Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Interning Goodies :)

Hey lovelies, I hope you're all okay! I thought I better explain myself as I have been pretty much absent for the past few weeks. Basically I've been in London interning at Closer magazine, as if you've been following me for a while you'll know that being in beauty/fashion journalism is my dream career, and I hope to make it a reality! 

I had a fantastic two weeks, met some lovely people and learnt so much about what goes on behind the scenes at magazines. It was also so nice to be in London for a whole two weeks (yes, I ventured to Oxford Street!), and it's definitely set clearly in my mind that London is where I want to be! I just keep thinking how absolutely AMAZING it would be to get paid to play with beauty products all day long, and then get to write about them. It really is my dream job, and interning at Closer definitely set this in stone for me.  Speaking of beauty products, the beauty cupboard at Closer was full to the brim of so many different products it was a little overwhelming (and exciting!). There was a beauty sale,  but unfortunately it wasn't until after I'd left (boooo) but luckily I was given a goodie bag full of beauty products when I left to say thank you for helping out! You can obviously understand my excitement, so I thought I would show you what I got! 

Me Me Me Fat Lash Mascara, Avon Minerals Powder, Pixi Lipstick & Liner Duo, Liz Earle Aftersun, YSL Cream Blush, Origins SPF 25 Moisturiser, Leighton Denny Sole Mate Foot Scrub, MAC Venomous Villains Beauty Powder, Cute Apple Ring

Amazing, right? I got to choose 2 things myself, can you guess which? 

Obviously I was all over the MAC Beauty Powder as soon as I saw it, although I did pretty much buy the majority of the VV Collection when it came out, this was one thing I REALLY wanted but sustained from buying. So you can imagine my glee when I saw it kicking about in the cupboard! I've been wearing it already and I absolutely love the colour, perfect for any skintone. The compact is so cute as well, gotta love Maleficent! 

The other thing I picked out was of course the YSL blush. Although I tend to steer clear of cream blushes, the shiny golden box was glinting at me whilst I was rummaging through the cupboard, and when I opened it and saw the AMAZING coral colour I couldn't resist. I've not actually worn this on my cheeks yet (I keep thinking, it's YSL, I need to save it) but I can't wait. It such a beautiful summery shade, and I definitely think cream blushes scream summer.

I am SO pleased with everything I got, and so greatful to Closer for giving me them! I had an amazing time and am really looking forward to doing more internships in the future. What do you things I got? Hope you like them! 


  1. ooh i love a good tester sale, lucky for you and so nice of them to give you the stuff before you went to say thank you! bet the ysl blush would look nice dabbed on the lips too :)

  2. i'm so jealous! i've always wanted to intern for a magazine - i completely agree with you about how getting paid to play with beauty products all day would be the most amazing job ever.


  3. I love work experience in London, it's such a nice place to work! I did a work experience placement at Red and they had a beauty sale, it was mad! You got some great products in your goodie bag!

  4. Wow how lovely of closer! I got a goodie bag when I did two weeks on the lifestyle desk at Love it! Two years on and I am still using opening new products that I got!
    The amount of freebies they get sent in is mad!

  5. w0w what a great goodie bag!

    Glad to hear you had a fantastic time :)


  6. You are so very lucky to get that Venomous Villains beauty powder! Its just gorgeous!x

  7. would you be able to do a "how i got my internships blog?" id be really intrested to find out about it as its what i want to do in the future:) x

  8. Oooh wow what an amazing opportunity I am so jealous lol

    I agree with @Hana I would love to know all about your internship.

    Fab goody bag, lucky girl :-)

  9. Omg(osh) jel! When I finished uni I really wanted to do some work experience/long interning but I just couldn't afford it. Instead I work for Travis Perkins where the closest I get to beauty products the handcream on my desk?

    Awesome picks aswell, glad you had a good time!


  10. Hope you had a great time! I had work experience at More Magazine, it wasn't quite an "internship", it was just two weeks of plain old work experience. Making lots of tea and sorting out the mail (as well as packing competition prizes.... at times, it was 60 bottles of lube). It was a lot of fun but I didn't enjoy at the time! :( Glad you had a great time. Awesome goodies!

  11. You got some amazing things and it looks like you had so much fun! You really were missed and it'll be lovely to see you posting.

  12. Amazing products and I am so happy for you that you got the internship! :) It's so important to get as amany life experiences as possible before you decide on your future. If I'd known that earlier, this would really help me. X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

  13. Ooh you got some fab stuff :) the Mac beauty powder looks gorgeous and I bet the YSL cream blush will be fab with a tan :) x

  14. That sound amazing! Oh and please do a review on the YSL blush. I've been eyeing those for so long.

  15. Amazing goodies, especially the Mac VV beauty powder! Lush. I bet it was really awesome to get a taste of the magazine world, very lucky xx

  16. :O i am sooo jealous! The mac blush looks so gorgeous xoxo

  17. wow such great stuff! working at a mag would be fun!


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