Starry Eyes Galactic

Tuesday, 30 November 2010
A few weeks ago I posted about 17's new 'Starry Eyes' eye shadow trio in 'Neptune'. I absolute love the trio, and so when I was wandering around my local Boots about a week ago I felt inclined to try another one. The only other one that really stood out to me was 'Galactic', a gorgeous selection of shimmery greens. Now, I've not worn green on my eyes in absolutely ages. Not entirely sure why, probably because I'm so addicted to neutrals at the moment, but I welcomed the change.

Again, the quality of 17 shadows always surprises me; they really are fantastically good quality for such a cheap price. The trio goes on beautifully and blends really well together, creating a gorgeously green eye.

If you are looking for a new green eye shadow I definitely recommend trying out this trio, which costs £4.99.

Hope everyone is okay, has anyone tried any of the Starry Eyes trios yet?

And the winner is...

My give away ended last night at 9pm, and I was planning on announcing the winner then, but due to general tiredness and having not decided how I was going to randomly pick the winner ( or names out of a hat) I decided to wait until today!

I opted for names out of a hat (getting the idea from the lovely Jennie) & if you tweeted about it and gained an extra entry you went in twice.

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Miss V for winning! I will be emailing ASAP to get your goodies posted! :)

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered, I've never done one of these before and was a little unsure if I'd get a response so I appreciated every single one of your entries!

Hope everyone is okay!

Let it Snow

Monday, 29 November 2010
Hey girlies, no make up reviews today, just a little update/life in general post for you :)

Over the weekend where I live has been snowing almost constantly, it's been so exciting! I'm just like a little kid when it comes to things like this, I had to take the day off uni today as the roads were so bad and so spent the day playing in the snow with Rory and my niece and nephew; we went sledging and had a great time.

It's Rory's first ever snow and I think he loves it, he was a little unsure about it at first, but absolutely loved frolicking around in the garden, running in circles, he makes me laugh! I took him out this morning, but it was so cold I had to wrap him up warm. He's such a little dog so he always needs to wear his coat when I take him out, it's bright blue and he looks so cute in it! I have a feeling I may need to invest in a few more wintry things to keep him wrapped up warm in with the weather the way it is!

Me and my boyfriend went to our friend's wedding on Saturday, and again, it was snowing. I'd been panicking about what to wear but went for this absolutely gorgeous dress teamed with some thick black tights, black wedge heels and a faux fur jacket. The dress isn't something I'd wear usually, but I felt amazing in it, and it's such a beautiful colour. We had a fab time at the wedding, it was a picture-perfect Christmas card scene and all the photos we took came out beautifully. I know weddings are usually associated with summer, but there was something really special about it being so snowy and pretty!

Right now I'm focusing on keeping warm, and am also compiling a little Christmas list, as my family have been asking me what I want and it IS less than a month until the big day. So far I've got these lovely loafers (which I tweeted about last week) on there, along with this Peter Pan collar dress - yes I know I'm behind with the Peter Pan thing but I've always loved it, just wasn't sure if I could pull it off. The dresses remind me of the sort I used to wear when I was little, ah nostalgia! I also LOVE the Autumnal rusty colour of it. Want want want.

Lastly, my 300 followers giveaway ends tonight at 9! Make sure to enter if you haven't already!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Have you had much snow where you live?

Barry M 153

Wednesday, 24 November 2010
A few people have asked what lipstick I was wearing in my 'Update' post a few days ago - so here you go!

Barry M Lip paint in 153

I'd been looking for a brighter, slightly redder lip than normal, mainly due to the fact that my collection of bright/baby pinks was getting a little ridiculous, and I fancied a change. Enter Barry M 153. I noticed it a week or so ago, and as soon as I swatched it I had to have it. It is a beautiful, striking pinky-red, which glides on beautifully and is really moisturising. I have tried a few Barry M lipsticks before but this has to be my favourite.

Now for the swatches...

LOVE this colour

It's actually a fair bit brighter than these pictures, but they give you an idea of the gorgeously pink-red colour of the lipstick. I have been wearing it none stop recently. Definitely one to check out! It costs £4.49.

What do you think to Barry M 153? Have you tried Barry M's lip paints before?

Sparkle with Bourjois

Tuesday, 23 November 2010
I never really use many Bourjois products. Despite being enchanted by their beautiful blushes and fabulously cute eye shadows, for some reason I've never really embraced Bourjois as a brand. I'm not entirely sure why. I think when I was younger I was a little put off by their prices; compared to my favourite 'drug-store' brands like 17 and Barry M, Bourjois seemed a tad pricey. Don't get me wrong, I have tried their blushes and bronzer before (their chocolate bronzer is fab) but I've never really thought of myself as a fan as such.

However, recently I've been more and more drawn to their products, in particular their eye shadows. What caught my eye recently, whilst perusing the make up stands in Boots (purely for their 3 for 2 offer) I spotted a couple of extremely SPARKLY eye shadows. Now, if you're like me, and love anything remotely glittery, then these will be right up your street. I didn't realise that Bourjois' cute 'Little Round Pot' eyeshadows came in a variety of finishes, and the one I had spotted was part of their glittery shades. I chose #13, a stunning glitter-filled plummy purple, but there are three other beautiful glittery creations. There's #7 (which I've not seen in the shop but looks amazing) a gorgeous glittery peach, #25, a dazzling glittery silver, and finally #92, a shimmering glittery black.

#13 is an absolutely stunning colour, which would be perfect for the party season, or just for anyone who loves a bit of sparkle. When dry, it is a beautiful sparkly purple but when applied wet it really amplifies and is much, much more striking. I definitely prefer it wet to dry.

I think this is a fab eye shadow and I recommend trying out Bourjois' glittery Little Round Pot eye shadows if you haven't already. It's £5.99 and looks great all over the lid or in the outer corner, with a paler purple or a shimmery gold all over the lid.

Are any of you fans of Bourjois? Have you tried the glittery Little Round Pot shadows?

Update :)

Monday, 22 November 2010
I was going to do a proper post today but I thought I'd do a little update instead, as I didn't get home until five and it was far too dark to take any photographs! I really want to be able to update my blog every day/every other day but with uni work it's impossible at the minute - I have so many deadlines coming up at the moment it's unreal! I have a couple of day's off this week though so hope to get lots of proper posts done!

I had a really good weekend, me and my boyfriend went to see the new Harry Potter film on Saturday and it was AMAZING. I have always been a complete and utter Harry Potter obsessive so I just HAD to go and see it. I've been re-reading the book to prepare for it (the geek I am) which I think helped as I'd forgotten a lot! I definitely recommend going to see it if you haven't already - I'd love to say more but don't want to spoil it!

On Sunday I had a really lazy day, which mostly consisted of lounging around the house with my dog Rory. He's gotten so mischievous recently! If anything, and I mean anything, is lying around on the floor/in his reach he grabs it and runs off with it, looking SO pleased with himself. I absolutely adore him though - he's 7 months old now and so much bigger than he was, although he's still tiny!

I ordered my first Graze box and it arrived on Tuesday - I'm really impressed with it. All of the snacks I received are really healthy as well as being delicious (I especially liked the tomato and pesto focaccia). I've seen lots of posts featuring Graze boxes, so you've probably heard about them already, but if not I really recommend trying them. I got my first one for free and you can too by using my code: VQGRMM63 at

Right now I'm just about to snuggle up and watch one of my (many) favourite films, Finding Nemo. I had it on DVD when it first came out but I lost it years ago, so I ordered another copy last week and it arrived today. I am such a Disney fanatic it's unreal, I just don't think any other films compare!

Lastly I want to thank Lily for featuring my give away on her blog, and say hello to all my new followers! If you haven't entered my give away yet, please do - there's a week left!

How was everyone's weekend? Hope you're all ok!

Embracing the pale (with the help of bright pink lips!)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010
I am a religious fake-tanner. I have faked tanned through summer and winter for years now, using countless different brands, finally to settle with St Moritz, the cheaper equivalent to St Tropez. I usually tan once a week, to get a nice colour for the rest of the week (all be it with a couple of 'pale days') and was quite happy doing that. There is something about having a tan that makes me (and I'm guessing a lot of girls) happy.

However, I haven't tanned for the past month. I have no idea why, it wasn't a conscious decision, but I'm surprised at how little being pale (or not being tanned) is bothering me. Naturally I am as white as a ghost, and have gone through stages in the past of hating it and embracing it. I remember a while ago I was agonising over whether I looked better with or without a tan. I honestly don't know. All I know is, right now I'm as Snow White pale and I'm not too bothered about it. Maybe it's because it's winter, and therefore nice tanned pins do not need to be on display, I certainly think it is an aspect. But one of the key reasons I'm having more fun with being pale is because I get to experiment with my make up a little more.

I've gone for more daring blushes, pretty much ditched the bronzer (for now) and most importantly, have been experimenting a lot with different lip colours. I think when you have such pale skin bright, striking colours make all the more of a statement. I thought I'd show you one of my favourites bright pinks to give you an idea of what I mean.

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in Pink Shock

It's actually a lot brighter than it appears in these pictures, but I think you get the idea. Now, I do wear this colour when I'm tanned, but it never really has the 'WOW' effect. I think there's something really striking about flawless pale skin and shocking pink or shocking red lips.

I'm not saying I'll never tan again, I just think it's fun to play around a bit with make up etc. and I've enjoyed doing that the past month. I know I will go back to my religious tanning in good time, but for now I'm loving my pale skin :)

What do you think? Is it important to embrace being pale (if you are naturally) or are you a tan-a-holic? Are you all for bright lips or are you a nude girl at heart? Let me know what you think :) xx

A big thank you giveaway!! [CLOSED]

Monday, 15 November 2010
A few weeks ago I reached 300 followers. For me this is an absolute huge achievement and I cannot thank you all enough for reading and commenting on my posts, it means such a lot to me to hear that you enjoy my posts and I love hearing from you all. I must thank Ariel for featuring me on her fabulous blog, as I'm sure it contributed to gaining all my lovely new followers :) if you haven't seen her blog already, please take a look - she's lovely.

To say a huge THANK YOU to you all for being so supportive of my blog, I have decided to do my first ever give away. I've been meaning to pop this post up for about a few weeks now, but the past few weeks have been extremely hectic/stressful and I've unfortunately not had a chance.

I ummed and ahhed over what I could possibly give away, and I was drawn to the beautiful Christmas giftsets in Boots. I've been particularly impressed with the 17 sets this year, and so decided on a nail polish set and a set of eye shadow trios. I also picked up a GORGEOUS pretty pink lipstick from No 7 (I picked up one for myself too; I thought it would be rude not to!)

Here they are in their full glory:

17 Nail Library (includes 2 High Gloss , 2 Lasting Fix & 5 Fast Finish Nail Polishes)

17 Eye Shadow Trio (includes three beautiful eye shadow trios)

No. 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Mischief
To enter the give away you must:

♥ Be a follower of my blog
♥ Post a comment telling me something about yourself - just for fun and so I get to know the people who read my blog a little better :)
♥ Include your email address so I can contact you if you win!
♥ One entry per person, however feel free to tweet about the giveaway for an extra entry, and post another seperate comment linking your tweet, so that I can count you as two entries!
♥ The give away is only open to those in the UK (sorry!)
♥ The give away closes Monday 29th November at 9pm
♥ The winner will be chosen at random

Thank you all SO much once again, and good luck to everyone who enters! :) xxxx

Illamasqua Precision Ink V Collection 2000 Fastliner

Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Hello girls, I hope everyone is okay! I thought I would do a little review of my two all-time favourite liquid eye liners. I have been an avid liquid eye liner fan ever since I first mastered how to use it at about the age of 13. After years of perfecting my cat-like flick with khol eye liner, only for it to have smudged off by the end of the day, I decided it was time to move onto the serious eye liner. I didn't quite get the hang of it straight away (I distinctly remember a rather horrendous incident involving liquid eye liner in my water line/all over my eyeball - not nice) however I did manage to master it eventually and ever since I cannot be without it. Seriously, where some people cannot survive without lipstick/mascara etc., liquid eye liner is definitely my 'thing' when it comes to make up.

So it's not surprising that I had been on a search for the ultimate liquid liner ever since. Luckily, after experimenting with a couple of brands of liner (Rimmel etc.) I came across THE best liner I had ever used, in the form of Collection 2000's Fast Stroke eye liner. This liner costs a teensy £2.99, lasts ALL day and is very, very easy to apply. I think I have used it since I was about 15, and have never felt the need to change in five years because it is just THAT good (not to mention cheap). I could never understand why people had a problem with their liquid liner lasting all day, as I just assumed they would know about the miracle that was C2000's Fast Stroke liner.

However. Recently I have seen A LOT of fabulous reviews for Illamasqua's Precision Ink Liquid Liner. Curiosity, (and somewhat of a need to blog about it for you lovely ladies) made me bite the bullet and find out what all of the fuss was about. Now, I didn't pay full price. £16.50 is just a TAD too much for me to justify on an eye liner when I already have one I'm pretty much 100% happy with. However, when I heard about the amazing voucher code for ASOS floating around the internet (which entitled you to £10 off any orders over £11 - crazy I know) I decided to go for it. I wasn't disappointed.

Illamasqua Precision Ink

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye Liner

For a start, the brush is amazing quality. It makes applying liquid liner SO easy - a lot easier than with the Fast Stroke Liner (I rarely have problems applying, but do sometimes find it a tad tricky as the brush can get a bit stumpy/bobbly after a while if not looked after). The brush is also a lot sturdier and thinner and therefore makes the perfect line really easy to achieve.

Collection 2000 Liquid Liner straight after application

Illamasqua Liquid Liner straight after application

Collection 2000 eye liner after a day's wear

Illamasqua Precision Ink after a day's wear

The liner is definitely the most waterproof I have come across, and has more of a wet-look, just-applied finish throughout the day than Collection 2000's Fast Stroke eye liner. Despite these slight differences, I found both liners to be extremely similar, in terms of overall finish, however, as you can see in the above images, Illamasqua does have the upper hand when it comes to staying power.

The Illamasqua liner is obviously a lot more wet-looking whereas C2000's is quite matte

After applying water and scrubbing the swatches

After wetting the swatches it is clear that Illamasqua is definitely stronger when it comes to being waterproof. After scrubbing the swatches with water Collection 2000's Fast Stroke liner came off straight away, whereas the Illamasqua liner stayed put.

Overall I think both liners are absolutely fantastic, they have brilliant staying power and are really easy to apply. Illasmasqua's Precision Ink obviously wins when it comes to being considerably more waterproof and having a better staying power overall, however there is the price difference to think about. If money isn't an object, I would say definitely go for the Illamasqua liner. However, if you're looking for a fab liner but don't want to pay quite that much, then Collection 2000's liner is great.

What is your favourite liquid liner? Have you tried either of these?

Royal Enhance Brushes

Sunday, 7 November 2010
I'm never one to fork out when it comes to make up brushes. Personally, I'd rather spend a bit more on decent make up and a little less on brushes. This is because, in my opinion, if you know just where to look, you can find fab quality make up brushes without breaking the bank. I wouldn't be without my beloved ELF Studio Powder Brush and Blusher Brush, which ARE great quality brushes, but only £3.50 each.

For years I have found my foundation brushes in a cheapy shop in my town (think Home Bargains/Body Care-type places). They usually cost about £1.50/£2.00 and are excellent quality. The brand I'm most fond of for these bargain brushes is Royal, in particular their 'Enhance' range. So when I saw this beauty sitting on the shelf, I had to have it....

Kabuki Brush, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Blusher Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow Applicator, Blending Brush

The set costs £8.99 and includes a Kabuki Brush, an angled Foundation Brush, a Powder Brush, a supposed Blusher Brush (although it's tiny), an Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow Applicator and Blending Brush. I have used Royal 'Enhance' brushes before and they are superb quality; the brushes are the softest I've ever owned and make make up application SO much easier. Yes, the packaging is cheap and the case is cheaply made but it's the brushes that count, and they are fab. I also love the fact that they are made from synthetic fibres - I never buy real hair brushes as you can never know where it comes from, plus I personally believe synthetic fibres are a much better quality. For 7 brushes at £8.99 I don't think you can go wrong with this set, and I am very excited to use it. Hooray for cheap brushes!

Has anyone else used any Royal brushes before? What do you think, is it better to buy cheap brushes or do you prefer high-end?
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