Benefit Roller Lash Review

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Although mascara isn't always the top of my makeup wishlist, due to being an avid false lash wearer, I still appreciate a new mascara when it comes out and particularly if one of my favourite brands, Benefit, happens to release one. My all-time favourite mascara is by Benefit (They're Real), so naturally when they sent over Roller Lash, their newest addition, to try, I was really excited to see if it delivered. 

Roller Lash is supposed to be all about the curl - the idea behind the campaign is that we should all be able to ditch our eyelash curlers (which are apparently really bad for lashes) and instead use this mascara to give incredible curl and length. 

In terms of curl, I didn't really see anything remarkable about this mascara, but when it comes to length it's a whole different ballgame - this mascara makes your lashes so long. I've tried a lot of different mascaras in the past and have to say this one is the one that delivers the longest lashes - even more so than They're Real, which comes in at a close second. 

The 'Hook 'n' Roll' brush is supposed to add more in the way of curl, but as I have naturally very straight lashes it didn't work for me - but I really don't think that lets the mascara down, as the lengthening factor is what really steals the show here. Whilst I think it looks great on my lashes (which are naturally very straight and short) I've seen other people who have naturally longer/curlier lashes and it looks simply INCREDIBLE on them.

Overall I'm really impressed with this mascara and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for an uber lengthening mascara. I'd also say those that are fans of They're Real mascara but hate how hard it is to get off should give this one a go too, as it's much easier to take off for some reason! 

Have you tried Benefit's Roller Lash? Let me know your thoughts! 

Puppy Love

Monday, 8 June 2015

I thought it was about time I introduced you all to the newest member of my family - Toby! No, unfortunately he's not mine - my mum and dad got him a little while ago (thanks to me and my persistence) and I couldn't resist telling you guys about him. You know I'm a little bit animal crazy and dogs in particular get me grinning from ear-to-ear - especially my baby Rory (if you're new to my blog you can read all about Rory here). Toby is seriously cute though and I just adore how much happiness and love a dog can bring into your life - I think I would have about ten if I could!

Toby is a Chihuahua x Shih tzu (Rory is a Chihuahua x Maltese so they're kind of related!) and he's the sweetest little thing ever. He's a very vocal little guy, always making little squeaks if he wants something, and he varies from having bundles of energy to sleeping - anywhere and everywhere! He's a few months old now and growing all the time - I have a feeling he'll be a tad bit bigger than Rory but we'll see. Him and Rory get on well although Toby does bully Rory a bit - but they do enjoy wrestling eachother constantly!

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again - getting Rory was the best decision I ever made and I know my mum and dad feel the same about Toby (even when he wees in the house - he's learning though!) Dogs have an ability to bring so much love it's unreal, and it's so nice to have a little furry companion following you about the place. They both just make my heart melt!

I will say, if you are thinking about getting a puppy - think long and hard. They are honestly such a joy but they can be hard work too, and there are a million different things to consider when you get one. You'll spend a lot of money on kitting them out with beds, food, leads, collars, toys etc. and then there's insurance too (which is SO important - my mum and dad are thinking about going for More Than insurance for Toby) and of course the time, energy and patience it takes training them, walking them and just generally looking after them. Are they worth it? Of course, but it totally depends on who you are as a person and whether a dog will fit into your lifestyle.

I'm so happy my mum and dad decided to get Toby - he's such a little character (just like Rory) and it's going to be so exciting seeing him grow. Aw, don't you just love dogs?!

Me and Food

Monday, 1 June 2015

I love food. I've always loved food. When I was little I distinctly remember trips to McDonalds, eating Milky Bar buttons and Teddy Bear crisp lunchtimes. Food is honestly the highlight of my day, as sad as that sounds. I look forward to each mealtime and if I'm going out for dinner, I look up the menu online beforehand so I can suss out all of the options and decide which I want.

If I could order dessert with every meal, I would. If it wasn't frowned upon to have a takeaway every night (or bad for my waistline and bank balance) I probably would too. I just love food, and I think my obsession with it has been with me my entire life. 

But there's enjoying a good meal and taking things to the extreme - something I am somewhat guilty of. I'm not going to get into details, but during my teenage years the obsession with food took me down a very dark road of starving myself, which made me very ill.

Luckily, I got over it (somehow) but I stumbled into another extreme instead - bingeing. I would go from shop to shop buying chocolate, biscuits, all the unhealthy things... only to go back to my room and eat them all. I did this for a fair few months until one day I looked in the mirror and realised I didn't look like me anymore, and thankfully I managed to get back to being healthy (and happy) pretty quickly. 

But, unfortunately, bingeing has stuck with me in times of stress and depression. Particularly over the past few months, since moving into a house on my own, my bingeing got really out of hand. I would order a Pizza Hut takeaway suitable for a small family - and eat it all, all to myself. I would buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's and sit and eat it all whilst watching Netflix, only to go to the cupboard in the hope of finding more chocolate afterwards. I would eat a chocolate bar whilst making my tea, because it was there and I felt like it would fill the void for a second. 

Sometimes I would binge because something bad had happened, or I felt like I'd done something wrong, and sometimes the inspiration to do it would just hit me and I wouldn't be able to think about anything else until that food was eaten - like a compulsion. 

When it started affecting my health you would have thought I'd stop, right? Wrong. Even though I was getting shakes from all the sugar, putting on weight ridiculously quickly and my fitness was at an all-time low, I still couldn't get myself out of the cycle of bingeing and feeling terrible about it. Only a couple of weeks ago it hit me that I really can't go on like this. 

I'm not happy with my weight, so I was bingeing to make myself feel better about it, and therefore getting myself into even more of a mess. I hate going out at the minute because I feel like I'm four times my normal size and although I've always had self-esteem issues, seeing my weight pile up has made them even more prominent. I've stopped wearing 80% of my wardrobe because I feel like I can't get away with wearing certain clothes anymore, and that makes me really sad.

I'm not sure exactly when it hit me but I was watching back some of my old YouTube videos, (fellow YouTubers, don't say you don't do it) and I noticed how much healthier I looked. I'd been planning on watching some of my subscriptions whilst eating the chocolate bar I'd bought earlier that day, when suddenly I realised I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to feel crap about myself, I don't want to affect my health, I don't want to feel fat and ugly and utterly self-conscious in everything I wear. I want to be fit, and healthy, and happy. And eating my body weight in ice cream isn't going to do that. So I got up, put the chocolate bar in the bin, and did some squats instead.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm telling you this - maybe some of you will be able to relate, or maybe it'll open some peoples' eyes to the fact that food can literally take over your life. I'm determined to get myself healthier and happier, and I think maybe blogging about it every now and again might help me achieve that. I'm planning on doing more regular fitness and diet posts, because honestly - if I can lose weight, anyone can. I have quite a way to go to get to my goal weight but I'm actually really excited about starting this journey and sharing it with you guys. Wish me luck? 

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Okay, so I've been wanting to review this book for ages, but have put it off quite simply because I want to do the book justice. You know when you come across a book and it just sticks in your head? This is definitely one of those.

Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, and basically a very successful businesswoman. She is the ultimate self-made success story and she didn't get there through sheer luck - something which definitely comes across in the book. If you've ever wanted to set up your own business, save money or simply want to get as far up the career ladder as you possibly can, '#GIRLBOSS' is definitely the book for you.

Sophia describes her ascent into the world of fashion and business from start to present day, and it's really refreshing to see how this now-millionaire started out just like you and me, and still recognises that today. She's definitely a realist and I found a lot of the book not only helps you focus on furthering your career, but also if (like me) you struggle with saving money, with focusing on building your empire and so saving as much money as you can. There's a quote in the book - 'Money looks better in the bank than on your feet' (I think it goes like that) and it's so true - especially for a Primark-fiend like myself, who can spend hundreds on throwaway fashion, it's definitely opened my eyes up a bit and taught me the value of saving up.

If you feel like you're in a bit of a career lull, or need a helping hand getting your focus in achieving your goals, I completely recommend getting this book. It will help you with interviews, planning your business, working on your brand and all the while is a really entertaining read. '#GIRLBOSS' leaves you really praising Sophia for her achievements, feeling inspired about your own journey and leaves you with a real sense of 'girl power'. I completely recommend it, and give it a 5/5.

Have you read '#GIRLBOSS'? Let me know what you thought!

Flamingo Gifts

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I've always enjoyed shopping for homeware, but lately it's taken on a whole new turn and I've become a bit obsessed. As much as makeup and clothes excite me, there is something about interiors and making your space look as pretty as possible that appeals to me so much more. 

As you can probably guess, my favourite interior themes are pastels, florals, and all things vintage-esque. My room at home is a Cath Kidston dream and I'm hoping when I move out for good I can still add a bit of that candy sweet prettiness into my new home. I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I absolutely love it.

I find browsing online for homeware the easiest way to go about it, and a website I discovered recently that ticks all of my homeware boxes has got to me Flamingo Gifts. Absolutely perfect for quirky, unique and adorable gifts and homeware bits, I could honestly spend hours browsing this website. So, when I was recently sent a few bits from the lovely people at Flamingo Gifts, I just had to share. 

First up - say hello to my dream French Blue telephone*. I have wanted one of these retro phones ever since I was about eight years old and I used to play on the one my big sister had (yes, you can have hours of fun pressing those buttons - well, you can when you're eight). There is just something so vintage-retro-sixties-Barbie-Dreamhouse about them that made me always want one in my home, and this blue colour goes perfect with my decor. It's really easy to set up and has the best vintage ring to it ever - trust me. I don't think it's a bad price at £39 either, and you can get them in a host of different colours. 

In keeping with the retro theme, I just couldn't resist this amazing VW Campervan wash bag* - I've always had a thing for these retro campervans and I'm always on the look out for more storage solutions for my endless collection of beauty products, so this seemed the perfect solution. It's really roomy and well made and just looks amazing sitting on my dressing table. 

Finally, I've been wanted to start up a collection of biscuit-shaped cushions (because, why not?!) for a while now, and this cute-as-a-button Party Ring biscuit cushion* kicks off my collection perfectly. I have visions of a multitude of biscuit cushions perched on my sofa at some point, but for now this one is happily on my bed. I have a fixation with food-related homeware items, and with cuter-than-cute things like this on offer, I don't think that will change any time soon. 

Have you bought anything from Flamingo Gifts? They honestly have SO many amazing items, and they stock the fabulous Flamingo Candles too! 

Spring Makeup Picks

Monday, 11 May 2015

Despite the somewhat tempremental weather, I think we can all agree by the welcoming (intermittent) rays of sunshine and pretty pink blossoms (and the fact that it's now May - wha?!) that spring has officially sprung. Spring is my absolute favourite time of the year for fashion and beauty - spring always means an influx of pastels and florals, which are, obviously, two of my favourite things. I love injecting a bit of fun into both my wardrobe and my makeup bag with pretty pinks and lilacs, mint greens and baby blues - all of the sugary sweet, happy hues. So, I thought it was about time I ran through the makeup products that have my heart all a flutter for spring.

First up, I've been loving Bourjois' new Color Edition 24 hour cream eyeshadows - particularly the shade 01 Merveille D'argent* - a stunning sparkly white with hints of gold. Whilst I'm not usually the biggest fan of cream shadows, this cream to powder formulation is really nice, although it did take some getting used to - I just really love how sparkly this shadow is. Another spring favourite from Bourjois is their eyeshadow quad in Over Rose* is full of beautiful pinks for the perfect spring evening look. I'm particularly in love with the 'light touch' top coat in the centre - the most sparkly pale pink with gold glitter ever. MeMeMe's 'Beat the Blues' highlighter* is the perfect spring-like pale pink, and is ideal for adding a really subtle pink highlight to the usual highlighting areas.

In terms of blush, I usually like to keep things very baby pink during the spring months but I couldn't resist popping this Laura Geller 'Blush n Brighten' in Pink Grapefruit* into the mix. I adore mineral blushes and this one ticks all the boxes for me - it's such a stunning warm pink that would make a great transitional shade from spring into summer too. For lips, if you want to keep things subtle and super hydrated, then Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Rose* is perfect - it feels amazing and moisturising on the lips, and gives a really subtle sweet rose colour. If matte lips are more your thing, then Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in So Hap'pink* is a really lovely bright pink that stays on amazingly well (see a full review of the new shades here).

For lashes, I think spring is all about going for big, fluttery doll eyes, and these lashes from Invogue* are perfect - just the right amount of length, volume and flutter to achieve gorgeous bambi doll eyes. Last but not least - nail polish. One of my favourite things about spring makeup has got to be all the gorgeous nail polishes hitting the shelves. Bourjois So Laque Glossy nail polish in Peace and Mauve* is a lovely pale lilac, although it does take a fair few coats to look opaque. If you prefer your polish pink, then OPI's 'I think in pink'* is a gorgeous sugary pink, although, again, it needs a fair few coats to make an impact. Finally, my favourite of the polishes, Givenchy's Rose Evocation* is a Limited Edition stunning deep Barbie pink, in an incredible formulation that dries quickly and gives a semi-matte finish. I feel like this nail polish needs a review all on its own as I'm so impressed with it!

So there you have it - my picks for spring. What cosmetics are you currently loving this spring? Let me know!