Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bargains from Boots!

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd do a little blog on some of the A-MAZ-ING bargains I got the other day from my local Boots. Now, just to let you know - the things I got were all clearance items, so I'm not entiiiiiiiirely sure if they will be this cheap everywhere else (I went to the other Boots in my town and only a couple of them were - so it's a bit hit and miss really!). All the products I got are haircare items, as they were pretty much the only items on clearance (by clearance I don't mean they were hidden away in a grotty corner titled 'Clearance' at the back of the shop - they were where they usually are but with clearance prices on the shelf label thing - so keep a look out!) Okay, so I'll stop rambling on and show you the goodies I got!

All of these goodies came to under £10. I know, ridiculous! My sister came with me and bought pretty much all the same products - we cleaned out the shop! I'd definately recommend having a look in your local Boots every now and again for fab hair bargains, I was so pleased with mine!
First up I got a diddy take-away sized Lee Stafford Flat Iron protection mist. It was only 49p and I love Lee Stafford products so had to have it!

I then stumbled over to the Aussie hair area and saw a few of their products were on clearance too. I grabbed these two products (Dual Personality Aussome Volume & Conditioning Mousse and Volume & Gloss Hairspray) for a teensy £1.19 each. I love Aussie products (mainly because they smell delicious) and have used the hairspray and it's REALLY good for getting big hair.

I then spotted this collosal pot of 'Naked Rescue' Intensive Repair and Renew Hair Treatment for a bargainous £1.15 (originally £7 something! - at this point me and my sister were literally fighting eachother over all the cheap cheap products) but we both managed to grab one of these each. I've heard a few good things about this brand so hoping for good results. It doesn't have the nicest of smells but I can't complain if it does my hair some good!

I also managed to get hold of some Elnett Hairspray for 88p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, bargain of the century or what. I was so pleased with this, a full 200ml for such a bargainous price. Brilliant. At this point me and my sister had very chesire cat-like grins (she also managed to grab the last one). We both also got the last two Umberto Giannini Love It Straight Heat Protection Mists for just over a quid. Needless to say we were both squealing with delight and scrambling around for baskets to put all our precious goodies in.

Finally we got our hands on a few more minis, this time from Trevor Sorbie. Also only 49p each, I was really chuffed with these as I've been wanting to try them for ages to see if they va-va-voom my hair. I shall let you know if they do! I got the shampoo, the hairspray and the leave-in conditioner. These last two are a bit boring. Just some a basic shampoo and conditioner but I got the Garnier one for 33p!!!! And I think the Herbal Essences was around 80p.

Overall I think I got some absolute bargains, so definately think it's worth having a good look about every now and again! Boots are also giving out £2 off professional haircare after every £5 you spend in store at the minute - not that I need it after purchasing all these!

Has anyone else come across any fab bargains recently?


  1. Ooh great haul im deffo heading to my local boots tomorow! Lucky or what you got some amazing bargins!!!

    My blog:Nicola-x

  2. Holy cow! Naked conditioner for £1.15?! I am so freaking jealous right now. >:(

    I've not found any bargains lately, gutted! xx

  3. Ooo you got some real goodies there! I love the Lee Stafford stuff too - it all smells amazing!

  4. love this post babe, great beauty bargains!


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