New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration

Sunday, 30 December 2012
With the festive season well and truly under-way, and New Years just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about that all-important New Years Eve outfit. Yes, the party season is filled with plenty of night outs, Christmas parties and family gatherings, but the ultimate party-to-end-all-parties has GOT to be New Years Eve. Even more so this year, considering the speculation of the world ending - which it quite obviously didn't. Another reason to celebrate 2012! 

With a great party, comes a great outfit. New Years Eve is the one night we girls can really get dolled up to the nines, pull out all the stops and truly glam it up. No 'safe' outfits should be seen on New Years Eve - it's all about show-stopping, 'look at me', full-blown party outfits. No one ever calls anyone 'over-dressed' on New Years Eve, after-all. Ladies, you have no excuse!

Now the question is, do you have your outfit planned? If not, never fear! I've put together three sure-fire 'WOW' outfits to give you some much-needed inspiration. 

Girlish Glitz
Dress: River Island, £50
Clutch: Accessorize, £25
Ring: Accessorize, £15
Earrings: Miss Selfridge, £12.50
Shoes: Next, £48

If you're anything like me (the ultimate girly-girl) you will not be able to resist this outfit. I'm a HUGE fan of pale pink any time of the year, but this divine pale rose dress from River Island is truly stunning, and will be sure to turn many a head on New Years Eve. Paired with glitzy-glam accessories, you'll be sure to sparkle in this beautiful gown.

Sexy Sparkle
Dress: Motel Rocks, £58
Earrings: Butler & Wilson via QVC, £19.20
Clutch: New Look, £12
Hairpiece: Crown & Glory, £8
Boots: Topshop, £90

This is actually my favourite outfit of the three, as it just screams 'quirky cool', stand-out sexiness. This Motel dress is such a treat to look at - its shimmery sequin texture combined with mermaid-like iridescent green/turquoise colour makes it a total eye-catcher. You could keep it simple and pair with black accessories, but where's the fun in that? I'd go all out in the mermaid department and wear it with a plethora of other turquoise/blue/green accessories. I'm in love with the New Look clutch, and think those Topshop boots are seriously fierce - all you need now are some Ariel-esque scarlet locks and you're good to go as the perfect New Year mermaid! 

Grown-up Glamour
Dress: Lipsy VIP, £160
Shoes: Missguided, £34.99
Earrings: ASOS, £30
Ring: Accessorize, £12
Clutch: Oasis via ASOS, £22.50

Fancy yourself as a bit of a glamour goddess? Then this outfit is most definitely for you. Okay, so the dress is by far the priciest of the lot, but it is completely beautiful, and you just know you'll feel a million dollars wearing it. It's also guaranteed to make you stand out from the majority of short-skirted party-goers; this fish-tail design screams sex appeal without showing too much flesh. Paired with simple silver accessories (how stunning are those earrings!?) it is the definition of 'show-stopper'. Simply gorgeous. 

Are you all set for New Years Eve? Let me know which of these outfits is your favourite! 

Post is adapted from a post I did for Modern Girl's Guide

Christmas Presents

Friday, 28 December 2012
Homemade Snowman, Disney Thumper Cuddly, MAC Pigments Gift, Jimmy Choo Perfume, H&M and ASOS Disney Jumpers, Homemade Bag and Beanie Owl, Soap & Glory, Bomb Cosmetics, Cath Kidston and Nails Inc. goodies, River Island dress, Disney Pascal Cuddly

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I was planning on popping a quick post up on Christmas day, but you know how it is, ridiculously hectic and busy! I had a brilliant day, opening presents, eating lots of food and seeing family. My Christmas was made extra special by my boyfriend surprising me and coming over in the afternoon - best present ever! 

Talking of presents, I thought I would do a little post featuring some of my fave pressies. I think I had a quaint, modest Christmas this year - most Christmasses I always have my eye on some gadget or another, but this year I was happy with surprises. I got lots of gorgeous, kitsch gifts that I absolutely love. I adore my Disney goodies - my boyfriend got me the Thumper and Pascal cuddlies and I am actually in love with Thumper - he smells like the Disney 'Wonder' scent which is so magical and fresh - I can't stop cuddling him! I also got some Disney jumpers - the Lady and the Tramp one is from H & M and the Dumbo one is from ASOS (they have lots of other designs on there too). I got some lush smellies from Cath Kidston, Bomb Cosmetics and Soap & Glory, as well as an absolutely stunning pigment giftset from MAC - seriously love this and will be blogging about it in detail soon!  I was in desperate need of a new perfume and was lucky enough to get the Jimmy Choo one from my parents (it smells divine) as well as a beautiful floral dress from River Island. I also got some lovely homemade goodies - I don't think you can beat a pretty homemade gift. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely time off over the festive season, and is looking forward to New Year! I'm going to be posting a little outfit inspiration post for New Years Eve in the next few days so look out for that. What goodies did you get for Christmas? I hope you had an amazing day! 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer - Christmas Collection 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012
Estee Lauder Red Hautes Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Fallen Angel & Pure Red* - £14.50 each

A while ago I attended Estee Lauder's Christmas event, and was lucky enough to get to take a peek at their new launches, including their new 'Red Hautes' nail collection for Christmas. As Christmas is very nearly here, I thought I would do a little review on the two polishes from the collection I was kindly given for attending the event. 

The Red Hautes collection comprises of five gorgeous shades of rouge; Beautiful Lair, Fallen Angel, Le Smoking, Love Bite and Pure Red. Each polish is unique in its own way - there are deep, dark reds, raspberry reds and bright scarlet shades. The two polishes I received were Fallen Angel and Pure Red.

Fallen Angel is a deliciously deep, dark red. I always used to wear a colour similar to this growing up, when I had an infatuation with Gwen Stefani and her trademark scarlet talons. I still love it today though - it screams grown-up glamour and sophistication. 

Pure Red is a true, well, pure red. It doesn't contain a hint of any other colours or shades - it's a gorgeous, untouched red. I'd actually like to rename it Santa Red for Christmas as it is definitely a perfect Christmassy colour - just like Santa Claus's famous suit. I love it - it's made a perfect base for the Candy Cane nails I've been wearing recently. Definitely perfect for the festive season. 

I am in love with these polishes - as well as being truly beautiful colours, the formulation of them is flawless. Seriously, they are a dream to use. They glide on seamlessly and are seriously pigmented - the images above show them after only one coat. Seriously, that's all they need and you're good to go. They retail at £14.50, which is a tad steep, but this is Estee Lauder we're talking about, and they are premium beauty products which I think makes them worth the money. I'm really impressed with them and will be rocking both shades over the Christmas period. 

Have you tried Estee Lauder's polishes before? What did you think? 

Carousels and Christmas

Tuesday, 18 December 2012
Shirt: Oh My Love*
Skirt: River Island
Necklace: River Island

It's been a little while since I've done an outfit post, and Christmas is quickly creeping upon us! I can't believe it's actually a week today. Insane. I'm so excited though! I have all my presents wrapped (hooray!), finish work tomorrow and then I get to spend the days coming up to Christmas with my boyfriend, so I'm very excited! I'm planning on doing lots of relaxing, watching Christmas films, baking Christmas treats and of course, eating lots of Christmas grub! 

I decided to get into the festive spirit and wear this gorgeous Santa-red Carousel Shirt from Oh My Love. It's so beautiful - I'd seen a few bloggers wearing it lately and when I was contacted by Oh My Love to review something I couldn't resist it! It's one size, a big batwing fit and looks great loose with disco pants or tucked in to skirts. I love wearing it buttoned all the way up with my Disney 'Fairest of them All' necklace resting underneath the collar, but on this occasion I decided to pair it with a long gold chain necklace from River Island. This shirt also looks really cute underneath black jumpers - mhm cosy! 

I'm in love with loads of things on Oh My Love lately, and there are a few bargains to be had! They do the playsuit version of this shirt and it's currently in the sale for £15 - I love it so much but it looks to be sold out, boo hiss boo! I've also got my eye on this velvet beauty I spied on the 'New In' section - so gorgeous and festive.

Have you bought anything from Oh My Love before? Looking forward to Christmas?

Superdrug's Apricot Exfoliating Mask

Monday, 17 December 2012
Apricot Exfoliating Mask - Superdrug

Lately I've been on a bit of an exfoliating mission - using my Simple exfoliating products and seeing how much they improved my skin has got me on a bit of a drive to make exfoliating more of a priority. I also really want to try microdermabrasion - I have a feeling it will work wonders for my skin, or at least I hope so! 

Anyway, when I've not been looking after my skin properly for a while (I ran out of Simple face wash and my skin didn't thank me for it!) it tends to look a bit, well, bumpy. I can't really think of a better word to describe it - pimples appear more prominent, and it just generally doesn't look smooth - making my otherwise flawless foundation look a bit on the imperfect side. I have more blackheads, and just generally, my skin looks like it needs a good, old-fashioned, scrub. I decided I needed a face mask to remedy this, and after a recommendation from a friend I settled for Superdrug's 99p Apricot Exfoliating Mask. 

I was a little ominous at first - it claims to smooth (which I definitely needed) and brighten skin, but also states that it's for 'normal to dry' skin. Considering I have really oily skin, I wouldn't usually choose this kind of face mask, but after the rave review I'd heard from a friend I just had to give it a go. I wasn't disappointed. This face mask is brilliant for exfoliating skin, making it feel soft and smooth. It smells divine (mhmm apricots) and you get a really good amount of product in the sachet - probably enough for two uses. For 99p I'm really impressed with this face mask and will definitely be checking out more from Superdrug's range. I've been using it once a week and have seen a definite difference in the overall texture of my skin. Very impressed! Also, as it's from Superdrug's own brand of products it isn't tested on animals, nor does it contain any animal-derived ingredients. This makes me very happy! 

Have you tried any of Superdrug's own brand face masks? What did you think?

Pooch Pack

Saturday, 15 December 2012
Pooch Pack* - £16.95-£19.95

Okay so, although my blog is predominantly beauty and fashion, if you follow me on Twitter or you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I have a little dog called Rory (he's a Malchi - Maltese x Chihuahua) who I absolutely adore. He's my little baby - honestly, he actually is. He's extremely pampered, so when I heard about 'Pooch Pack' I couldn't wait to get my paws on a box to spoil Rory with. 

But 'what is Pooch Pack?!' I hear you cry. Well, think Glossybox and Graze box combined - but for dogs! In all honesty, I'm surprised it hasn't been thought of before - it's a great little idea. Basically, each month you are sent a box fit to burst with 5 or 6 treats for your doggy. These can be tasty treats, toys, or even grooming products and accessories for your pooch. 

What's great about these boxes is that they are catered to the size of your dog - making them perfect for your pooch's needs. In the box Rory received he got two packets of fruity/vegetable chews (papaya and sweet potato - mhmm!), some yummy peanut-butter 'Doggy Patisserie' bones, a vanilla-scented 'Roxxter' toy, a health supplement, some rhubarb-scented doggy shampoo and of course, the obligatory poo bags (on a keyring, of course!)  

Rory loved EVERYTHING in his box. The fruity/vegetable chews went down tremendously well - both he and our other dog Sam were actually fighting over them they liked them that much, plus they're low in calories which is always good! Rory wasn't so sure about the peanut-butter biscuit bones to begin with, but he loves them now. As much as Rory got excited over the vanilla 'Roxxter' toy to begin with, it's a tad too big for him to play with (he's only teeny, bless him) but I think it would make a great toy for a bigger dog. The rhubarb-scented shampoo smells AMAZING and left Rory looking very smart (if not a tad disgruntled - he hates baths!) 

Overall I'm really impressed with the Pooch Pack and if I could afford it, I would love to get one for Rory each month. I like how you can choose your plan when you subscribe - there are three different subscriptions available, ranging from £16.95-£19.95, and each one has a different time-frame for when you pay (more info on that here). You can cancel at any time, which would make these packs a good one-off treat for Christmas, or, if you have the money, a great way of treating your pooch each month. 

What do you think to Pooch Pack? Would you subscribe? 

Jewellery By Jaymie Unicorn Collar Clips

Friday, 14 December 2012
Unicorn Collar Clips* - Jewellery by Jaymie

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I'm a tad obsessed with jewellery. In particular, I have a penchant for unusual jewellery, handmade jewellery, and most prominently, jewellery with animals/mythical creatures adorned on it. I think jewellery is so important in completing an outfit - it can often 'make' the outfit altogether. I'd hate to be seen without my dozens of rings, always wear earrings, and lately, I've had a slight obsession with collar clips. I love shirts with collars - they're great for pairing with big, statement necklaces resting just under the collar, and lately collar clips/adornments have been all the rage. 

One jewellery brand that ticks all the boxes is Jewellery by Jaymie. I first noticed the brand a little while ago; it caught my eye as the jewellery is so unique - Jaymie hand-makes all of the jewellery available, using her own illustrations. What I love about this is that no two pieces of jewellery are the same - as they are hand-drawn, each piece is unique in its own right. I was recently sent some of the Unicorn Collar Clips to review - and I am so impressed. The illustrations are beautiful - I adore Unicorns and I know these clips will go with so many of my outfits, and add a touch of magic and quirkiness. They even have a slight sparkle to them, which you can hopefully see slightly in the pictures. What's great about them is as well as collar clips, they can also be worn as clip-on earrings, which I can't wait to try out! 

Jaymie has dozens of different designs on her website, including animals and iconic stars (such as Audrey Hepburn), and sells rings, collar clips and necklaces, all of which are unique and are so, so beautiful. I wish I was as talented as Jaymie - I'm in awe of her beautiful illustrations! I'm so pleased with my Unicorn Collar Clips and I'm tempted to get myself the necklace too! The collar clips are £15 which I think is really reasonable, considering the work that goes into them! 

Do you like unique, quirky pieces of jewellery? What do you think to Jewellery by Jaymie? 

Ted Baker Sweet Treats Polly (and giveaway!)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Ted Baker Sweet Treats Purse Spray in Polly* - Giftset available via Boots

A few weeks ago I was having a little perfume dilemma on Twitter. Basically, I was in need of a new perfume and didn't have the first clue where to begin! I love sweet, floral, pretty fragrances so when I was contacted about a perfume I was sure to love, I jumped at the chance to review it. 

The fragrance in question comes from Ted Baker's new 'Sweet Treats' range; a collection which features three brand new purse sprays, based around the muses Cate, Vida and Polly. Each perfume has its own unique persona - Cate has a 'rich, woody depth' and screams sophistication, whilst Vida is 'infused with exotic grapefruit and a heart of wild rose' and thus is the life and soul of the party. The description I truly fell for was that of Polly, however. Described as a 'sweetheart with a wild streak', Polly is for the ultimate girly girl. The fragrance features topnotes of mandarin, red berries and peach, with a heart of white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony, and is laced with 'a dreamy twist of amber and vanilla topped off with white musk'. Sounds divine, right? It is. 

Since receiving this perfume I seriously have not stopped wearing it. It is such a deliciously girly fragrance - it smells so beautiful and floral, with a fruity touch. I've been wearing it so much that my bottle is now half full - the only downside to it being a 10ml purse fragrance! However, it is pretty handy for carrying around in your bag, or for sprucing yourself up on nights out. I love this perfume and I really hope they bring out a bigger version! 

Do you like the sound of Polly? Well, luckily for you I have been given the opportunity to give the Polly Purse Spray giftset  away to one lucky follower! All you have to do is follow Away with the Fairies via GFC, and comment below telling me your favourite 'sweet treat' - mine has to be chocolate! The giveaway is open to all UK residents and will end a week today, on the 19th December. Good luck! 

Simple Oil Balancing Skincare Review

Tuesday, 4 December 2012
Simple Oil Balancing Skincare range - Boots

You all know me - I love me some skincare. I suffer with oily, acne-prone skin, blackheads - the works... so I always look for acne-curing/oil-blasting/blackhead-blitzing products when it comes to skincare. I tend to switch up my skincare routine a LOT - I've gone from using Proactiv, to Dermalogica, to my trusty old favourite Garnier. However, as I wear Estee Lauder Doublewear Max Coverage Foundation (which is very, very heavy!) I was getting a bit sick of using up SO many cotton pads taking it off, and I'm lazy, so I was looking for a quicker option. Plus, my skin wasn't looking its best. Garnier Fresh Cleansing Milk is good - but it never really impresses me. That's when my sister suggested I try Simple's Oil Balancing skincare range. Apparently, I'd told her about how good it is (I've never used it before so haven't a clue where she got this idea from!) and she'd been using it and was really impressed with the results. So, I promptly marched myself to Boots and got 3 products from the range - the moisturiser (£4.27), facial scrub (£3.99) and exfoliating wash (£4.29). 

When I first tried the exfoliating wash I was pretty astounded - I usually HATE using washes to take my makeup off but this had me seriously impressed. It seemed to take my (ridiculously heavy) makeup off with ease, only needing to use it a couple of times to completely rid my skin of foundation. It also didn't affect my eyes at all - I know it's an exfoliating wash so isn't meant for around the eye area but I tend to be a bit haphazard when washing my face and just go for it - no irritation whatsoever. It left my skin clear of makeup (I tried using a cotton pad afterwards and 99% of my makeup had gone - only a tiny bit came up on the pad) and made my skin feel so soft. Very impressed. The facial scrub was the same - it's gentle enough to be used daily and left my skin feeling squeaky clean and gorgeously soft and smooth. I'm also really pleased with the moisturiser - it definitely helps keep oil at bay and leaves my skin feeling really matte; the perfect base for foundation. 

Overall I am so, so happy with this range. After using it for the past few weeks my skin has improved ridiculous amounts - my blackheads are drastically disappearing, my skin feels soft and smooth, and my spots (which are usually a regular feature) have completely gone. I only get the occasional odd blemish, and for a range that is SO cheap (and considering how heavy the make up I wear is!) I really can't fault it. I will most definitely be repurchasing!

Have you tried Simple's Oil Balancing range? It's 3 for 2 at Boots at the minute! 
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