book. 

Joy phone case and bangle*
Finally, I recently received a couple of pretty bits from Joy the Store - a shop I absolutely love but for some reason always seem to forget about! I got this gorgeous rose gold 'LOVE' bangle, which reminds me of bracelets and bangles you see with motivational messages on them, just without the hefty price tag. I've been wearing it constantly since I got it and absolutely love it. I also got this adorable 'Hello darling' phone case, which I've received SO many compliments on. In a super sweet baby pink hue, it has a very Kate Spade-esque design with a white 'Hello' and metallic gold 'Darling' written across it. I love how simple yet pretty it is, and it feels great quality too. 

What little things are you loving right now? Let me know!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Packing for a trip to Azores with ghd

Okay, so despite the title of this blog post, I'm not actually heading to Azores (I wish!)... but, ghd recently got in touch regarding their brand new Limited Edition Azores stylers, and asked me if I was to be jet-setting off to the beautiful Azores, what would I pack? So, I thought it made perfect sense to put a blog post together on some of the essentials I'd take with me if I was lucky enough to be heading off to sun, sea and sand in the beautiful Azores...

First up, I'd obviously have to take my beautiful new Azores stylers with me. Inspired by the tropical Azores islands, I was gifted the Atlantic Jade stylers*, which are simply stunning in a gorgeous metallic jade green with almost bubble-like detailing. I think they are the ultimate mermaid hair stylers (perfect for me, a total mermaid wannabe), and come in a fab matching heat-resistant bag. We all know ghd make the best stylers and hair straighteners on the market, and these beauties are no exception, so they would definitely be a must-have in my suitcase. 

Of course a trip somewhere exotic wouldn't be complete without digging out all my bronzing beauty products, so my Clarins bronzer* would be top of the list, along with my bareMinerals Sheer Sun serum bronzer* and Nuxe Golden Shimmer Nourishing Dry Oil*, to ensure I look bronzed and golden at all times. I also couldn't resist adding my new Sleek Highlighting palette in Solstice to the mix as I think it's the ultimate holiday highlight. I'd chuck in my new favourite sunnies, these beauties from Gaby at House of Fraser, and some pretty embellished bikinis, like this lime green one I got from River Island a few years back, too.

When on holiday coral is always my go-to lip colour, so I thought it made sense to pop in my new fave, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Buenos Aires. For sun protection, I'd obviously include some SPF 30 sun cream in there, along with my Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser in SPF 25* and some Vichy After Sun*. For a pretty summer scent, I though the Body Fantasies Pink Grapefruit Fantasy* would be ideal, as it looks like the ultimate holiday fragrance. Finally, it wouldn't be a holiday without taking my trusty camera along with me, so that had to go in there too.

Are you jet-setting off anywhere exotic this summer? What would you pack? Not got a holiday booked yet? You might want to enter ghd's amazing Azores competition, to win a trip to the Caribbean along with some fab ghd goodies. You just have to snap a holiday hair selfie on Instagram using #ghdAzores and tag the person you want to escape with - simple! It ends on June 30th so get your entries in quick! 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Homeware Wishlist

I haven't done a wishlist post for a while now, and although I have about 12034853 clothing items I could do a fashion wishlist post about, I thought I was due a homeware post. Since having my own place, homeware is definitely one of my favourite things to buy, and I spend about 75% of my time online trawling through homeware sites in the hope I'll find some fab new pieces to make my humble abode all the more 'me'. Also, I've noticed since moving house that my tastes have started growing up somewhat - I'm less about all-the-things-everywhere and more about subtle touches and minimalism. So, I thought I'd run through some of the bits I've currently got my eye on, and hopefully it will give you some homeware inspiration too...

1. Hanging half moon planter - Urban Outfitters
One thing my house is really lacking right now is hanging planters, and I just feel like I need at least one hanging about the place to make it feel a bit more chic. This copper half moon one from Urban Outfitters is seriously cute and a steal at £15 - need!

2. Geometric print - Etsy
I've been after a pastel/grey geometric print like this for ages and finally found one on Etsy. It annoyingly doesn't come framed, but for just over a tenner for an A4 print I don't think it's bad going - I imagine similar in Urban Outfitters would be a lot more.

3. Add-on desk unit - Ikea
How cute is this?! It's supposed to go with the matching pastel pink desk, but I actually think this works really well as a unit on its own. It would look fab on a dressing table with makeup bits and perfumes lined up, or it would look equally good kitted out with stationery on a desk. I love it.

4. Marble chopping board - Next
I've been after a pretty marble serving board (not to actually serve things on of course, purely for aesthetic purposes) and this one from Next ticks all the boxes. It's a tad pricey at £12, but considering it's real marble (and seriously pretty) I think I can forgive that.

5. Bird floor lamp - Lamp Commerce
When I eventually get a bigger house, I picture myself having a big cosy chair in the corner of my sitting room, with a floor lamp next to it so I can read to my heart's content. I think this bird floor lamp from Lampcommerce is so nice - it's just simple and subtle enough that at first glance you probably wouldn't pick up on the fact it has a little branch! I've never seen a lamp like this before and absolutely love it.

6. Artificial peonies - TK Maxx
Peonies are a blogger's best friend, and artificial peonies even more so. I really want some in a glass vase and for £14.99 these fit the bill perfectly. Now I just need to track down some pale pink ones too!

7. Copper baskets - Sass & Belle
There are lots of copper touches throughout my house, and I've become a bit obsessed with finding copper storage baskets. This set is really pretty and would be perfect for housing makeup bits in.

8. Flamingo cushion - TK Maxx
Have you ever seen a cuter cushion?! For £12.99 I think this cushion screams Oliver Bonas, and would look super cute sitting on my aforementioned big cosy chair. I can't get over how cheap it is - need!

What are you currently lusting after, homeware-wise? Let me know!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Health & Fitness Update

Recently I've been making a real effort to try and up my fitness game. Ever since January, when I was very much in 'new year, new me' mode (as well as having a little health scare which definitely helped give me the kick up the bum I needed), I've been trying to work out more, eat better, and just generally look after myself.

Of course, it's not been plain sailing. Exactly a year ago yesterday, I uploaded this post about food, and although writing that post set me off in the right direction, bingeing has been something which has crept in more and more recently and that's definitely been hindering me on my journey to health and feeling happy with my body.

However, there are more good days than bad and with every mistake I make, I learn something new, so I feel like I'm slowly but surely getting there. I have lost just under a stone over the past few months, which isn't a lot to some, but considering I was on an upward spiral with my weight, to know that I can lose weight if I put my mind to it is such a good feeling.

So, what have I been doing? Well, at the start of the year I cut out Diet Coke, which was the hardest thing EVER but has helped so much. I think just knowing I actually can cut something out without spontaneously combusting has been a big relief! Along with that, I've been incorporating more fruit into my diet. And when I say more, what I actually mean is any fruit, full stop. Before I wasn't eating fruit at all (unless the raisins in cereal bars count) and I realise now just how unhealthy that was. Although fruit still isn't my favourite thing, I now happily chomp on grapes and apples without complaining. Salads have also become more of a regular thing diet-wise too, although my "salads" aren't exactly the most imaginative of things. Having them has meant I've been cutting down a lot on bread (I used to have a sandwich every day) and I'm sure this has helped somewhat too.

In terms of exercise, the gym has become my new best friend. At the start of the year I was going 3-4 times a week and feeling great, and although I'm not going all that often now, I do plan to get back on it. The gym is such a daunting place and especially if, like me, you're going alone, it can be pretty nerve-wracking. Once you're there, however, it feels so good to really get your body moving and I often find it lifts my mood SO much - something which is definitely worth all the sweat!

As well as the gym, more recently I've been getting back into running, as I have the Race for Life for Cancer Research coming up and I want to try and get a bit faster than I was last time. I absolutely HATE running (I can't understand how anyone likes it), but I do find pushing myself and getting out in the countryside every now and again really refreshing. I've been using the Strava app to track my runs and it's nice to get little awards every time you beat your goals!

So, what are my plans for this little blog and fitness-themed posts? Well, as I've said before, I'd like to take you guys along with me on this fitness journey, so there are definitely going to be more fitness-themed posts on the blog. Obviously, I'm not a fitness expert (sheesh, far from it!) but I think it might be nice to get a bit of an un-fitnessy person's perspective when it comes to getting fit and healthy.

Will you be donning your trainers and joining me?
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