Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Makeup gallore!

Okay, so I apologise for the lack of posts recently - I've been a busy busy bee! However, I did have a fab shopping trip yesterday and I couldn't resist showing you all the lovely make up I bought and what I think to it. This could be a rather long post.

First up, I went to Superdrug to check out their '2true' make up range. I'd heard good things about it, and at £1.95 a pop you can't really go wrong. They also do a great 3 for £5 offer which I couldn't resist. Here's what I got:

2true French Manicure Nail polish in 'Delicate Pink'
2true Glossywear Lipstick in shade no. 4
2true Eyeshadow Dazzler in shade no. 8

Okay, so the French manicure nail polish is pretty boring, I haven't actually opened it since buying as it was a kind of 'What do I get to make this three for a fiver?!' situation, and I could do with a new French polish. However, the other two products I love. First up, the lipstick. I ummed and ahhed over which shade to get, deciding on no. 4 as it seemed the most striking and I loved the sparkle to it. It's a gorgeously bright raspberry pink, with glitter and sparkles (which I love). Here's what it looks like:

So definately thumbs up for the lippy. The other fab buy I got from the 2true range was one of their eye shadow dazzlers. I spent ages looking at them (seriously, all the shades are gorgeous) but settled with this glittery pink number (shade no. 8 - no they don't have names - slightly annoying):

Just look at the sparkle on that!

My next stop was Boots. Recently they've been doing a 3 for 2 make up offer across all their make up (okay, so not the premium brands - we can't have it all) and I was in need of some more lippy so I headed straight for the make up displays. I'd been lusting after a nude lipstick as they seem to be very en vogue at the minute, and I was drawn to the new (rather snazzingly packaged) Mirrorshine 17 lipsticks. I ended up getting one in the Beehive, a kind of nude-peach colour. Here's what it looks like:

I'll admit, when I got home and tried it out I was kind of disappointed. I mean, it pretty much matches the colour of my lips. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting - nudes aren't exactly the boldest of colours - but I thought it would pack a bigger punch than it does. However, it is SUCH a moisturising lipstick. Seriously, it's ridiculously soft and shiny and really feels like it's doing your lips some good. Therefore I don't regret buying it, despite the slight colour disappointment. I think it was around £3.50.

Next I stumbled across another new range of lipsticks from Collection 2000 - their 'Lasting Colour' range. I tried out a few of the colours and my gosh they are so vibrant! I bought Bubblegum, a gooooorgeous bright pink colour that is the shade of... well... bubblegum. It cost again, around £3.50.This is most definitely my favourite purchase. It is really opaque on the lips as well as being shiny and it doesn't have that nasty cheap lipstick smell - it smells like bubblegum! This is another reason I'm in love with the product. I cannot recommend it enough - I actually think I prefer it to my MAC Viva Glam Gaga. They are very similar products, except MAC's is lustre and therefore needs a good few coats whereas Bubblegum doesn't. It also has such good staying power - even after eating and drinking! I love it. I've already been complimented on it twice!

The last thing I got in the 3 for 2 make up offer was an eye shadow from 17. I'd bought this shade before and loved it but smashed it on the floor about 3 days after purchasing it -I was NOT happy! The shade is Funfair and it's a lovely pink colour with gold tones in it. Here's what it looks like (I think it was £3.50 as well!):

I then went to New Look and bought a few of their Stargazer eye shadows. I don't know if anyone's familiar with the brand, but I think it's great. Their prices range at about £3-£5 and the quality and range of their eye shadows is brilliant. I bought three of the eye dusts (I think they are around £3.50 each - I used a 20% off voucher though) and I'm in love with them. I got shade 11 (a kind of orangey gold - probably my least favourite but it is really shimmery), shade 9 (a rusty kind of antique looking gold - perfect for highlighting the outer corners) and shade 29 ( a deep purple). All of the shadows are shimmery and beautiful - I actually think shade 9 is an almost identical colour to that of MAC's Woodwinked (kind of wishing I hadn't forked out the £11 for that now!) and they all have great staying power. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

Top - no. 11
Middle - no. 9
Bottom - no. 29

Last but most definitely not least, I wandered into WHSmith and bought a copy of More! Magazine for a mere 80p (apparently a WHSmith exclusive - they're still £1.50 everywhere else!) as I heard from the lovely Louise in one of her blog posts that this weeks More! was giving away a FREE (yes, that's right, free) Barry M Dazzledust. Now I LOVE Barry M's Dazzledusts, and actually nearly went mad buying them last week, so I was so pleased when I heard about this offer. I mean, a Dazzledust for 80p!? I got shade 53/Chocolate - a lovely chocolately brown with bronze tones in it, which I think will look lovely on the outer corners with a gold/bronze as a base. I went back and bought another More! after this, so I hope to go get another free Dazzledust pretty soon! Just thought I'd let you girls know about the WHSmith thing - so we can all go mad on 80p Dazzledusts!

Has anyone else gone a bit mad on make up recently? What do you think to the things I bought?


  1. Oohh what a splurge! I love it!!
    It's nice to hear someone reviewing some affordable brands- I'm all for MAC but a bit of 2True and Collection 2000 is loads more fun because chances are you can buy it straight away rather than having to wait for payday!! Yay!
    The bubblegum lipstick looks luurrvveelyyy!!!
    I bought GOSH Darling a while back- the famed much blogged about nude and I was gutted- lips the colour of my skin? No thanks! Now I use it and put a sparkly gloss over it to satisfy my glitter needs!!
    Lovely post as usual xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Those lippies are gorgeous! Especially that pink one! Gorgeous - nothing better than a great drugstore buy! :)
    Just discovered your blog and it's fab! :)


  3. Oh gorgeous haul! I love that bubblegum lipstick it looks amazing!! One of my fave products at the minute is from 2 true range and is the cheek and lip tint in blushed pink! Its absoulultley amazing and is a great dupe for the mememe poppy tint wich is then a dupe of the benefit posie tint!!!!!


  4. oooh toots, that's such a good wee tip on the more / dazzle dust bonanza! and love the pink lippie - just gorgeous! xx

  5. Hey, bit random I know, but I have had a look in my stash and I still one last pair of Very-Berry Cupcake earrings. If you would like them, pop a comment on my blog and they're yours :)


  6. Love the colour of the first lipstick!

  7. HI Hannah, I do indeedy have one last pair of Very-Berry Cupcake earrings left- yaayy!!

    If you could comment on my blog with your paypal address, I will invoice you tonight and send then out tomorrow my lovely xxxxxxxxxxxx

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