Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes...

Sunday, 25 July 2010
Hey girls, I hope everyone is having a fab weekend! I was tidying my jewellery up earlier and decided it would be quite nice to show you girls some of it. I have a serious jewellery addiction - I love anything glittery and unusual and jewellery is something I can never resist buying no matter how much I already have! I really like funky unusual rings, and so I grabbed some of my faves to show you!

Left to right:
Diamond Ring: River Island
Pearl and colourful stones Ring: Republic
Pearl Bow Ring: Mikey Jewellery
Pink stone Ring: Gift from my boyfriend
Rabbit Ring: Primark

Left to Right:
Cake Ring: Mikey Jewellery
Big Stone Ring: Topshop
Tiger Ring: Primark
Snake Ring: Primark
Frog Ring: Topshop

As you can tell I have a bit of a 'thing' for animal jewellery. I love animals, and I just think they look so cute on rings, necklaces and earrings.

Rings I'm craving...

Butler and Wilson

Talullah Tu

Butler and Wilson



What do you think to my rings? Does anyone else have an obsession with quirky jewellery too?


Tuesday, 20 July 2010
Hey girlies, hope you're all ok! Just thought I'd do a cheeky face of the day as I'm off shopping and rather pleased with the pretty make up I used today :)

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Sand
Maybelline Bronzing Booster Makeup in Bronze
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
17 Precious Metals Bronzer
ELF High Definition Powder

Front Cover Eyeshadows in Moon River and Vintage Violet (taken from the Eye Spy Winter 09 palette)
Collection 2000 Fastliner
Primark Whiplash Mascara
Benefit Bad Gal Eye Liner

Collection 2000 Lipstick in Bubblegum

Hair: Butterfly by Lucy May Designs - www.lucymaydesigns.co.uk

I also wanted to raaaaaave about one of ELF's brushes. Now, some of you may have known about this hidden gem agggges ago, but I thought I'd let you girls know about it just in case. I bought their flat-top powder brush (from the studio range) about a week ago and I'm actually in love with it. I'm one of those awkward foundation appliers, I tend to get in a mess and reapply after my foundation brush decides to make my skin look patchy. Not anymore. As well as the brush being brilliant for applying powder, it also is FANTASTIC for blending foundation. It literally takes seconds and leaves my skin looking flawless (as you can hopefully tell from the pictures). I've never been so happy with a brush in my life! A definite thumbs up from me!

What do you girls think to my FOTD?

Vivienne Westwood

Monday, 19 July 2010
I've always been a fan of Vivienne Westwood - her clothes are just so unique and individual, which is perfect for my taste - I love anything a bit different and quirky! However, I'd never actually bought anything from her until a couple of weeks ago. I'd been in love with the Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes since I first saw them, and had debated splurging the £88 to get them. The other day, however, I stumbled across the Vivienne Westwood sale. My eyes lit up when I saw my shoes were in it for a perfectly reasonable £44!! I got so giddy and excited - but soon realised almost all the sizes (including mine) had sold out. I was gutted. However, I kept checking back, every day, in the hope they'd get some more in. I thought it was pretty unlikely - do sales usually add more stock? I didn't think so. So when I saw that my size was in fact in stock I went a little crazy with excitement and bought them. I also got myself some of the Melissa flats too, as for £30 I thought they were pretty reasonable. Here they are:

Aren't they beautiful? I'm completely in love with the Lady Dragon Heart shoes, and I think the flats are really cute. I've actually ordered another pair of the Lady Dragon shoes, in fuschia and red, because I checked the website today and they'd got yet more in, and they were reduced even more to £35.50!! I couldn't quite believe it but I'm very happy with my purchases. The LD shoes (particularly the gold and red ones) remind me of the Queen of Hearts which makes me love them even more. They're so cute and they scream out Vivienne Westwood.

I got these for a teensy £35.50!!!!

What do you think to the shoes I got? Any more fans of Vivienne?

My Face Cosmetics Review

Tuesday, 13 July 2010
Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some My Face Cosmetics; a brand I have to admit I knew little about before receiving my goodies. I'd seen the brand in some of the larger Boots stores in my area, but had never really had a good look at their products until now. My Face Cosmetics are different to other make up brands as they base their products around your skin tone; fair, medium, and medium/dark. When looking on their website, for example, each selection of cosmetics are labelled under 'fair', 'medium' and 'medium/dark'. After choosing which you are, you get a list of all the products that are flattering for your skin tone. I think this is a really different and interesting idea, which allows women who are unsure about which products/shades suit them a much better idea about which colours to go for in order to make the most of their skin.

So, on with the products. The first things that caught my eyes (and made me squeal with delight) were the eye shadows. Recently My Face Cosmetics brought out a range of eye shadows entitled 'Blingtones'; highly pigmented and gorgeously sparkly shadows in a wide range of colours. Now, I don't know about you girls but I love pigment and I adore sparkle. Therefore, I love these shadows. The colours I received were Bellbottom Blues (a deep royal blue) and Crystalline Green (a rich emerald green) which, being honest, aren't usually the colours I would go for. Now, don't get me wrong, I love bright and bold shadows, but I always worry that I'll look a bit drag-queen with a blue or a green eye. However, when I applied these I fell in love. I'll be honest, when used dry I'm not the biggest fan of the shadows, but apply with water and voila! gorgeous glittery eyes. The colours actually complement my face pretty well, and definitely do not make me look drag queen (I think the key here is to keep lips to a minimum). The shadows leave you with very wet-looking, sparkly eye lids which I think add a little something different to the usual sparkly eye shadows, and would look gorgeous on a night out. The only down side I find with these shadows is that throughout the day I ended up getting a little fall out (something which has never happened with any other glittery shadow I've owned) but I think with these eye shadows the highs definitely outweigh the lows. The shadows are £9.99 each.

Next up, the foundation. It's entitled 'My Mix Foundation' and again, follows the 'fair', 'medium' and 'medium dark' combo, however within each there are a selection of different variations on colour, for example Fair 01 is for the palest of pale skin tones (me without fake tan springs to mind!) whereas Fair 02 is for fair skin with peachy or pink undertones, and Fair 03 adds a little more colour. My Face Cosmetics states; 'Designed to blend naturally with FAIR complexions so no matter which shade you select, you cannot go wrong.' And in my case, this was absolutely true. I was sent Fair 01 and 02, and Medium 01 and found that both Fairs work perfectly with my skin tone when I haven't used fake tan. I then tanned and tried out Medium 01, and it blended perfectly again. I'd definitely give the foundations a thumbs up for colour - they really do blend with your skin tone, and most importantly, look natural.

The first thing I noticed when applying the foundation is how silky it feels on your skin. It's very light in formulation in comparison to my HG foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) which makes me feel as though it's not going to give good cover. It does cover well, however, but I found that throughout the day it did begin to deteriorate, and my blemishes became more visible. I'd probably recommend this foundation to people who are looking for something light and natural on their skin, as the coverage is good when first applied, but as I said it did deteriorate throughout the day which is something I've never encountered with Double Wear (however there is a big price difference between the two!). Purely because I look for a very full coverage when buying a foundation and have rather blemish-prone skin, I probably wouldn't rush out to buy this again. This is mainly because I'm in love with Double Wear - but as My Mix Foundation is only £12.99 there is a big difference in price. If you struggle to find a shade that matches your skin tone I'd definitely recommend trying this brand out - as like I said previously, all three foundations I was sent blended in perfectly with my skin.

I also received a blusher and a mascara. The blush is for fair skin and titled 'Paradisio Pink'. It's a gorgeous bright pink (which I love), it's very highly pigmented and looks lovely on my skin whether I use fake tan or not. The only thing I will say is less is definitely more with this blusher - you really only need to use a tiny bit to get a good wash of colour. It comes in a cute little compact with a mirror and costs £9.99.

The mascara costs £9.99 and the first thing you notice is the nice thick brush, something which I always think is a good sign when looking at mascaras. It does exactly as it suggests - gives me voluminous lashes as well as giving them a natural curl. It doesn't smudge around my eyes which I know can be an issue for some mascaras, but I would say it's probably not the best lengthening mascara out there - but does curl really well.

Overall I'd say my favourite product from My Face Cosmetics is definitely the eye shadow, with the blusher following closely behind. I'd love the foundation if it covered my blemishes throughout the day better, as it does look pretty flawless when first applied. I think that it's definitely worth checking this brand out, especially if you're unsure about what colours/shades suit your skin tone!

You can buy My Face Cosmetics from Boots as well as online at www.myfacecosmetics.co.uk

Here's a picture of me wearing almost all My Face Cosmetics (the mascara, blusher, both eyeshadows, and the foundation) and another to show you how pretty the eye shadows are!

What do you think? Have any of you girls tried My Face Cosmetics before?

Models Own Peach Sherbet

Monday, 12 July 2010
Hello everyone, hope you're all well and had a brill weekend! I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been - shame it's decided to throw it down with rain this morning - you've gotta love the joys of British weather!

As you'll have seen in my previous post, I recently bought a few Models Own nail polishes. I've only ever had one before - Jade Stone (a gorgeous minty green) and I found the quality and selection of colours to be brilliant so I had to purchase some more! I bought Sterling Silver and Fluro' Orange in the River Island sale for a teensy £2, but the nail polish I'd been dying to get my mits on was Peach Sherbet. After reading Laura's (Lollipop26) blog on Essie's Van D'go I was really craving a lovely pale peach polish. I love the look of Essie's polish - but for £9.50 and having to buy online I was a bit put off. So after scouting around for a cheaper alternative I stumbled across Peach Sherbet on the Models Own website. However - it was sold out. I searched Boots and they didn't seem to stock it - so I tried River Island's website as I know they stock Models Own. Low and behold there it was, and so when I went to RI's accessories sale and saw three lovely Peach Sherbet's gathering dust in a corner of the shop, I had to have one.

I apologise for my somewhat messy nail polish application - I was in a rush when applying (having a 3 month old puppy means I've not got much time for nails at the minute - terrible I know) but I think you get the general idea. I just love this colour - it looks so nice with a tan and I think looks really sophisticated and different. I love wearing colours that most people don't necessarily own yet - but I definitely think this colour will be the next big thing. Pastels are so lovely for the summer and this one definitely ticks all the boxes - plus it goes well with my very pink and pastel-coloured wardrobe. I applied two coats and it gives a really opaque colour - I find the quality of Models Own polishes to be really good, with not much chipping at all. For a fiver you can't really go wrong, and I will definitely be buying again once mine runs out!

What do you think to Peach Sherbet? Yay or nay?

River Island Accessories Haul

Tuesday, 6 July 2010
As many of you girls will know, River Island's accessories/footwear sale went live in store today - whilst it's clothing sale opened online. Now, I told myself I was going to get up early, get myself on the website and bag alllllll the bargains. I did get up early, but to be honest, nothing on the website stood out to me - the only things that did were already sold out (this was at 7.30ish this morning - ridiculous, I know). So I decided to ring my not-so-local nearest River Island to check if they had any of the items I wanted and hoorah! They did.

I got there asap and saw the shop was full of girls scrambling around grabbing all the accessories. I soon got the things I wanted but also a fair few other bits as well. I kept saying to myself; 'You have enough jewellery, stop it!' but it was just impossible - there were too many pretty things! Here's a picture of what I picked up:

I know - jewellery galore! But for the prices (the majority of jewellery items I got were a mere £2!!) you can't really complain. I love River Island jewellery but tend to be a bit put off by the prices (same with Topshop) so I find it's always best to wait for the sales - you're guaranteed a bargain.

Here they are in a bit more detail....

I'd seen this gorgeous bow belt around the blogging world recently and really wanted to get my hands on it - I was willing to pay full price (£19.99) but couldn't believe it when I saw it was in the sale for a mere £8! I had a very cheesy grin on my face whilst wandering around with this - I think it will go so well with so many of my clothes, and add something extra to my outfits. I can't wait to wear it!

I got these earrings for an amazing £2 each. There was so many on sale but these were the ones that stood out to me. Left to right - Tiny heart multi-coloured studs - these were the last pair left and I'd wanted them for so long I had to get them. Aqua round studs - I love these, they're very tribal yet pretty at the same time. I think they're great for the summer and I just adore the colour of them. Fly Studs - River Island has been all over the fly/insect jewellery theme this summer. I love any jewellery/clothing involving insects/jewellery so naturally I loved this. It's a beautiful bright pink fly with gold detailing and just looks really quirky and cute. I have a similar pair already in a paler, more toned-down pink, but I love these too.

These two necklaces were, again, only £2 each and I love them. The one on the left is of a hummingbird and I think it's really pretty - especially the chain which is quite detailed as opposed to being a plain boring chain. The one on the right is a fly necklace, similar to the earrings above but in a deep purple.

Ahhh now this is one of my favourites. It's a ring would you believe it, and is so detailed and pretty I couldn't resist it. It was reduced from £12.99 to a fiver, which I think is a bargain. It's such a statement piece that will jazz up any outfit.

Last in the jewellery; another favourite. I'm actually in love with this necklace - the pictures really don't do it justice. I'd seen it a while ago and debated buying it (it was £17.99 originally). It's covered in quirky charms; the Eiffel Tower, love hearts, bows, pom poms and buttons to name but a few. I love eclectic pieces like this so I couldn't believe it when I saw it was only £6. It would jazz up any plain top perfectly.

Finally I picked up some Models Own polishes. I saw the fluro orange and the sparkly silver amongst the sale accessories and grabbed them as soon as I saw their price (£2!!). I'm a big fan of Models Own polishes; they're such good quality in my opinion. River Island has been stocking them for ages - but I think they usually get overlooked, particularly when it comes to sale time. The polish in the middle is one I'd set my sights on a few days ago - it's a really peachy, pastel colour entitled 'Peach Sherbet'. I'd searched for it on Boots, but they don't appear to stock it - so I tried the Models Own website, and it was sold out. So when I saw it sitting there gathering dust in River Island I went a little crazy-happy. It wasn't reduced, but I wasn't expecting it to be as it is one of their newer polishes. I was an extremely happy bunny after getting this.

Overall I think I did pretty well. Yes, I spent faaaaaaaar more than I thought I would, on lots of jewellery (which I think I have plenty of - but a girl can never have too many things!) but I'm really pleased with what I got and would definitely recommend having a look in the sale whilst the good things are still there. The website is a bit of a let down in my opinion, things sell out far too quickly, so I definitely think it's worth going to your local RI.

Has anyone else been to the River Island sale today? What did you get?

Shoe Love

Sunday, 4 July 2010
Okay, so I understand that there are girls out there who are complete 'shoe girls' (ie. are obsessed with shoes of all shapes and sizes) and others who have a thing for handbags. I most definitely fall into the latter category. I don't know what it is - I can lust over countless handbags but when it comes to pumps and heels I just don't see it. I generally don't really think about the shoes when it comes to an outfit - on nights out I'll put together my outfit and leave the heels until the last minute - frantically rummaging around amongst my various Primark heels (yes, Primark, I know) and scavenging something that remotely matches my dress. Handbags are a different matter - I have loads, all of which go with every outfit under the sun. However, recently I decided that it was time to fall in love with shoes. After all, what good is wearing a fabulous dress if you don't have the shoes to match? After going out last weekend and spying lots of beautiful heels on various well-dressed women I decided that enough is enough - I need to buy a pair of 'killer' heels.

So, last week, I did it. I searched everywhere; online, River Island, Topshop, New Look... but couldn't find a pair I fell completely in love with. That was until Next. Now, I don't usually shop in Next - I don't know what it is about it that puts me off but I always feel I'll never find anything interesting in there. After trailing around countless shops I decided to give Next a go - and low and behold, glistening in the shop window were my dream heels:

Image from Next.co.uk

I am absolutely in love with them. I've never had a pair of heels so pretty that I've got so excited over! Yes, they are seriously high but that just adds to my love to them. I love them that much I've been wandering around the house in them. They were £40 which I think is a decent price considering how beautiful they are. I'm in love and can't wait to wear them out next weekend!

Going on the theme of shoes, I decided it was about time I got a decent pair of gladiators. I usually get mine from Primark - you can't really go wrong for around £4 a pop, but when I saw these babies in New Look I had to have them. They were £20 (£18 with student discount - always handy!) and are lace-ups with a slight wedge heel. As you can probably tell I am developing a 'thing' for gold shoes....

So there you go; I'm officially a shoe addict as well as a handbag girl. Well, surely you can be both? Which are you? Or, like me, are you both a shoe and a bag girl?
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