Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rose gold accessorising with

You know when you just fall in love with an outfit, and when you look closely you can see that the thing that ties it all together is the accessories? I am completely head-over-heels in love with this outfit I wore for a recent trip in the sunshine, and I definitely feel like the absolutely stunning rose gold jewellery from is what really makes it come into its own.

I've always been a big accessories advocate - I feel naked if I haven't got a least two items of jewellery on, and I totally believe that accessories are what really sets an outfit off and make it special. These pieces from are no exception - in beautiful sterling silver dipped in 18ct rose gold, I feel like they totally steal the show here. The infinity bracelet* is a complete bargain at £3.87, and I've been wearing it religiously ever since I got it. I've wanted a delicate little arrow necklace* for ages and feel like this one definitely ticks all the boxes, and this sweet infinity stacking ring* is just so pretty. Finally, these gorgeous bow stud earrings* have got me wearing earrings after about a year of not wearing any - I forgot how much earrings finish off a look and these are just the cutest. The best thing about the pieces I've tried from is that they are SO incredibly affordable as well as being such amazing quality. I honestly think they are the same quality as brands that cost four or five times the price!

Onto the rest of the outfit now, and the beautiful floral maxi dress I'm wearing is from Boohoo - I got it a little while ago so stocks are sadly running low by the looks of things, but I always find Boohoo are pretty good at re-stocking! It's a gorgeous warm floral print with cut-out shoulders (love!), with a bit of a mullet dress vibe going on (longer at the back, shorter at the front) and I honestly feel so nice wearing this. It's a really flattering fit and paired with a brown belt around the waist it looks perfect.

I finished off the outfit with some copper sandals* I got from Yumi a while back, which have a slight wedge to them to give a bit of extra height (ideal if you're worried about your maxi dress dragging along the floor!).

Overall I absolutely love this outfit and I can definitely see an obsession with delicate rose gold jewellery coming on...

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Champneys Detox Range Review

Summer is here and that means the pretty little dresses are out, the short-shorts are on and bikini season is in full swing. Now, I'm not particularly bothered when it comes to getting my legs out and showing a bit more flesh, but I know I could definitely do with a helping hand in firming things up - especially my legs and arms. So, when I saw Champneys had a whole 'Detox' range* of products, it made perfect sense to give it a go.

The range consists of the Skin Firming Shower Scrub, Seaweed and Sea Salt Scrub, Hip and Thigh Firming Mud and Skin Firming Body Butter - basically everything you need to ensure your skin is pampered and preened and feels smoother, softer and tighter. Enriched with naturally-derived sea minerals, the range guarantees to give you that 'just left the spa' feeling without leaving the house.

The range smells fresh with a slight hint of the ocean - not entirely to my taste (I love sickly sweet scents, which this is basically the direct opposite of!) - but it definitely smells like the spa. All of the products in the range work similarly to ultimately smooth and firm the skin. The two scrubs made my skin feel incredible - the Seaweed and Sea Salt Scrub is definitely a bit more heavy-duty and leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth, whereas the Shower Scrub is a less intense, and probably better to use more frequently for a quick scrub in the shower. I like using the Sea Salt Scrub once a week and then the Shower Scrub every other day to keep my skin ultra smooth.

I love following the scrub with Skin Firming Body Butter - whilst it doesn't smell amazing, it leaves my skin feeling firmer and smoother than any other body butter I've tried, making all those wobbly bits a little less wobbly! Finally, the Hip and Thigh Firming Mud is the ultimate spa treatment product - it's definitely best left to do when you have a pampering session planned in or a bit of time on your hands, as you need to leave the mud on for 10-20 minutes to let it full absorb. I definitely felt like I was in the Turkish baths using this, and it's unlike any product I've ever tried before. It is a tad messy, but totally worth it for how smooth, tight and firm it leaves your skin feeling.

Overall I'm so impressed with the Detox range from Champneys and love that it allows me to experience spa-like products at home - all whilst getting my skin looking (and feeling) its best for the summer!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Having a pre-flight pamper with Cloud Spa

Last month I took a trip to Amsterdam for a few days exploring the city (post coming soon!). Before I jet-setted off, however, I was invited to have a bit of a pre-flight pamper at Cloud Spa. As we're well and truly in holiday season, I thought I'd tell you a bit more about Cloud Spa and share my experience with you!

Located in several airports across the country, Cloud Spas are the perfect place for the ultimate pre-flight pamper session. With a range of manicures, brow and lash treatments, waxing and massages, there's guaranteed to be something that tickles your fancy before boarding the plane. The best thing? Most of these treatments take between 15-30 minutes, so you'll have plenty of time to raid Duty Free before stepping heading off to sunnier climes.

Although I was pre-booked for my treatments, the majority of people just turn up and get their treatment done there and then. Sitting near the Duty Free shopping area, the Cloud Spa I visited (in Stansted Airport) was super easy to find thanks to the pretty paper decorations hanging from the sign, and me and my boyfriend Tom were greeted by a glass of Prosecco our lovely beauty therapists. I decided as I was getting pampered and preened it only made sense that Tom joined in the fun too, so he got to have a massage whilst I had my nails done.

The 15-minute treatments were a total dream - I chose a bright pink for my nails with glitter on the top, and had lots of fun chatting to the girls on the counter whilst drinking my Prosecco and having a bit of me-time. It was totally easy to forget that we were in the middle of a busy airport, especially as the staff were so chatty and bubbly, really welcoming us and making us feel at home. Tom had never had a massage before and was a little bit apprehensive, but his therapist completely put him at ease.

We had a fab time at Cloud Spa and it honestly kicked off our trip in the most perfect way. We'd had a stressful morning rushing around, so it was so lovely to be able to relax and be pampered, especially knowing that we were all checked in and ready to board the plane when we were called. The treatments were quick but still to an amazing standard (take a look at my beaut nails in the pictures above!) and Tom couldn't believe how relaxed he felt after his massage.

Overall I absolutely loved my experience at Cloud Spa and would completely recommend it for anyone looking to get those last-minute holiday treatments done before they head away. Do you think you'll be heading to Cloud Spa when you next go away? You can get £5 off if you quote 'BLOG16' to your beauty therapist - enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Staying hydrated with Dermalogica & SodaStream

We are currently in the depths of summer (at long last, hooray!) and with the heat taking over, it's so important that we keep ourselves hydrated and healthy. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that skincare brand Dermalogica have joined forces with SodaStream, the sparkling water maker, to help promote the importance of hydration and health.

I was sent some of Dermalogica's hydrating products to review, along with a rather snazzy SodaStream, both of which should aim to keep me hydrated over the summer months! I was initially a bit worried that the hydration range by Dermalogica would be unsuitable for my skin - after all, my skin is an oil slick at the best of times - but was reassured that the range is for all skin types looking for a dose of hydration.

The products I got to test were the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer*, Skin Hydrating Masque* and Skin Smoothing Cream*. I love trying new primers and especially when they claim to diminish pores - which this one definitely does. It helps to mattify the skin, even out skintone, and blur any fine lines and wrinkles, all the while thoroughly hydrating the skin. I absolutely love using this under foundation as it is silky smooth and makes foundation application a dream. It definitely helps blur my pores and mattifies the skin, but perhaps not quite as much as my ultimate favourite primer, Porefessional by Benefit.

Now, onto the Skin Hydrating Masque. So I'll be honest - I've never really tried a hydrating mask before, as the masks I usually opt for are all about getting rid of oil and unclogging my pores, but I was excited to try this as my skin does get dry in certain places, especially when the weather warms up. This mask is a total dream - it leaves my skin feeling SO soft and smooth, utterly hydrated and basically amazing. It definitely doesn't feel greasy or oily on the skin, but smells and feels ultra fresh. I tend to use this once a week when my skin is feeling a bit tight or needs a bit of a hydrating boost.

Finally, the Skin Smoothing Cream is basically your go-to moisturiser when your skin is feeling a bit dry or sensitive. It smells amazing, hydrates skin to perfection and doesn't feel thick or greasy on the skin. I tend to use it as a night cream as I get quite oily during the day, but I've found using it at night has left my skin feeling so soft and smooth in the morning. A little bit definitely goes a long way with this one!

Overall I am super impressed with these hydrating products from Dermalogica. Even as someone with oily, acne-prone skin, they work really well and have become staples in my skincare routine. What are your go-to hydration products? Let me know!
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