Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Happy Halloween everyone! I adore Halloween - if I had my way the house would be turned into a spooky haunted house, decked out with cobwebs and spiders, the works - but maybe that will have to wait until I get my own place! I spent this weekend getting thoroughly prepared for the spooktastic day, carving pumpkins with my boyfriend (his is the best one, I know, mine's a little bit embarrassing) and most excitingly, baking spooky treats! 

I was recently sent an amaaaaazing Halloween baking pack full of awesome goodies to make some amazing Halloween cakes in conjunction with Ladbrokes launching their Trick or Treat slot game - cookie cutters, spooky cake cases, pumpkin cake toppers, Halloween recipe books - everything I'll ever need to make some gorgeously gruesome goodies! I decided to bake gingerbread (because gingerbread is just delicious) and used the cookie cutters supplied to create some creepy skulls, ghosts, pumpkins etc., which me and my boyfriend then decorated with writing icing. Again, I think his designs were better than mine - but we had fun doing it and they taste soooo nice! 

Then I decided to make cupcakes - I used a simple cupcake recipe and then had planned on making my own buttercream and topping the cakes with bright orange/black/green icing but that didn't exactly go to plan (let's just say, I got a tad heavy-handed with the orange food colouring - oops) so I settled for some (easy peasy) Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge icing and then sprinkled the cakes with orange and black sprinkles and glitter, finishing off with sugary bats, ghosts and pumpkins. They were seriously delicious and I think I need to make another batch for tonight! 

I'll leave you with a picture of me in the midst of baking - I donned a fab pumpkin apron (came in the pack - amazing!) - and I think unfortunately that's about as spooky as my outfit goes this Halloween! Oh well, I might be a spooky doll or something next year!

Christmas Scrapbooking Project #3

Tuesday, 30 October 2012
So, my final post with Getting Personal is going to be a gift inspiration post for Christmas. Yes, yes, I know it's not even November yet - but if you've been following these Christmas posts you'll know I've been taking part in a scrapbooking challenge, getting myself (and hopefully you!) well and truly prepared for Christmas. I thought for my final post I would give you some gift ideas - for her, for him, and for pooch! Apologies if you have a cat - I'm definitely a dog person through and through so just had to pick goodies for doggies! 

For Her...

An extremely girly 'For Her' list - basically, I picked things I would like. I'm a typical girly girl so for me, anything pink pretty much wins out. I think these gifts pretty much work for most women though - perhaps they don't ALL have to be pink, but things like candles, make up bags and lip balms are easy and (usually) successful pressies to get girls. I adore the Cath Kidston make up case, but of course there are cheaper alternatives in Primark if you're working to a budget. Boots have tonnes of fabulous makeup and beauty gift-sets for women, you really are spoilt for choice - in particular, I love their Hello Kitty Liberty stuff (although sometimes it's best to wait until these go in the sale - you know, if you end up wanting one for yourself too). I saw this Penguin dressing gown/robe on Topshop a few weeks ago and fell in love. They did a hare one similar to this last year that I missed out on, I just can't miss out this year! Although £32 for something I'm more than likely to spill Special K and soya milk down does make me weep a little bit inside. I actually don't own a Yankee Candle but would love someone to buy me one - scented candles are always a winner. Finally, if you have a friend who is a bookworm (ahem, me) and know they have a Kindle - this Kindle case is so cute and not that bad a price. I want it! 

For Him...
3. Retro Sweets - £2

Men. I detest buying for men. It's the same old stuff - socks, underwear, smellies. And they just release the SAME ones every single year. It makes me mad. However, I did manage to find a few things I thought were present-worthy. Men love gadgets - and there are always gadgety things for sale for men/boys at Christmas time. My boyfriend loves photography so something like the Diana Mini Camera would be perfect for him. Not exactly cheap as chips, but it's better than forking out £200+ on a camera lens and is another way of getting creative with photography. I don't know about you, but I LOVE Christmas/Fairisle/Snowflake jumpers. They just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What's better than a Christmas jumper?! Your boyfriend/husband WEARING a Christmas jumper!! Yes. If I don't buy this for him, I'll probably buy it for myself. Gosh, I love Christmas! Sweets are always a winner with men - remember, men are like boys, so they generally like sweets and toys (we'll get into that in a bit). I had to throw in some smellies for good measure. Champneys is a nice brand so I don't feel too bad forking out a tenner on two products. Finally, men need their toys. Or gadgets, or whatever. I know if I got my boyfriend this he'd be over the moon - doesn't say much about my choice in men, does it? Anyway, a nice enough selection I think! I seriously love that jumper!

For Pooch...
1. Polar Bear Toy - £3
3. Diamante Dog Collar - £14.95

I definitely had most fun putting this bit together. I adore buying stuff for my dog Rory at Christmas - I always go a bit mad and get him looooads and he spends all Christmas morning tearing my neatly-packed presents to pieces. I think dogs deserve a Christmas treat just as much as us humans! You can't go wrong with a cuddly toy, this Polar Bear from Pets at Home is so cute. I just couldn't resist putting this Christmas jumper in as well - if you thought your boyfriend in a Christmas jumper was cute - wait 'til you see your pup in one! I got one for Rory a couple of years ago from Accessorize and he looks seriously adorable in it. I think I need to buy him this one (also from Accessorize) too! I don't think a pooch should be without his posh collar, and these ones from Urban Pup are so pretty. I had to go for red, to fit with the Christmas theme, but they do loads of colours. You can even get customizable ones - your pup's name in diamantes! How fabulous?! Rory absolutely HATES baths so I try and use this 'Pet Head' Dry Clean stuff on him when he gets a bit pongy. It smells like Blueberry Muffins - yum! Finally, dogs need their chewy treats at Christmas time, and these munchy bones are perfect for little pooches. Sorted! 

I'll be cutting and sticking these lists into my scrapbook along with half of the Boots catalogue to help me out as the festive season draws nearer. I want to get all my shopping done as soon as I can so I can actually ENJOY the run-up to Christmas without being stressed out about it! 

I hope you've enjoyed my Christmassy posts, don't worry, I'll definitely be blogging more Christmas stuff as Christmas gets nearer, but I hope this has given you some ideas!

All Too Well

Monday, 29 October 2012
Dress: River Island 
Jacket: Missguided*
Necklace: Primark
Watch: Michael Kors

You know when you put an outfit together and just fall completely, head-over-heels in love with it? This was one of those days. I bought this River Island dress in the sale a couple of weeks ago, after debating buying the t shirt (which is now also in the sale) and then deciding I'd get much more wear out of the dress. It was only a tenner and I absolutely love it, it's so comfy and easy to wear. I paired it with my goooorgeous studded biker jacket I was sent from Missguided a few days ago - I am seriously IN LOVE with this jacket. I'd been on the hunt for the 'perfect' studded jacket and couldn't find the right one anywhere - I'd debated buying a Primark spesh and studding it up myself, but I knew it would never look right, and I wanted a jacket I could keep and love for years to come. So when I spied this on Missguided's website I immediately had to have it. It's perfectly on trend with the studding, plus its detailing is gold which is always a win for me, and I know it will go with so many of my outfits.

Bought the spiky/skull necklace from Primark - they've been a bit hit and miss with jewellery lately, but I think they're getting back to how they used to be. I've been wearing this necklace non-stop lately - it goes with everything and is perfect for rocking up a plain dress/t shirt. Not that you can see, but I wore this with my favourite gold studded tights from Pamela Mann (I'm wearing them in this post) - slightly a gold stud overkill but I love it!

MAC Ruby Woo

Sunday, 28 October 2012
MAC Ruby Woo

I bought MAC's infamous Ruby Woo lipstick a while ago (when Debenhams had a 10% off cosmetics offer floating around), after learning that it's a favourite with Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora - and quite possibly is the 'go-to' red lip for the vast majority of celebs. I love a red lipstick - perfect for A/W and the best way to glam up any outfit. Ruby Woo is definitely the definition of a 'classic' red - it's a deep red, in a matte formulation and screams Hollywood glamour. 

I love it - but I wouldn't wear it everyday. It's definitely a tad darker than I expected and therefore I'm reserving it for nights out. It really is the perfect lipstick for a night out - but in the day I just think it'd be a tad too much, on my skin tone anyway. The one thing that annoys me about red lipsticks is they ALWAYS make me look pale - even when I've fake tanned to the max! So annoying! You also have to be a bit of a master at applying lipstick if you want the 'perfect' red lip - I'm definitely not there yet, but I'm trying! 

Are you a fan of red lips? Do you have the infamous Ruby Woo?

Christmas Scrapbooking Project #2

Friday, 26 October 2012
If you read my blog at the start of the month you'll know that I'm taking part in a Christmas Scrapbooking Project with Getting Personal, where I'll share with you Christmas gift ideas, recipes, crafts etc. In this post I have a couple of really simple recipes and decoration ideas for you. Enjoy! 

Chocolate Christmas Puddings

First up, a really simple yet delicious recipe for cute Chocolate Christmas Puddings, perfect if you're not a fan of traditional Christmas puds (or you're just a chocoholic, like me!).

You will need...

 ❤ One large pack of rich tea biscuits
 ❤ Two tablespoons sugar 
 ❤ Two dessert spoons drinking chocolate 
 ❤ Two tablespoons milk
 ❤ Four tablespoons juice 
 ❤ 75g margarine 
 ❤ Decorations - white chocolate, writing icing

Once you have everything you need, simply break up the biscuits  (I usually keep them in the packet and bash it with a rolling pin - gets your anger out and is very effective!), and then add the drinking chocolate and sugar. Then melt the margarine in a saucepan and add it to the mixture, adding the rest of the liquids (milk, juice) and stirring them all up to a nice, moist consistency. If the mixture is a bit dry, just add more milk/juice. Then separate the mixture into ball shapes and put them in (festive) cake cases. Then all you need to do is pop them in the fridge to set, and then it's time to decorate! I melted down a big bar of white chocolate (Milkybar - yum!) and then evenly distributed (basically, I 'plopped' it on) it on each cake. Then I put it back in the fridge to set, and once it was ready I used red and green writing icing to draw on the holly. Voila! 

Hanging Decorations

These hanging Christmas decorations will look perfect hung on the christmas tree, or door handles etc., and they're so simple to make. 

You will need...

 ❤ Some festive material 
 ❤ Stuffing
 ❤ Other embellishments to decorate (sequins etc.) 

Simply stencil out your shape twice onto your chosen fabric, cut out and sew them together, leaving a gap for the stuffing. Then fill the shape with stuffing, sew it up and add your embellishments - not forgetting the ribbon to hang it up with! Buttons and sequins look great, or you can get 'Merry Christmas' ribbons and sew them across the front. It's good to just have a play around and see what looks good - and experiment with your shapes! You can make stars, hearts, or even christmas tree shapes. Have fun! 

Look out for my final post of the scrapbooking project next week - I'll hopefully be doing some Christmas present ideas and trying my hand at cardmaking. 

Stay stay stay

Tuesday, 23 October 2012
Jumper: Topshop
Denim Shirt: Topshop
Disco Pants: River Island
Necklace: Primark

It's so strange keeping up with blogging, but I'm enjoying it so much! I feel like I've finally got the balance right and I can put a lot more effort into my blog, which is nice. I just think I need to move down to London asap so I can go to all the fab events I wish I could attend, damn train prices!

I'm so pleased you all liked yesterday's post on love. I often debate posting long (sometimes rambly) posts with my thoughts on things but for some reason I'm always a bit put off - not sure if it's because I feel like some people don't always read posts, but just look at the pictures? I'll admit, I even do it sometimes. But I was astounded by the response and I'm very pleased all my readers seem to enjoy the written word as much as I do! I love writing and I was so flattered with how many positive comments I received, so thank you! 

I bought this jumper a couple of weeks ago when I took something to be exchanged and I loooove it. It's really unusual and I love the colours on it so much. It also has a gorgeous sparkle running all the way through it which is lovely, very festive (who's getting excited about Christmas?! I am!!) and it's really snuggly too. The neck on it shows off whatever you're wearing underneath so I quite like pairing it with a shirt, so you can see the collar poking out. I think it'll look really cute with embellished collars and stuff, or with short necklaces like the one I've paired it with here. The jumper was about £46 I think, so not the cheapest, but I've seen some similar in Primark too! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, I'm kind of looking forward to/dreading the prospect of snow at the end of the week! 


Monday, 22 October 2012
Okay, so this post is a bit different to my usual narcissistic beauty and fashion posts - this one is about love and relationships. So yeah, if you're not into all that - probably best not to bother reading this! 

I am a hopeless romantic. Truly, completely, unashamedly; I'm a fool for love and a constant believer in 'happily ever after'. I think growing up infatuated with fairy tales and Disney films is probably to blame for this love affair with love, but yes, I can admit I possess a constant need to be loved and I have always dreamt of meeting my 'dream' man, however ridiculous that notion may seem.

Growing up, I went through stages of yearning for my handsome prince, to hating boys altogether and refusing to admit that I would ever even kiss one, to falling completely, hopelessly in love with (the idea of) having a boyfriend. Now, I believe I've found a happy medium. Yes; I am completely in love with my current boyfriend - but I understand that he is not the be-all and end-all. There are millions of people in this world - and I respect myself enough to know that ultimately, it is only me who can make myself happy.

I think this is the problem with love nowadays. So many of my friends rush into relationships, get married, and then it all falls apart. Not to say that it never works out - I know people who have found their soulmates and married young, and have, so far, lived happily ever after. But too many people rely on love as their only source of happiness. There is a big wide world out there, the person sitting next to you is as insignificant as a grain of sand to the rest of this planet.

When I was in my teens, love was all I thought about. I wanted to have the perfect boyfriend, and I spent the entirety of my teenage years in relationships. I never had a break - splitting up with someone would mean a drastic hunt to find another 'Mr. Right' (it turns out, they were all very much 'Mr. Wrong') and then the process would repeat itself. I didn't really know how to make myself happy - it is a very strange thing. You go from being a young girl, who can make herself happy for hours with a thing as simple as a daisy chain, to a glorified grown-up, with feelings and a strong sense of feeling incomplete, needing someone to make you whole. It's a horrible time - but I think it's a time we need to have, to thoroughly appreciate who we are and how we should value ourselves.

When I was 17, I got into a relationship which would teach me huge life lessons. I was in this relationship for four years, when in reality, I should have only been in this relationship for 6 months, a year, tops. But I was afraid. Afraid of being alone and hanging on to the notion that I would regret it so much if I let him go. But he wasn't right for me. He didn't respect me, he didn't treat me how I should have been treated. I gave, and I gave, and I gave, but I got nothing back. Yet I put up with it, for years. Now, I'm a smart girl. I have my head screwed on and I KNOW that if someone else had explained the exact same situation to me, I would have told them to get out of it, sharpish. So WHY couldn't I listen to my own advice? Because I thought being unhappy and with him was better than being unhappy and alone. Because there were no 'REAL' problems - he hadn't cheated, he hadn't done anything unforgivable and so I held onto it even though it was slipping through my fingers.

But being unhappy and with someone is NOT better than being unhappy and alone. When you're with someone who is making you unhappy, you are only hurting yourself. You are making yourself completely unavailable to anyone else, yet all you really want is the 'ideal' man. How can you find him when you're stuck with Mr. Wrong? It will hurt like hell to begin with, but you'll learn that leaving the Guy Who Could Never Give You His All is the best thing you ever did.

Being single is a good thing. You open yourself up to so many more opportunities when you're single. You turn into a bit of a 'Yes Man' - the friends who go out for drinks every Friday night, but you turn down because of your rubbish boyfriend, are now making plans with you. You're dressing better because you feel better - you know that you deserve so much more and you know that looking good makes you happy. You appreciate those around you more - you make time for your family and friends that perhaps before you overlooked. You can enjoy your own company - being single made me appreciate how much I do enjoy being on my own. It made me fall back in love with writing, with films and literature, and understanding the importance of being by yourself, and making yourself happy.

If I had stayed with Mr. Wrong, I wouldn't have been able to do those things. Being with him had made me lose all sense of who I was - I became a miserable, crying mess who was constantly upset with or angry at the boyfriend who would never give me any of his time. I didn't like who I was - I wasn't me. A relationship shouldn't do that to you - it should bring out the best in you, not wear you down until you don't know who you are anymore. So I finally had enough of it - I ended it, and it was honestly the best thing I ever did. I just wish I had done it an awful lot earlier.

That's not to say being single wasn't hard - it was. I felt lonely, I would walk into a busy place and all I would see were happy couples, I would spend nights wondering what I had done, why had I ended it, when at least being with him meant I had someone to cuddle at night? Those moments of absolute despair pass though, trust me. You can learn to make yourself happy being single, and one day you might stumble across your handsome prince, and yeah, he will be a lovely contributing factor to your life. But he won't BE your life, remember, you make yourself happy.

So, I think I've found my prince. I could be completely wrong - in this life it is never good to get complacent, and you never know what's around the corner. But for now, I'm happy. I've learnt a lot about love and I've learnt a lot about myself - but most importantly I've learnt that I deserve more than a half-hearted relationship. If you want to be with someone, you should be with them, completely, 100%. I wanted a love that was all-consuming, a love that was passionate and magical, a I 'can't live without you' kind of love. I settled for 'can't really be bothered' love for so long and I regret it so much. But maybe it happened for a reason - because I do believe I've found my all-consuming love, the man I'd always dreamed about. I'm not saying it will be forever - I'm not saying it should be. But I am so happy that I am experiencing the magical, breathtaking love I'd always wanted to experience. The true, fairy tale love that so many of us crave. I couldn't have had that if I'd stayed with my ex. Who knows, I could have ended up marrying that guy if he hadn't have given me that one last push into saying 'It's over.' But then what kind of life would I have? I'd never really know what real love was like. And I think everyone deserves that kind of love, at least once in a lifetime.

I'll leave you with my favourite quote of all time - let me know if you enjoyed this post (if you even read it!) and let me know your thoughts....

'Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them.'

Models Own Wonderland Collection

Sunday, 21 October 2012
Models Own Wonderland Collection - Top Image - L-R: Southern Lights, Snowflake, Northern Lights, Jack Frost, Blizzard
Bottom Image - L-R: Northern Lights, Jack Frost over Beth's Blue, Southern Lights, Snowflake over Beth's Blue, Blizzard over Beth's Blue

I've never really been one to jump onto the bandwagon when it comes to new nail polish collections. As much as I would love to be drawn in to OPI's Minnie Mouse offering or Barry M's new range of Nail Effects, I tend to think I should save my money, as tempting as it would be to give in completely and splurge away my savings. Models Own is a brand I love, who constantly have new collections (Beetlejuice and Mirrorball ring any bells?) but none of them have screamed 'BUY ME' so far. Until now. Enter Models Own's Wonderland Collection. As soon as I saw the promo images, I KNEW it had to be mine. It just screams winter wonderland - conjuring up images of Jack Frost (one of the aptly named polishes), Narnia and the Snow Queen, icicles and everything magical about winter. 

I also loved how diverse the range is - it isn't simply a selection of the same glittery polish in different colours - it consists of Northern Lights and Southern Lights, two sparkly, fine glitters that are mainly pink and purple, with multicoloured glitter. They remind me very much of one of my all-time favourite Models Own polishes, Juicy Jules - completely gorgeous. Then there's Jack Frost, a fine iridescent glitter with blue flecks, Snowflake, an absolutely divine clear polish with beautiful iridescent flakes (my favourite) and Blizzard, your usual Mirror-ball/Ibiza Mix-type polish, mainly made up of silver with dashings of blue thrown in. As you can see in the bottom image, I am currently rocking ALL of the polishes and I think they look completely awesome together. They also go really well with Models Own Beth's Blue - but I can't wait to try out more colour combinations. I am completely in love with this range and am so glad I bought it. Models Own polishes are such a brilliant quality, you really can't go wrong at a fiver a pop. I bought the entire collection online for £20, which includes a free top-coat, but you can buy them individually online or at Boots.

Have you given in to the Models Own Wonderland collection? What do you think to it? 

MUA Lipboom in O.M.G

Wednesday, 17 October 2012
MUA Lipboom in O.M.G - £3 via Superdrug
Top Image - Lipstick on its own  Middle image - Lipgloss on its own  Bottom - Both Lipstick and Lipgloss

You know me, I love a cheap lipstick as much as the next bargain hunter. Okay, so buying cheap doesn't exactly have the same sense of satisfaction as treating yourself to an expensive Chanel or YSL lip splurge, but it sure as hell is a lot nicer on your purse! Plus, if you know where to look, there are some amazing (and bargainous) lip products out there. 

Take, for example, MUA. I love MUA. It's a cheap-as-chips cosmetic brand, but the best thing is, it delivers. Instead of fancy packaging and the delightful 'vanilla' lipstick smell, it might be a tad rough around the edges (okay, so MUA's lipsticks smell cheap - they have that signature 'ew cheap lipstick' smell), but at the end of the day, it's the product inside that counts and MUA always have decent products, for really, really good prices. A few weeks ago I noticed the delightful Alexandra Burke's face propped up against the MUA stand in my local Superdrug. Now, I'm not a fan of the girl in all honesty - she's okay, don't get me wrong - but her music and style don't really appeal to me. However, the colour range of her new 'Lipbooms' most certainly did. In particular, 'O.M.G' got my attention (the names are hilarious in themselves, seriously, although there's no denying they scream Alexandra Burke).

The lipbooms are basically a lipstick/lipgloss combo. 'O.M.G' features a gorgeous, peachy pink (almost verging on coral) gloss with gold flecks, whilst its lipstick is a delightful matte, peachy pink. It was the gloss that originally caught my eye - but it's actually the lipstick that I love best. I'm not really a gloss person in all honesty, and like the majority of glosses I own, it doesn't really say much when it's on the lips, although in the tube it looks lovely. The lipSTICK, on the other hand, is truly gorgeous both on and off the lips. It's just a perfect, easy to wear pink that I think would flatter most skintones. I'd been looking for a lipstick like this for ages, and I'm so pleased I found it. I really love this lipstick and for the grand total of £3, you really can't go wrong! 

Have you tried MUA's Lipbooms? What did you think?

The Land Before Time

Friday, 12 October 2012
Cardigan: Topshop
Disco Pants: River Island 
Necklace: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: H & M 

I am aware I look a little like a blogging cliche in these pictures - Disco Pants? Check. Camo? Check. Spiky necklace? Check again. What can I say, I'm really loving the 'trends' this season. Camo is huge at the minute. Like, it's EVERYWHERE. I wasn't sure whether it was a trend that was really 'me', but, again, an obsession with Gwen Stefani lead me to thinking I should invest in something. This cardigan is gorgeous - but it wasn't cheap! I've been debating taking it back as it was £46 and I think that's an awful lot for a simple cardi. It is thick and snuggly though so I can forgive it a little bit.

I adore the spiky necklace - I'd been after the elusive Topshop one for ages but I saw this one for £7.99 and it has a lot more 'drama' to it so I couldn't resist. It's perfect for jazzing up a plain outfit or rocking up a LBD. I'd wanted a dinosaur top for forever - but a lack of willingness to spend £25 on one from Topshop meant that it just hadn't happened for me yet - until now. I found this beauty in a local boutique for a bargainous £7.99! I love it. I've always had a thing for dinosaurs - when I was little I was forever carrying around this plastic Triceratops in my pretty pink handbag (obviously).  Also - who loved 'The Land Before Time'? Oh my god, I was obsessed with that! 

Finally, I gave in and bought some 'Disco Pants' or 'Tube Pants' or whatever it is you want to call them. Yes, I do love them; they're easy to wear and they are really flattering. I've actually just ordered another pair of floral embossed ones in River Island's sale (I'd pop in a link but they appear to have sold out) - I figured they're a key piece that go with everything so why not?! 

Little Things

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Thought I would do a little post on the things making me happy at the minute, as I love reading these kinds of posts! 

1. I've been getting back into diaries lately. I'm a complete stationary geek, I adore it all and can never have enough, although I have a fear of writing in beautiful books! However I have put that fear aside and have started writing a diary in the cute cat book in the top image. I got it from Paperchase in the sale ages ago and it is so, so cute. I was inspired to get writing a diary again after discovering my old, OLD diary that I wrote when I was little - looking back and seeing my old handwriting/reading about the things I used to do left me feeling all nostalgic and warm inside and I think it's important to have things like that to look back on in years to come, so I'm trying my best to keep up with writing this one. I think it's important not to tell yourself you HAVE to write in it everyday, but to do it when the mood takes you so it doesn't become a chore. The other diary in the top image is my 'Planning' diary. I blatantly copied it off Emma when she posted it on Instagram ages ago, it's by Moleskine and is SO cute. Who doesn't love Snoopy, right? I use it to keep track of stuff I'm doing as well as writing to-do lists and things. It's the perfect size for my handbag too! 

2. This time of year means it's getting darker and therefore, the evenings in are getting cosier. I love nothing more than lighting a candle, taking a long hot bath and getting into my snuggly pyjamas, watching Disney films and drinking hot chocolate. It's even better if it's freezing/raining outside so you can fully embrace being snug! My favourite candles have got to be by Lilyflame. They're not the cheapest, but they are so worth it. Fairy Dust is my all-time favourite - it smells amazing. I think I need to get my hands on some of the Christmassy scents for the upcoming festivities! 

3. An unrelenting desire to be Taylor Swift led me to buying an acoustic guitar a few months ago. I've had an electric one for years but never really learnt properly. My boyfriend got me back into it, and I'm trying my hardest to learn some songs. It's actually pretty easy to keep up, and practice makes perfect, of course! I'm currently learning 'Our Song' by Taylor - I just love that girl. 

4. I love photographs. I love taking them, looking at them, putting them in albums and scrapbooks, and framing them. The thing is, a lot of the time people forget that photographs are important to have on display - I think the likes of Facebook has meant that we don't really think about printing our pictures so much anymore. I LOVE having lots of pictures up though, and I didn't have any of me and my boyfriend up so I got a few printed and my room is so much nicer for it! I particularly like this one of me, Tom and Rory - how cute?!

5. Finally, I've been getting back into reading lately. I have always adored reading - definitely a bookworm for life! But the past three years at uni studying English has meant the books I read haven't always been to my taste (although I do love me some Dickens and Bronte!) so I've been making it a priority to get back into my kind of reading. I've always had a thing for fantasy and anything remotely magical, so when I saw 'The Night Circus' on Amazon it looked right up my street. It is SUCH a good book - completely enchanting and the perfect source of escapism. 'Love Letters of Great Men' sits by my bedside constantly - I'm a hopeless romantic and I just love reading the gorgeous love letters in there. I do love my Kindle for reading, as well as good old-fashioned books - I'm quickly running out of space on my bookcase and it's so handy to carry around. I got my case for it from Accessorize ages ago in the sale - it's actually a make up bag but fits pretty well! I really want to get a skin for my Kindle - any recommendations of where to get one from would be great!

What little things are making you happy at the minute?
- brand3 - brand5