Thursday, 16 September 2010

Outfit of the Day & H&M Online

Hey girlies - I'm on a roll with the blog posts this week! Thought I'd do a little outfit of the day post today as I haven't done one in ages - I can never seem to get the pictures right - think I definitely need to invest in a tripod to save me a lot of hassle! Anyway, on with the post.

Today sees the launch of H & M's online shop. I've been seriously excited about this for weeks, as the nearest H & M to me is about an hour and a half away, and so having the shop online makes it so much easier for me to shop! I don't know what it is about H & M, but something about the shop just makes me take the prices as irrelevant and buy anything I like - I really don't know why. Anyway, last week I ordered a few bits (the online shop opened last week to those who subscribed to the newsletter!) but to be honest, I wasn't that impressed. I just expected more clothes; I thought it was going to be like Topshop/River Island online where pretty much everything you see in the shop you can buy on the internet. This doesn't seem to be the case here, and therefore I found it a little disappointing.

The other thing that riled me a bit about the online shop was that items will appear 'in stock' but once you go through to the checkout, it tells you that you won't receive them until 'the end of September' or 'early October'. I mean, it's a bit vague to me, and if I'm honest I'm not sure if I'd prefer them to not display items on the website unless they are actually available for delivery then and there (one item I popped in my basket wouldn't be available until mid-December - I mean, come on!)

Having said that, I gave in and added a fair few things to my basket, the majority of which arrived today (a week after ordering them - I'm not going to complain) So I thought I'd pop a few of them on and do a little outfit post for you....

Top: H & M - £3.99 (in the sale)
Cardigan - Primark - £11
Jeggings - Tesco
Necklace - H & M - £2.99
Ring - Topshop
Earrings - Topshop
Brogues - Tesco - £10

What does everyone else think to the new H & M online store? Have you/will you be purchasing anything from it?



  1. You look like Leona Lewis! LOL random but you do in the first picture especially, love your Brogues! xx

  2. awww i love your top and brogues, so pretty! :) xx

  3. Have never tried their online store but yeah, hate that too when they are out of stock then only tell you at check out.

    You look great and I agree with Fern, you kinda look like Leona!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the necklace :)
    I ordered a week ago and i'm still waiting for my order :( I hope it comes soon!

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I was just saying to myself how much you look like Leona Lewis here but i see someone's beat me to it lol. You really do look like her! That's a compliment btw lol - she's gorgeous too!

    Stephanie xx

  6. I loveee your necklace! so cute xo

  7. That outfit is super adorable! I love H&M too!


  8. Wow love your top....You're looking great!!!Love the necklace too.Very pretty!

  9. Love your brogues they're so classy, all of your outfits are beautiful :) love your blog is so friendly and fashion orientated just what I love :D keep up the good work :D



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