Saturday, 15 January 2011


Jumper - Primark
Leggings - Next
Boots - Primark
Necklace & Earrings - Topshop
Scrabble Ring - VIPXO

I have to apologise for the lack of posts this, well, year. I've been stressed out with uni work amongst other things, and have been really slacking on the blogging front! I've got 2 solid weeks off uni and work though so *fingers crossed* I'll be blogging a lot more. For some reason I feel completely out of the beauty loop at the minute - probably because I haven't bought any new make up for a while. I do have a few reviews etc. lined up though!

I went shopping a couple of days ago and bought a few new bits and pieces, this jumper being one of them. I'd seen a few posts on the illusive Topshop version, but as it's out of stock everywhere I thought I'd get this one. It was £14, and I have to say - the sizes for it are TINY. I had to get it in a ridiculously big size and to be honest I probably would still like it to be a bit baggier! Anyway, I really like how it goes with the brown (can you tell?!) leggings. Sorry the pictures aren't that great, I took these when it was getting dark and as I HATE using flash they're duller than I would like.

I put my hair up today as well, I was hoping to do a cutesy ribbon/bow type thing but it didn't really go to plan so I just left it like this. I think hair looks better up with this type of jumper and also I'm really down about my hair at the minute - it just doesn't seem to do what I want it to!

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend, what have you all got planned?


  1. i think your hair looks really pretty sweetie (as do you), i love the ballerina style bun. but i know how you feel, think my hair has had enough of the winter now xxx

  2. I love your hair, and my hair never goes right so I can totally relate! The jumper is lovely too, missed your blog posts!

  3. The jumper is gorgeous and that's a great price :) x

  4. cute jumper :)

    im having an Alexander Wang esque studded bag giveaway on my blog if you think youd like too look hon! x

  5. You look so lovely! I adore your hair like this :) xo

  6. This is so cute, you look lovely :) you hair looks great up. The jumper is gorgeous x

  7. Love that jumper dress - so cute! And Victoria's scrabble rings are fab. x

  8. very cute, awsome jumper!xx

  9. I love it! I like the brown leggings too - they make a nice change :)
    I feel out the beauty loop too, I need to get buying more make up I think. Definite withdrawal symptoms occuring! x

  10. You look so lovely, i adore your hair <3

  11. Your outfit looks great and I love the updo. Im with you on the hair hating as just now mine is a nightmare but yours looks lovely here xxx

  12. I love this colour on you. Great prelude to spring.

  13. Hello there,

    I really enjoyed your blog, my first time here and I am loving your outfits!

    Please come and have a look at my fashion blog PRETTY PORTOBELLO

    Hope to see you soon.

  14. your hair looks really sweet like this, i think it works! i've been loving ouifits like this, because it's really easy to just throw on and head out the door. might have to hunt for this jumper in primark.. x

  15. You hair is so cute and i love your green outfit really much!♥


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