Monday, 12 July 2010

Models Own Peach Sherbet

Hello everyone, hope you're all well and had a brill weekend! I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been - shame it's decided to throw it down with rain this morning - you've gotta love the joys of British weather!

As you'll have seen in my previous post, I recently bought a few Models Own nail polishes. I've only ever had one before - Jade Stone (a gorgeous minty green) and I found the quality and selection of colours to be brilliant so I had to purchase some more! I bought Sterling Silver and Fluro' Orange in the River Island sale for a teensy £2, but the nail polish I'd been dying to get my mits on was Peach Sherbet. After reading Laura's (Lollipop26) blog on Essie's Van D'go I was really craving a lovely pale peach polish. I love the look of Essie's polish - but for £9.50 and having to buy online I was a bit put off. So after scouting around for a cheaper alternative I stumbled across Peach Sherbet on the Models Own website. However - it was sold out. I searched Boots and they didn't seem to stock it - so I tried River Island's website as I know they stock Models Own. Low and behold there it was, and so when I went to RI's accessories sale and saw three lovely Peach Sherbet's gathering dust in a corner of the shop, I had to have one.

I apologise for my somewhat messy nail polish application - I was in a rush when applying (having a 3 month old puppy means I've not got much time for nails at the minute - terrible I know) but I think you get the general idea. I just love this colour - it looks so nice with a tan and I think looks really sophisticated and different. I love wearing colours that most people don't necessarily own yet - but I definitely think this colour will be the next big thing. Pastels are so lovely for the summer and this one definitely ticks all the boxes - plus it goes well with my very pink and pastel-coloured wardrobe. I applied two coats and it gives a really opaque colour - I find the quality of Models Own polishes to be really good, with not much chipping at all. For a fiver you can't really go wrong, and I will definitely be buying again once mine runs out!

What do you think to Peach Sherbet? Yay or nay?


  1. very nice dear...different it

  2. I have wnated the colour for ages too and been RI my only luck? xx

  3. @The Fashion Teller - Yep pretty much, you can get it on their website or at your local RI, I can't find it anywhere else! xx

  4. Unique color!:D We can't find that here in the US, I tried looking for these!
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  5. That's such a gorgeous colour!
    i want it :)
    I'm going to be popping to RI this week x

  6. just discovered your blog, && I love it, you post such great pics!
    I just added a new post to my blog that I think you would like :)

  7. Love the colour, perfect for summer :)


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