The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Thursday, 20 November 2014
Advent Calendar - The Body Shop*

As the month of December is fast approaching, and we're all on the hunt for the 'perfect' advent calendar, I couldn't think of a better time to show you the amazing advent calendar The Body Shop has to offer.

So we all know that chocolate-based advent calendars are a thing of the past, and now it's all about the beauty calendar. I personally think it's a great idea, and whilst I do love me some chocolate, I'd much prefer a beauty/pampering gift every day in the run-up to Christmas, instead of a measly square of chocolate! 

So, what's Body Shop's advent calendar all about? Well, it's packed full of gorgeous mini Body Shop products, old and new, including some best-sellers and limited edition products. There is a mix of pampering body products, lotions and potions, as well as makeup products in there too - including the likes of their Colour Crush nail colour. Some personal Body Shop favourites are sure to pop up in there too - including the White Musk Fragrance, Shea Body Butter and the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. 

If you're a fan of Body Shop products (and let's face it, who isn't!?) you need this in your life. It's available at selected Body Shop stores and the best thing? A percentage of each sale goes towards the charity War Child. What's not to love?! 

Will you be buying a beauty calendar this year? Which ones do you have your eye on? 

Discount Wishlist

Thursday, 13 November 2014
1. Miss Selfridge - £14.40
2. Miss Selfridge - £34.30
3. Dorothy Perkins - £7 
4. New Look - £14.99 
5. Dorothy Perkins - £10.80 
6. Miss Selfridge - £18 
7. New Look - £14.99
8. New Look - £18.74
9. New Look - £14.99
(All with various discounts applied - although I'm no mathematician)

As there appears to be a sudden influx in shops online doing uh-may-zing discounts, I thought it was probably best I had a bit of a peruse and put together a wishlist post with some of my favourite pieces from said shops. I've been craving a bit of a shopping spree lately, but unfortunately as I can't really afford it, putting together this post was the next best thing! 

You'll notice a bit of a theme here - pastels, of course. Whilst I did actually plan on doing a really traditionally autumnal wishlist post, as I was browsing these were all the clothes and accessories that stood out to me. I do plan on doing a bit more of a tartan/deep reds/greens post soon though. 

So, what did I pick? Well, first up, I couldn't resist putting this cute 'Shimmer' clutch into my post, considering these slogan clutches are everywhere at the minute and I thought this one was ideal as it's all shimmery on the other side. I actually thought it would go really well with the jacquard skirt I popped in from Miss Selfridge as well, which is so incredibly beautiful and perfect for the party season. I'm really into lots of rings at the minute so this little set from Dottie P's had to be added in, and then I fell in love with this powder blue embellished top from New Look, which I think would compliment the aforementioned skirt perfectly. I chose Dorothy Perkins again for this gorgeous unicorn makeup bag (they had tablet cases too!) and I couldn't help but add the Snow Queen-esque faux fur embellished headband as I felt it was very Frozen-inspired and perfect for the winter months. 

I've been after a pair of metallic gold pointy shoes for ages now, and these New Look beauties have come to my rescue. I think they'll look amazing with so many outfits and are such a great price too - and they're wide fitting, which is perfect for my big feet! Another New Look special, I've been for months for this lilac sparkly top to hit the shelves, after seeing it at the press day a while ago. Finally, it would be rude not to add a statement necklace to the mix, so this one (also from New Look) had to be thrown in as it's totally stunning.

So, now for the important bit - the codes and discounts. Miss Selfridge have up to 30% off everything until midnight on Sunday, no code required (all the discounts are already applied), Dorothy Perkins have up to 30% off everything until Sunday as well, and New Look have 25% off everything full-price until Sunday, with the code 'TWITF&F25' - happy shopping! 

Are we out of the woods yet?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Boots*: Quiz
Necklace: Topshop

Me and my boyfriend went for a little walk in the woods the other day and I thought it was a prime spot for taking outfit photos, so - here you go! I'm obsessed with this dress from Sugarhill Boutique - the deep emerald green is so autumnal and I rarely wear colours like this but I felt a million dollars in it. I also love the unusual neckline (which you can't really see from these pics, but you can on Sugarhill's website!) and obviously, the cat-print makes it all the more fabulous.

I wore it with my fave autumn bag from Accessorize, my STUNNING boots from Quiz (which are seriously comfy as well as looking amazing) and a rosary bead necklace from Topshop a few years back. I really love how it all looks together and just had to finish it all off with a red lip - it'd be rude not to, right?!

I am so excited now the weather is getting cooler, and fully prepared to do lots more wintry/autumn-inspired outfit posts. I'm thinking chunky knits, fluffy coats and wintry pastels - I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

17 Stay Time Review

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

If you know me, you'll know that foundation reviews aren't something I do all too often, mainly down to the fact that I found my favourite foundation in the form of Estee Lauder's Double Wear, and since then I've rarely veered from it. However, occasionally I will come across a foundation that really impresses me and warrants a blog post. This is one of those times.

I've been meaning to write about this foundation for a while now, as since discovering it a few months back it's been a foundation I've reached for on many occasions. No, it isn't Double Wear, but it's definitely worth a review. First up, it's important to highlight the price of this product - considering it's from Boots' own 17 range, it comes in at a mere £6.49 a pop, which is basically ridiculously cheap in the foundation world, and ideal for those of us who want a budget foundation.

Does it deliver, however? In my eyes, yes. Although, the name of this foundation should probably be more to do with coverage than lasting power, as it's coverage is what impressed me most. I love a full-coverage, matte finish, and it's very rare I'll come across a foundation that vaguely compares to the coverage Double Wear delivers, but 17's Stay Time is definitely a contender. It goes on really thick, as you can see in the above pictures, and so covers spots and blemishes really, really well. It's fairly matte too, but not anywhere near Double Wear's standards, but for the price I wouldn't expect it to be. 

The downside? Well, this foundation doesn't stay all that well, despite the fact it claims to. It's one of those foundations that looks great when first applied, but within a few hours starts to disintegrate and can feel quite oily and shiny on the skin. Whilst I didn't find the actual product came off on my hand (when I touched my face), it doesn't last anywhere near as well as Double Wear, but it definitely lasts better than some foundations I've tried in the past. 

Overall I think this is a fantastic low-end foundation, and for the price you really can't grumble. If coverage is what you're looking for, this foundation has it in bucket loads, and whilst it hasn't replaced my Double Wear, it's the foundation I tend to wear when I'm paler or if I'm trying to ration my Double Wear a bit due to cost. It's totally worth a try if you're on the lookout for a new foundation that has great coverage, just don't expect too much when it comes to staying-power.

Have you tried 17's Stay Time? What did you think to it?

The Curvy Girl's Dress Debarkle

Thursday, 6 November 2014

I have a big event on Sunday. The MTV EMA's, to be precise. All of my time blogging I've watched enviously as other 'big' bloggers got invited to these things, riled with jealousy that it isn't me. And now that I've been invited to one? Naturally I'm delighted. But I've also worked myself up into a frenzy over what I'm going to wear, so much so that I came home from work to break down in tears because I feel so stressed about it - pretty crappy, right?!

I don't go to events often. Whilst I used to be a 'one night out a week' kinda gal, now I prefer staying in and big nights out partying on a regular basis just don't appeal to me. That's not to say I'm ungrateful for any 'night out' invitations I do get - just that I haven't done the whole 'get an outfit for the big night out' thing in, well, years.

And over the past few years things have changed. My once size ten figure is now a fourteen, and I feel crap about it. If you read this post here, you'll know what I'm on about. It's horrendous after never, ever worrying about what I 'can' or 'can't' wear, but simply picking up whichever dress I liked best and whacking it on, that I'm faced with a million different obstacles, now I'm a 'bigger' girl.

I can't go sleeveless - my arms are too big. Can't wear a bodycon, nobody wants to see that. Backless is out of the question - back-flab definitely isn't in. Can't be too short; my thighs are too wobbly, and I can't go too long either, I'd look frumpy. Basically, when it comes to picking a dress for a party now, I'm absolutely screwed.

When I first got into fashion, I was really thin, and questioning whether something would suit my body shape or not never crossed my mind - as it turns out, most things suited my childlike body type. Now I'm stumbling over a million different hurdles trying to find a dress that I'll actually feel even the slightest bit confident in for one whole night.

The blogging side of things makes it suck even more too. Putting on weight when you get sent samples regularly isn't fun - especially when you realise you're kidding yourself asking for that size twelve frock. And then the fourteen comes, and it doesn't fit either; 'But you don't go bigger than a fourteen? Oh, nevermind then.'

Or when you convince yourself that you will fit into that size twelve in a couple of weeks, so you may as well keep it, only to be hounded by the brand who sent you it. You feel like screaming 'I'm sorry, I'm too fat for your dress, but I won't be in a few weeks, I promise!'

So I'm sitting here, scrolling through various clothing websites, desperately trying to find something that won't make me look like a whale come the 'big night'. I want to get a feel for what it'll look like on, so I look at the models on the websites, or else search for bloggers who might have worn it. And what am I faced with? A million slender girls looking stunning in even more stunning dresses. And I know that there's no way in hell I'll look like that in them, so is there any point looking?!

So, who knows what I'll wear on Sunday night, but hopefully I'll be wearing a smile. Does anyone else ever feel like this? I never knew what people meant when they said they couldn't wear certain clothes - and now I know all too well!

Switch to Witch Event at the Mondrian London

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A few weeks ago I was invited down to London by the lovely girls at Witch Skincare, to attend their 'Switch to Witch' event and VIP stay at the amazing brand new hotel, The Mondrian London.

Of course, I absolutely jumped at the chance - I adore Witch as a brand and the event sounded amazing, and when I saw the pictures of the hotel itself I was totally and utterly sold. It had only opened a week or so before I stayed there and to say it was amazing is an understatement.

Witch kicked things off with a talk about their skincare range, going through their latest products and showing us exciting new releases, as well as having a talk with leading dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall about our skin in general, and how we need to 'switch up' our skincare routine as the seasons change. The talk was really interesting and I definitely learnt a few things about skincare in general, as well as learning more about Witch's fab products.

After the talks we sat down to a completely luxurious candlelit three-course-meal, which was absolutely delicious, and the table was laid out so beautifully, I'm gutted I didn't get a picture. After that it was on to the bar for a few drinks, and then back to our rooms to chill. The hotel rooms were incredible - most definitely the most luxurious I've ever stayed in and I had such a good night's sleep. When I arrived at my room I discovered there was a treasure hunt of Witch products dotted around the room, as well as my own personalised Witch pyjama set - HOW amazing?! There were cute little bits around the room like the notepad and pencil I photographed, and a cool fortune cookie (I adore what I got in mine and have kept it to pin up!) The bathroom was totally breathtaking (I NEED that shower in my life) and I love the funky bright pink decor throughout. I actually vlogged  a bit at the event and did a mini tour of the room so if you want to see that, check out my Youtube video here.

The next morning we all sat down to a delicious breakfast and a chat about the night before, before heading off to spend the day in London. I had a totally amazing time and the event and I am so grateful to Witch for inviting me - it was so lovely to catch up with everyone and chat about all our favourite things and our skincare routines.

Witch have some really exciting products in the pipeline and I'm so glad I got to be a part of their fab Switch to Witch event. Thanks for having me Witch!

Are you a fan of Witch skincare? Which products are your favourites? I love their mattifying moisturiser, blemish stick and bursting beads facial wash!