My Magical 21st in Disneyland Paris - Part 1

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hello lovelies! I've just got back from the most amazing four days in Disneyland Paris, for my 21st birthday. Me and my boyfriend had a completely perfect time there - we went on dozens of rides, watched countless shows and parades (Once Upon a Dream parade, Mickey's Magical Celebration show, Tarzan show, Cars Stunt show, and lots more!), saw lots of characters and on my birthday watched the amazing Fantillusion parade, followed by the Enchanted fireworks at the castle, which were completely breathtaking (pictures of the parade will be in the next post!)  The weather was lovely the last two days we were there (which the majority of these pictures are from - I'm uploading them backwards for some reason!) but it did rain a bit on my birthday and the first day we arrived, but it definitely didn't put a dampener on things! I took over 500 pictures/videos whilst we were there (crazy, I know!) and I thought I would show you some of my favourites. I struggled to fit them all in one post and I'm aware this post is still VERY picture-heavy, but I didn't want you to miss out on the magic! I will be hopefully posting part two tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you like the pictures!

It's my birthday!

Saturday, 27 August 2011
Today I will be celebrating my 21st birthday in the magical Disneyland Paris. This is a scheduled post as right now I will be hopefully having a fabulous time on all the wonderful rides (and parading about in my very Princess-esque party dress - I don't care how impractical it is!) 

As I'm spending the next few days in Disney with my boyfriend, on Wednesday last week we decided to have a little pre-birthday family get-together, involving food, cake, and lots of pink wine! I thought I would post a few of the pictures for you to see. 

I had a lovely day and it was so nice to spend a few hours with my family eating, drinking and talking excitedly about my trip to Disney. I also sneakily opened a few presents early (which I will be posting about in the next few days) and I was NOT disappointed. I'm hoping to take LOTS of pictures whilst I'm in Disneyland so expect lots more picture-filled posts in the future! 

I hope you're all okay, and you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend. I hope the sun shines for us all! 

Pre-birthday Party Outfit

Thursday, 25 August 2011
As I'm being whisked away to Disneyland to celebrate my 21st birthday this weekend (my actual birthday is on Saturday), yesterday I had a family get-together to celebrate before I go away. I will be doing a post with some pictures from the party, but I thought I'd do a quick little post with what I wore to celebrate!

Vest top: Topshop
Maxi skirt: Primark Limited Edition
Flower headband: Primark
Jewellery: Primark

Oh I do love Primark don't I? It was gorgeous and hot yesterday so I decided to FINALLY wear my beloved maxi skirt that had been hanging sadly in my wardrobe for about two months, unloved because of the lack of summery weather we've been having. It was so sunny and warm though I couldn't resist wearing it. I wore it with gold New Look wedges when I went out, but it's actually a really good length that even without shoes it doesn't drag on the ground (something I HATE about the majority of maxi dresses I own) It's a beautiful summery colour and I love it. It has a tie-bow at the side that you can kind of see in this pictures, which gives it a little something extra I think. 

What do you think of my outfit? Did you wear something summery yesterday when it finally decided to warm up? 

Meet Mr Pricklepants

Monday, 22 August 2011
Over the past few months I've been re-doing my bedroom. Okay, I tell a lie, it's been a VERY long process as I am the most indecisive person ever, and sat with a hefty amount of things in my Ikea basket for about a year (I'm not exaggerating) before I finally placed that all important order. I love everything shabby chic, vintage-looking and floral (as you may have guessed) and although my bedroom has been very Cath Kidston-inspired for years now, I felt it needed that 'wow' factor. Needless to say, it is now pretty much finished and once it is 100% perfect, I will be doing a big post on it.

A few weeks ago, however, I was approached by the company 'Sasse and Belle' to review one of their products. I'll tell you now, I literally squealed when I saw who was emailing me - I have always been a HUGE fan of Sasse and Belle products, and have placed several orders in the time I've been re-doing my room. Sasse and Belle is the epitome of vintage, fairy tale gorgeousness - from cutesy cushions to girly garlands, beautiful bunting and wonderful wirework jewellery stands - Sasse and Belle has it all. A while ago I purchased one of their gorgeous Owl cushions - but had my eye on a Hedgehog version I saw popping up on the website more recently, and was over the moon when I received it. It is beautifully embroidered, has a gorgeous little button for an eye and is covered in a lovely vintage-looking floral patterned material. I've decided to call him Mr Pricklepants, after the Toy Story character, and he and my Owl cushion look lovely together sitting side-by-side on my bed. I can't wait to show you the rest of my room (and for you to see Mr Owl) but the perfectionist in me doesn't want to do a post until it is 100% finished.

What do you think to Sasse and Belle products? Do you love vintage, shabby chic interiors?

MAC Rose Pigment

Sunday, 21 August 2011
A while ago I placed a cheeky MAC order - I fancied starting my own eyeshadow palette and also took a liking to one of MAC's pigments in Rose. I've always been intrigued by MAC's pigments, but could never really justify getting one (I swear I own all of Barry M's Dazzledusts). However, when I saw this beauty in the MAC store in Covent Garden a while ago I fell completely in love. I actually can't believe I didn't buy it then and there, but I assure you it went straight in my basket as soon as I got on the MAC website. It is seriously the most beautiful pink, with stunning gold reflects. Pink and gold together is like my favourite colour combination and I just absolutely love how it looks. I used to wear pink eyeshadow all the time and it's been great experimenting with this. I know some people will probably think pink eyeshadow is a bit 'WOAH BARBIE', but with the right make up I think it looks lovely. 

The consistency of the pigment is quite thick, different to Barry M's Dazzledusts which are a lot thinner and less 'bitty'. However, the fact MAC's are so thick makes their colour pay-off a lot more intense, and makes for a perfect dramatic eye look. I'm not sure if I could get away with wearing this pigment day-to-day, but for a night time look it is perfect. I've experimented with it a couple of times, I like putting gold all over the lid and then this in the outer corners for something a little different (and less in-your-face!) It lasts really well and I didn't really find fall-out too much of a problem - I definitely think the Dazzledusts are the worst for it. However, MAC's pigments are a little bit on the pricey side - at £15.50 each they're definitely not something I will be buying on a regular basis, however you do get a fair amount of product and the fact they are SO pigmented and sparkly makes them worth the money (for an occasional treat, of course). 

What do you think of MAC's pigments?

Proactiv Oil Control Range

Thursday, 18 August 2011
A while ago I was approached by Proactiv to review their 3-step treatment, and fell in love with their skincare. If you read my post here, you'll know that Proactiv is the first brand that's actually made a real, promising difference to my skin. I have very acne-prone, oily skin and I cannot fault Proactiv's range of products in the slightest. 

I was recently sent some of their Oil Control range of products to try; their 'Daily Oil Control' moisturiser and 'Sheer Finish Mattifying Gel'. The range looks at targeting shine and oil, something which I have always struggled with, and I have to say these products haven't let me down. The moisturiser is so light, and leaves my skin feel matte and soft, something I have been searching for since my previous HG moisturiser (Biore Shine Control) was discontinued. I find that the majority of moisturisers leave my skin feeling sticky, and don't help with my oil problem at all. This however, definitely keeps shine at bay and leaves my skin feeling gorgeous. The 'Sheer Finish Mattifying Gel' works perfectly with the moisturiser. I use it as a primer (it feels very similar to my Body Shop 'Matte It' primer) and it smooths over my skin, leaving it lovely and soft, and a perfect base for my make up. The prices aren't bad either, with the moisturiser costing £11.95 and the mattifying gel £10.95.

I love both these products, and in my eyes Proactiv can do no wrong. I honestly recommend you try their products if you struggle with acne-prone or oily skin. They are life-savers! 

Have you tried Proactiv before? What is your favourite skincare brand?

Happy Aussie-versary!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Hey lovelies! Recently I was invited to become an Aussie Angel, and absolutely jumped at the chance. I love the brand and am very proud they see me worthy of an Aussie halo! 

Anyway, a couple of days ago I received a very exciting parcel in the post - Aussie are looking for us Angels to get partying, to celebrate their Aussie-versary (any excuse for a party!) and sent a package filled with party poppers, flip-flops, Fizz Wizz, sunnies, sparklers, and of course, the obligatory Aussie products to keep our hair looking party perfect. I was very excited opening the parcel, which came at the perfect time considering I will be celebrating my 21st birthday next weekend (party poppers and sparklers will be put to good use!) 

The most exciting thing is, however, that Aussie are offering Summer Party Packs to SEVEN non-Angels, giving those that win the chance to try a product of their choice from any of the Aussie-versary Limited Edition ranges (the packaging with the fireworks on!) To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what you'll be celebrating (it can be big or small, like I said, any excuse for a party), with your email address, and I will pick the best seven entries to win the party pack! 

And what's more, the seven that win will also be given the opportunity to take part in a challenge, with the chance for one person to win ten tickets for them and nine other friends to Aussie's fabulous summer party in October. Aussie say it will be the biggest, most exclusive party yet - not to be missed! To enter, you MUST be over 18 years of age and a UK Mainland resident. For more details, and full Ts+Cs, please click here

The competition will close on Friday 19th August at 7pm, so get your entries in quick! Good luck! :) 


Tuesday, 16 August 2011
You've probably gathered from my blog that I'm the ultimate girly girl, I love everything pink, sparkly, and floral. I'm a huge fan of accessories, be it a cute cover for my ipod, a girly camera case or a set of spangly keyrings, I'm all over it. So when I was approached by the lovely Kaitlin from Encrusted, who creates beautiful, blinged-up phone cases, to make a case for me, I jumped at the chance. 

Using the Encrusted Facebook page, you simply fill in a form, explaining how you want your case to be made and choosing different elements/gems etc to make your own unique case. I've had blingy phone cases before, but never one that I pretty much 'designed' myself, that I know nobody else will have. That's what I love so much about Encrusted - you get something completely unique that fits with your own personal style. As you can see, I chose all the typical girly things that I love - flowers, cupcakes, Chanel, Hello Kitty, and, of course, Barbie, and Kaitlin made a beautiful case that I absolutely adore. She makes covers for a variety of different phones, so it's definitely worth checking out the Encrusted facebook page if you're interested!

Do you love a blingy phone case? What do you think to my girly Encrusted creation? 

Dreaming of LOOK

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I think my obsession with fashion magazines began when I was about twelve years old. I distinctly remember flicking through the pages of countless fashion bibles, in awe of the beautiful images playing out before me. It was an immediate love affair; I loved the smell, the glossy pages, the way every model looked like she belonged in a fairytale- and the clothes. The beautiful, beautiful clothes. I would recreate the looks I had seen sprawled across those wondrous pages, read about the latest fashion trends, mentally taking note of everything I 'needed' for the next season.

I would buy copy after copy of my favourite fashion magazines, read them cover to cover and take note of every last detail inside. I would gaze longingly at the designer spreads, open another beloved magazine, and see before me a mass of high street replicas, so easily at my reach. It was a fashion obsession, and the magical books I purchased each week and month helped feed my desire for fashion.

As time went on, and Spring/Summer became Autumn/Winter, something clicked inside my head. I could be a part of this enchanting and fashionable world. Writing was something I was always good at, and fashion was something I completely and utterly adored. I suddenly realised that my dream career was sitting, quite literally, in the palms of my hands. I could write about fashion. From then on I decided I would become a magazine journalist. What more could a girl want, than to spend her days researching looks, styling shoots, writing articles on the latest trends, and to get paid for it? In all honesty, I'd do it for free!

This aspiration of mine may be a long way off, but I hope to do everything in my power to make it a reality. An ultimate dream of mine is to sit, front-row, at a real-life fashion show. To be able to see the latest trends, and the stunning clothes before anyone else, as well as being feet away from the gorgeous models sounds magnificent to me. This is where LOOK Magazine comes in. LOOK is, without a doubt, one of my favourite fashion magazines, and although I would love to say I adore all things designer, high street fashion is most definitely where my heart lies. Primark is quite honestly my haven and a visit to Topshop the ultimate treat.

LOOK, being the fabulous magazine that it is, is running a blogging competition; the winners of which, get to sit front row at The LOOK Show in Westfield Stratford City next month, as well as receiving a host of other treats (£200 to spend in Westfield, yes please!) I cannot express how excited I was to see that the blogging competition was back – I found out about it too late last time and remember reading about all the winners' wonderful experiences of it rather enviously. I believe I should win because being at The Look Show would be one step closer to making my dream of writing for magazines a reality. Being able to watch as the models glide down the runway, and then report back about everything I have seen is what I believe I was born to do.

I imagine the day would be a whirlwind of fashion fabulousness, every moment filled with style and glamour. I am dying to feast my eyes on the wonders the likes of River Island, New Look, H & M and Forever 21 (along with so many others) have in store. If I was to win I would fully appreciate being able to see all my favourite high street store's latest A/W offerings, and would put a ridiculous amount of effort into reporting live on the show. This is, after all, what I want to spend my life doing. Wish me LOOK!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Review

Tuesday, 9 August 2011
I thought I would do a review on one of my favourite foundations. Although we tend to have a love/hate relationship, Estee Lauder Double Wear was once my HG foundation and I still love wearing it today. 

If you are looking for a foundation with amazing coverage, that leaves a matte-finish, doesn't transfer and lasts all day long, this is it. I've used this foundation on-and-off for years and it is by far one of the best foundations when it comes to coverage and longevity. Yes, it isn't the cheapest (it retails at £25.50), but it is easy to apply, blends well and leaves my skin looking flawless. I'm someone who always looks for good coverage when it comes to foundation because my skin is just SO bad. I also love looking 'made up' - I know a lot of people prefer to look natural but I love looking like I have make up on. For anyone who suffers with acne, or has acne scars - this foundation is great because it has amazing coverage and is also oil-free. 

However. There is a reason I no longer call this foundation my 'HG'. As much as I adore the way it looks, feels and covers on my skin, there is a serious issue when it comes to photographing this foundation. You simply cannot go anywhere near a flash with it. It creates the most awful, pale ghost face in ALL flash photography, that looks so unnatural and frankly, weird. I love to use fake tan and if I have any on it looks even worse - although the foundation looks lovely in person, when photographed I am left with an almost geisha-like mask on my face, and a tanned body. To be honest, I really think the fact it contains SPF is the reason for this. I know SPF can cause this chalk-white situation in photographs, so I'm guessing it is to blame. Which is such a shame, as SPF is important but so is being able to photograph nicely. 

I will continue to wear Double Wear, on-and-off, because I love how it lasts, looks and feels. When it comes to photographing my face, however, I will steer clear because it is just not good enough. I prefer to wear Revlon Colorstay (another of my favourite foundations) when in photographs because, although it does contain SPF 6, it has never caused me any problems when it comes to flash photography.

Have you tried Double Wear before? Do you look for coverage when it comes to foundations, or prefer a more natural-look?

I ♥ Sudocrem

Monday, 1 August 2011

I've always been a huge fan of Sudocrem. Ever since my Dad told me years ago (amongst suggestions of toothpaste and other random remedies) to put Sudocrem on my spots to make them go down, and I saw some amazing results the next day, it's been my go-to product for getting rid of bad skin. If you've been following long enough to have read my skincare products post, then you'll know it's one of my all-time favourite skincare products.

As Sudocrem is an antiseptic, it works amazingly well when it comes to spots. I've had bad skin for years and know how frustrating it is when you get a horrible pimple, but I put some Sudocrem on at night and by the next day it looks so much better. You can literally feel it working on your skin, something I always find is a sign a product is working properly. 

I honestly recommend Sudocrem to everyone who suffers with bad skin, and I think if you haven't tried it yet - you should. I've tried a million products to get rid of spots quickly and none of them have worked as well as this. I'd say creams like Benzoyl Peroxide work, but they also leave your skin dried out and flaky - whereas Sudocrem soothes and leaves my skin feeling soft and gorgeous.

I was recently contacted by Sudocrem to review their new Skincare Cream, which comes in a cute little tube (perfect for popping in your bag). The cream is slightly different to that in the tubs, although I don't really think there is much in it - I've looked at the ingredients and they are very similar, and I felt the same effects with the tube as with the tub. The tube can be used for lots of other things as well, such as soothing your skin after it's been in the sun, and helping with dry areas. I definitely will be keeping some in my bag, as it's easy to take away with you, and I'm almost certain to have a bad skin moment whenever I decide to go anywhere nice! 

Do you use Sudocrem? What are your must-have skincare products?
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