Sunday, 30 January 2011

Brilliant Butterflies

Dress - New Look Concessions
Tights - Primark
Shoe Boots - New Look
Earrings & Rings - Topshop

On Friday night it was my sister's birthday so to celebrate we all went out for a lovely meal. I had a great night, although I had a little too much to drink (I never drink!) and so felt a tad worse for wear yesterday morning. I thought I would show you what I wore - I hadn't got a clue what to wear but found this dress at the back of my wardrobe and decided on it. I've had it for ages and probably only worn it about 3 times - it's probably not to everyone's taste, but I adore the butterfly print and the touch of sequins to add a little sparkle. It's really comfy too, which is always a plus! 

I had a lovely weekend, despite having to work yesterday I had a really nice evening watching 'Beauty and the Beast' with my boyfriend - the things he puts up with! And today was spent having a lovely lazy Sunday, eating lots and relaxing. I'm going to spend tonight watching 'PS I Love You' - absolutely adore that film even if it does make me cry! 

I know I said I'd be doing lots more make up reviews, and I will be, it's just I'm finding it really hard to photograph make up at the minute - think I'm in need of a new camera. I have my eye on a couple, it's just I'm such a wimp when it comes to spending lots of money - I have to be absolutely certain I want something and THEN I buy it. I do have some make up posts lined up though so I will *fingers crossed* get those done this week.

Also - what do you all think to the new layout? I'd been desperately wanting a change for ages and the lovely Lauren offered to help me out. I absolutely love it, after having this blog for almost a year I think it was about time I had a change! Hope everyone is having a fab weekend :) xx


  1. your hair is so good, love your shoes!


  2. Butterflys scare me cos I'm scared of moths lol

  3. The colours really complement your tannedness :) I'm the palest person EVER and am dead jealous <3

    Peace and Love~

  4. You look Fab hun :) And i love the layout, such a pretty blog!x

  5. I love the layout, the floral print is lovely and very you! I really like the dress too, it really suits you and your hair looks lovely as always :)
    I keep thinking I need to do more beauty posts - I've kind of gone off on a tangent recently and I want to get back onto make-up! Maybe we should make a pact together ;) x

  6. That is such a gorgeous dress I've never seen anything like it it's so unique!
    Also your new layout is pretty xxx

  7. lord, girl you pull together an awesome beehive!

    love the dress - bet you could totally rock and roll it up a bit with some ripped skinnies and massive high heels too.

    the layout is pretty - very girly

    ann x

  8. I absolutely love that dress!

  9. Gorgeous dress :)
    Lovely with your long hair!
    Whats the lipstick? <3


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