Monday, 20 December 2010

A little outfit of the night post :)

Sorry I haven't post much lately (again) I have finnnnally finished uni for Christmas and so hope to update a lot more! I thought I'd do a little outfit post, sorry the pictures aren't that great but I rushed out in a hurry, and therefore didn't have time for tripods etc!

I went out with some friends on Saturday night for the first time in ages. They were all back from uni and it was great to have a catch up and dance the night away, whilst revelling in the excitement of Christmas! Here's what I wore (I realise I have a really bad fake-tanned hand, it didn't look that bad in real life, honest!):

Dress: Oasis
Clutch: New Look
Black Wedge Shoes: New Look
Tights (x3 - it was COLD) - Primark

I'm absolutely in love with the Oasis dress. It's such a beautiful colour, and I adore the floaty arms it has. Unfortunately as it was -8 degrees I had to put a rather thick coat on to go out as I'm not one for braving the cold at the best of times. I also LOVE my New Look wedges; surprisingly easy to walk in, even in the ice and snow!
I wore my Salon Confidential extensions again, I find it so much easier using them than having to style my hair - it takes me about an hour to curl my hair so whacking these in saves a lot of time!

In other news, can you BELIEVE how close to Christmas it is? It feels a bit strange, like it's crept up so quickly and I'm not sure if I'm ready for it! Me and my mum went to our town's Christmas market yesterday and had a nice time perusing the various stalls, getting in the spirit of things! Is everyone ready for Christmas? I only just finished wrapping everything up yesterday, such a relief to have it done! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I had no idea they'd be extensions!

  2. gorgeous very cute outfit! an i love your hair :)

  3. Such a beautiful outfit, I love the dress - very cute! :)
    And you're so pretty!!

    Cool blog, please check mine out too!

  4. lovely outfit :)

    you look great


  5. Wow your extensions looks so real, I would never have guessed they weren't your real hair! Lovely outfit, you look great :) xo

  6. Ooh extensions are my best friend on a night out! Yours look fab..
    Never shopped at Oasis but that dress is gorgeous so may have to have a cheeky visit! xo

  7. I love how you're wearing 3 tights! LOL That dress is gorgeous too :)

    Kaushal xx

  8. you look gorgeous Hannah! love the matching nail polish too x

  9. You look gorgeous! I loveeee your hair! xx

  10. Your hair looks amazing, would never have guessed you were wearing extensions :)

    Your make up is also equally pretty <3


  11. this colour really suits you and i love the dress :) your hairs really pretty as well xo

  12. You look gorgeous! I love your dress, it's such a pretty colour :) xx

  13. I LOVE this dress! You look gorgeous.

  14. hiyaaa

    just a quick question how much were extensions and could you send me a link to the website ?

    you look stunning BTW xxxxx

  15. Thanks for all the lovely comments girls!

    Selena Mary Anne Phee - I got the extensions from Dorothy Perkins when it was 20% off, for around £36 - they're usually £45. I've actually just checked and you can get them on River Island for £20 in the sale at the minute! Mine are the volume wave ones xx

  16. You are stunning! Just been flicking through your blog and every single picture, you just look gorgeous. Very jealous! Haha:)
    I love your outfit here, the dress is so cute!


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