Thursday, 26 May 2016

Current Favourite Pamper Products

Everyone loves a good old pamper session, am I right?! Lately I've been stressed to the max, over everything from having really horrendous hormonal skin to feeling like I spend half of my life tidying the house. When I get stressed, I get really irritable and I find the best thing to do is take myself away from everything, light a candle, and release my inner calm by getting my pamper on. I don't think there is anything more relaxing than a long hot soak in a bath full of bubbles, slathering on a face mask and locking yourself in the bathroom with zero distractions. Lately my pamper sessions have been become more and more frequent, so I thought I'd run through some of the pampering products I've been reaching for recently...

Neom Daily De-Stress Bath & Shower Oil*
Okay, so I think it should be mandatory that all pamper sessions kick off with a bath or shower involving this little beauty. The Daily De-Stress Oil from Neom smells out-of-this-world incredible, with safflower oil, lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood to completely de-stress your senses whilst leaving your skin looking, feeling and smelling amazing. I adore everything Neom do because they smell so good and make me feel like I'm really indulging myself in a bit of luxury.

SenSpa Nourishing Body Wash*
This award-winning body wash is a total treat for the skin. I like saving it to use on pamper nights as it contains argan oil as well as lots of delicious-smelling essential oils to really nourish and moisturise my skin when in the shower. It smells so nice too which is always a bonus, and is 97% natural, so I know I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin.

Natural Spa Factory Champagne Bath Nectar*
Okay, so this might seem like a bit of a gimmicky product, but aside from making me feel very luxe when dropping it into the tub, this bath nectar is high in AHAs which are great for renewing skin - ideal if you want to slough off dead skin cells and renew the skin. I like to think it's helping any nasty spots I might have on my back/shoulder area, and whilst I haven't seen a huge difference, when I've had a bath with this in it definitely leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth (although that could just be down to all the other moisturising products I use!)

Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask*
Origins is always a huge hit with me so I just have to incorporate it whenever I have a pamper sesh. One of their fairly new products, the Original Skin Retexturizing Mask has become a bit of a staple in my skincare routine recently, thanks to my skin deciding it was prime time to erupt with under the skin spots and blackheads, leaving it with a rather bumpy, uneven texture. This definitely helps to improve that, leaving my skin feeling and looking so much smoother, with pores also looking reduced.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil
I'm quite lazy when it comes to moisturising, even if I'm having a big pamper night, and so I find oils so much quicker and easier to just slap on and go. This one from Garnier is definitely one of my favourites - it smells lovely, and is infused with argan, macadamia, almond and rose oil - basically all of the amazing oils! It hydrates my skin whilst leaving it with a gorgeous glowy sheen - perfect for those summer months!

What are your current favourite pamper products?

Monday, 23 May 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Premiere

A few weeks ago I received one of the most exciting emails of my life: an invitation from Disney to attend the European premiere of Alice Through the Looking Glass! I couldn't quite believe it, and after several 'Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god's and lots of jumping up and down, I promptly RSVP'd. 

Tuesday 10th May came round quickly and after a slight panic over what to wear, I headed down to London. Leicester Square had been transformed into an Alice Through the Looking Glass feast for the eyes - there were clocks hanging down from the trees, mirrors galore, giant toadstools and even flamingo topiary! As I headed onto the blue carpet, it was definitely a 'pinch me' moment to be just metres away from the stars (I was walking the carpet when Sasha Baron Cohen was being interviewed live), and to see the whole buzz around the film was amazing. 

I got a chance to take a few snaps whilst on the carpet, but mostly got swept away in the excitement and soon it was time to enter the cinema and be seated to watch the film. The Odeon in Leicester Square is seriously impressive - the room they use for film premieres is so grand it's like being at the theatre, with the film stars and important people sitting at the top, whilst everyone else was seated on the stalls below. We found our (leopard print - very snazzy) seats, with popcorn ready and waiting for us, and settled down ready for the film to kick off. 

Before it started, the directors and cast of the film did their introductions - this was totally my highlight of the evening as I got to see my beloved Johnny Depp in the flesh. It was so bizarre to think I was in the same room as one of my favourite actors, a man I've grown up watching and absolutely love. He was joined by Tim Burton, another person I was so excited to get the chance to be in the presence of, Sasha Baron Cohen, Mia Wasikowska, Andrew Scott, and the writers of the film. 

Once the cast had headed off to take their seats, we donned our 3D glasses and sat back to watch the movie. As expected, it was a fantastic film that totally transported you to another world, with all your favourite characters, along with some new faces. Obviously Johnny Depp was amazing as the Mad Hatter (as always), but I was particularly impressed with Sasha Baron Cohen, who played the role of 'Time' tremendously well. You also got a chance to see the Red Queen and the White Queen's back story, which was really interesting. The film also features the voice of Alan Rickman as the caterpillar, which was definitely a bit emotional to watch! 

Overall the film was incredible and I totally recommend you go and see it. I want to thank Disney so, SO much for inviting me to the premiere - I had such an amazing time! 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Peaches & Jeans

 Top: Primark
Bomber jacket: New Look
Jeans*: George at Asda
Watch*: Daisy Dixon
Trainers: Puma
Necklace: Primark

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in SO long. Up until recently, the weather hasn't been 'spring-like' at all, and so I've literally been living in jumpers and leggings. Over the past few weeks, however, spring has finally sprung in the UK and so I've been digging out my spring/summer wardrobe as well as purchasing a few bits and bobs for the new season. 

Bomber jackets are everywhere right now, and they are totally a trend I can get on board with. Of course, I opted for the ultra pretty floral version, which is ideal for making these rather masculine jackets a touch more feminine (plus, you guys know I just love florals!). As soon as I saw this floral bomber jacket on the New Look website I had to have it, and I think it looks a lot more expensive than it was. 

I decided to team it with a simple white tee from Primark, my trusty ripped skinny jeans from George and my brand new Puma trainers. I absolutely love the whole 'trainers and jeans' thing that's oh-so-fashionable at the moment, and after looking for a pair of 'wow' trainers for a while I stumbled across these and fell in love. They are so comfy and the perfect peachy pink colour, which just happens to go perfectly with the bomber jacket - it's like it was meant to be! 

Finally, I decided to finish the accessories off with my trusty Primark statement necklace and another new addition - my gorgeous Daisy Dixon watch. The Cara Multidial Watch is the most perfect alternative to Michael Kors' offering at a fraction of the price - it screams luxury and looks seriously amazing on - I never want to take it off! I decided to opt for yellow gold as opposed to rose as I already have a rose gold watch and wanted to try something a bit different - and I'm so glad I did. It also comes in silver and rose gold, and I love how it has the date and the day of the week on there too!

I absolutely love this outfit and feel as though this jeans and trainers combo' is going to be a staple in my wardrobe for spring. What trends are you loving at the moment?

Friday, 6 May 2016

Brand Focus: Rodial

I thought it was about time I started doing more 'Brand Focus' blog posts - ages ago I remember posting a 'Brand I'm Loving' post about Benefit, and after discovering lots of amazing brands recently, it got me thinking that I should probably make posts focusing on certain brands a bit of a regular thing. So, today I'm bringing you a little Rodial round-up!

Rodial is a brand I hadn't really heard much about up until a year or so ago, and since then I've been dabbling in trying out some of their products. Now, it's worth mentioning that Rodial is definitely on the higher-end scale when it comes to price point, but considering just how luxe these products are, it makes sense. The brand describes itself as 'Luxury and Innovative Skincare' and I think this sums up Rodial perfectly - they seem to have mastered the perfect combination of ultra luxurious products whilst keeping them modern, innovative and fresh.

I've been trying a trio of skincare products from Rodial recently - the SUPER ACIDS X-treme Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser*, Glamoxy Snake Mask* and Superfit Tummy Tuck*. Three very different products, but all of which have honestly been giving me amazing results. The SUPER ACIDS X-treme Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser is ideal for my type of skin - I suffer with acne-prone, oily skin that is uneven in texture with enlarged pores and lots of blackheads (aren't I lucky!?) and this worked incredibly well at controlling those skin concerns. Containing glycolic acid (my favourite skincare ingredient), it smoothed out my skin, helped control oil production and made my pores look smaller, as well as brightening my skin - all of the things it claims to do. Whilst it's pricey at £29, considering it does everything it claims to I think it's completely worth it.

The Glamoxy Snake Mask might look (and sound) a little bit scary at first, but it has quickly become one of my all-time favourite face masks. Ideal for de-congesting the skin whilst brightening it and fading scars/pigmentation, it contains innovative ingredients to give your skin an almost-instant boost. It helps reduce large pores, firms the skin and basically is a wonder mask that leaves your skin looking and feeling great. It's jet black in appearance, which is unlike any other face mask I've tried and a bit scary at first, but it's honestly a fantastic product - and it's a peel-off mask, which makes it even more fun. The only negative? It's not cheap, at a whopping £68. However, if Jourdan Dunn swears by it, what's not to love?

A product I'd heard a lot about is the Superfit Tummy Tuck - I'm sure the likes of Elle or Vogue have touted it the ultimate wonder product at one point or another, so I was keen to see how I'd get on. I think I might have built this product up a bit too much in my head, as I was a bit disappointed I didn't wake up with washboard abs the morning after applying it (I'm joking, ish). It definitely helps to firm the skin, but I think I might have to revisit this product in the future once I've got a bit more use out of it.

Whilst Rodial is renowned for its skincare, the brand recently expanded into the world of makeup, much to my delight. I've been testing out a couple of Rodial's makeup products and I have to say, I'm just as impressed with them as I am their skincare. The Glamsticks* are ultra buttery tinted lip balms that nourish the lips whilst plumping them, and they even have a coconut flavour! These come in a range of different shades and are a total treat for the lips. My all-time favourite Rodial product, however, is the Instaglam Deluxe Translucent HD Powder*, which has become my number one powder since trying it. This translucent pressed powder mattifies the skin to perfection and has a built-in sebum regulator to keep shine at bay. It also helps to blur any imperfections and honestly I wouldn't be without it now. It also comes in the most amazing luxe packaging - I'm just dreading the day it runs out as at £52 it's really not cheap!

Overall, I am really impressed with Rodial - their products might be pricey, but they ooze luxury and deliver the results they promise. For that, I can't fault them really!
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