Babyliss Synthetic Clip-in Hair Extensions

Thursday, 19 April 2012
Babyliss Hair Extensions in Light Blonde (£30.65 via Boots)

If you're anything like me, you'll have been lusting after Rapunzel-esque tresses for what seems like forever. My hair grows quickly, but it's not in the best condition, and therefore it never really seems to reach past a certain length until it starts breaking off. I know, I know, I should have regular trims, blah blah blah, but I have a bit of an issue with people cutting my hair as it always looks too short afterwards (and I have had FAR too many short hair cut disasters). Therefore, it kind of goes without saying I'm always on the hunt for some hair extensions. 

I reviewed the Salon Confidential extensions a while back, and although I still really like them, they're not heat-proof and therefore I'm stuck with having to keep them in the same style. I generally like to curl my hair and add volume, so when I went on the search for some extensions, I knew they had to be styleable. Me being me, I refuse to go anywhere near real hair extensions (both because I think it's unethical AND I have this big thing about another person's hair on my head - I mean - gross right?) therefore it was pretty tricky trying to track some heat-proof SYNTHETIC extensions down. I did, however, stumble across the Babyliss Styleable Hair Extensions on the Boots website, and after reading through a few reviews I decided to go for it.

They arrived in the post and I was suitably impressed with what I got. For just over £30 you get one big three-layer extension and one smaller two-layer extension, as well as sectioning clips and a comb. The extensions feel really shiny and soft to the touch and the colour (light blonde) matched my blonde highlighted hair perfectly. They were really easy to put in and instantly added so much volume and length - I was impressed! When it came to styling, I used my straighteners to curl them, not exceeding the maximum 180 degree heat that these babies can take. I think I set my straighteners to about 120 degrees. I found the extensions a little difficult to curl, but with some perseverance I managed to create some loose, pretty curls, which stayed in the majority of the night. The hair extensions themselves stayed put really well, and I was really impressed with how much length and volume they gave my hair.

Me wearing the extensions before a night out


These hair extensions cannot take heat. As much as it says they are 'styleable'... they just don't cut it. After two, perhaps even one, use, the previously sleek, soft and shiny extensions have turned into a mess of dried up, static Barbie-hair (I'm not talking pretty here girls, I'm talking plastic). They are really difficult to brush, and strands of hair fall out like crazy. What were previously difficult to curl are now near impossible, and to be perfectly honest they resembled rat's tails more than anything else. Don't get me wrong - they look brilliant the first few times you use them - but with each use they become less shiny, and more and more dry and static. I was so disappointed - I had such high hopes for these hair extensions and I feel really let down. I followed the instructions and didn't exceed the heat - yet they still failed me. Okay, so if you don't style them, I'm sure they stay perfectly soft and shiny - but considering the selling point of these is that they're synthetic AND styleable - kind of defeats the purpose of why I bought them. Yes, they are cheap as far as hair extensions go - but considering they lasted me 3 nights out tops, they turn pretty expensive per wear!

Overall, I wouldn't recommend these extensions. They just can't do what they're supposed to. Sorry Babyliss, but you let me down this time!

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

Thursday, 12 April 2012
Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask (250ml) - £23.85 via 

I will openly admit I am the WORST when it comes to looking after my hair. As much as I love being blonde and having long(ish) hair, I never really do much to keep it in a good condition. I'm the queen of back-combing, am a bit of a nightmare when it comes to remembering to apply heat protectant, downright refuse to have it cut (ever) and generally aren't much of a fan of brushing it. Needless to say, it's a bit of a disaster area in terms of its condition. Split ends, knots, and general dryness are all part of the package when it comes to my hair. Therefore, I have been trying to make a conscious effort to look after it a bit more. Okay, so there are still days when I can't be bothered to comb/dry it, and it ends up edging towards birds-nest territory more than anything else, but in terms of weekly treatments/split end serums etc. I am doing my best to improve it. 

A month or so ago I was sent the Morocconoil Intense Hydrating Mask to try from I have heard so much hype surrounding Morocconoil that I just had to give the hair mask a go. Considering it retails for £23.85, I had high expectations. I've been using it as a weekly treatment, using a small amount (as it suggests) and leaving it on for around 10-15 minutes. I often wonder if leaving hair treatments on longer will make them more effective, but from my experience it doesn't really make much of a difference. I also always find myself putting on more treatment than probably necessary, although in this case, I thought 'this is expensive stuff, let's not go OTT' and stuck with the suggested amount. 

After a month of using the product on a weekly basis, yes, I am impressed. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my hair; it certainly feels softer, and is less prone to knots. My hairdresser was even suitably impressed with its condition, which is definitely saying something (she usually gasps in horror at the state of it). I'm certain the treatment is doing its best to repair my extremely damaged hair, and it's definitely more manageable. Is it amazing? Well, I've only really used it a few times, but I have found that the softness and shine it gives my hair stays, even after the next wash. Is it something I would buy myself? If I could afford it, maybe. However, I think £23.50 is a lot to spend on a hair treatment - although yes, this one definitely works. It might not work miracles, but it has improved my hair, although for the price I think there are probably some cheaper alternatives out there. 

Have you tried the Morocconoil Intense Hydrating Mask before? What did you think to it?

Motel Sping/Summer Event

Monday, 2 April 2012

I was lucky enough to be invited down to London for the Spring/Summer Motel event last week. I attended the Autumn/Winter event last year and it was fantastic, so I absolutely jumped at the chance to go again! It was great to see some of my favourite bloggers, have a chat about all things blog-related and of course, swoon over the gorgeous clothes! I am SO impressed with Motel's S/S collection; so many shocking brights, fab florals and pretty pastels; I have my eyes on the pink candy stripe jeans, although I'm pretty certain I'd have to be a skinny minnie to work them! I also fell in love with the tropical butterfly print, this playsuit must be mine! Amongst the gorgeous clothes there were candy-coloured balloons, popcorn, a Glossybox competition as well as Rock n Rose jewellery and Nail Rocks nail wraps, both of which are now being stocked on Motel's website. We were lucky enough to receive a goody bag filled with treats from Eylure, Eye Rocks, and even a Motel dress, and also got a piece of jewellery from Rock n Rose to keep. I had a fantastic evening - well done Motel for a fabulous S/S collection, and for putting on such a great event! 

What do you think to Motel's S/S collection? Any favourite pieces?

MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Shadows & Slinky Liner

Sunday, 1 April 2012
Above L-R: Morococo and Spi"ice"y
Below L-R: Pink Champagne and Tequila Sunrise

I was sent a little selection of MyFace Cosmetics to review a while back, and I'm literally only just getting around to giving them a proper review! I actually received some samples of MyFace Cosmetics a year or so ago, when my blog was fairly new, which you can check out here

I was lucky enough to be sent four of the 'Blingtone' eye shadows along with the 'Slinky' Eyeliner. The eye shadows immediately caught my eye - when it comes to eye shadow I adore anything remotely sparkly, and these shadows have so much going for them in the sparkle department. They're all really, really shimmery, although unfortunately not as pigmented as I'd hoped. They take a bit of working with, but if you love shimmer and a subtle sheen these are ideal. I think they will be perfect in the summer to create a really golden, shimmery, glowing look, with lots of highlighter and shimmery bronzer. I'm looking forward to giving that a go once the weather warms up again! They're available online and in Boots for £9.99, although I just had a look on the website and they're actually reduced to a bargainous £2.50 at the minute AND it's 3 for 2 - go go go!

For £6.99, I think the Slinky eyeliner is absolutely brilliant. I'm a bit of an eyeliner fiend - I've tried countless over the years and I can never resist trying a new one - eyeliner is most definitely my staple when it comes to make up. As for this one - I really, really like it. It's easy to use, so much so that I'd recommend it to anyone just starting out with eyeliner - and the nib/tip/whatever you want to call it is fine enough so that you get a precise application, without being too fiddly. It lasts really well, doesn't smudge and is a really nice, matte finish. I know some people prefer their liner to be a bit wet-looking, but I actually think I prefer the matte look. Overall I'm really impressed with this eyeliner and would most definitely recommend it. 

Have you tried MyFace cosmetics before? What did you think? 
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