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Real Techniques Eye Starter Set Review

Real Techniques Eye Starter Set - £16.49 via Amazon

I've always thought I was fairly good at eye makeup. Having been applying liner since the age of fourteen, I've had a fair amount of practice. However, for the majority of my makeup-applying life, I've been using one brush to do my eyeshadow. I know; the biggest beauty sin ever. For some reason, I've never really felt that eye makeup brushes were all that important, and I'd never found a brand I liked that did decent synthetic brushes for eyes. So, me and my trusty ELF eyeshadow brush have been pretty good pals for life. 

However, getting into YouTube more and learning more about makeup has made me realise I needed to get out of my bad habit, bite the bullet and invest in a selection of eye makeup brushes. Now, I searched and searched on Ebay to try and find some eye brushes like the amazing face brushes I found on there (post here), but to no avail, so I knew I had to part with the cash and get the Real Techniques Eye Starter Set. It was the ideal solution really, and I'd known about the set for ages, but parting with £21 on brushes made me weep a little bit inside. Luckily I found them on good ol' Amazon for £16.49, which I think is a pretty good price in all honesty. 

I've been using the brushes for a while now and I'm so glad I got them. These are the same beautiful quality of the face brushes, and the brushes clearly state what goes where, making it easy for those of us not that experienced at eye makeup. When I first started YouTube I got a few comments about needing to blend my eyeshadow, and looking back, I totally agree with them. I just didn't realise what a difference having different brushes would make, but I am so much happier with how I apply my eyeshadow now. They say there are no rules with makeup, but I think the eyeshadow brush rule is one that must always remain, as it has made a big difference to how my day-to-day makeup looks. 

Each of the brushes in this set are brilliant, and do exactly what they're meant to do. I get most use out of the two biggest brushes; one for applying shadow all over the lid, and one to add a darker shadow to the outer corner and blend, blend, blend. The precision eyeliner brush is great, as is the brow brush (although it's slightly bigger than what I'm used to, and I still prefer using my Ecotools one over it), but I'm a bit at a loss as what to do with the accent brush - I'm guessing it's for more complex eye looks? 

Overall I'm really impressed with this set, as it's great for beginners and the brushes are all of supreme quality (and they're synthetic, yay!) It comes with a carry case/stand which is great, although I prefer to plonk my brushes in a jar. I think I would have probably preferred it if it was a set of the two bigger eye brushes for a slightly cheaper price as I don't get that much use out of the others, but nonetheless I love it and I'm really glad I got it. Have you tried this brush set from Real Techniques? Let me know what you think to it! 


  1. I've been dying to get hold of some of these since I brought the Core Collection and fell in love - Thankyou for the review! Xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  2. Very nice! I will have to pick these up soon. Thanks!

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

  3. I really really keep meaning to learn how to apply my make up properly instead of just slapping it on and hoping for the best, however the prices of brushes always puts me off. One day!!!

  4. The one straight in the middle(which i think is the one youre not quite sure about!) is really good for applying lipstick as well as concealer. I find the eyebrow one way too big to use but the set is so worth it for the other brushes i dont actually mind! x

  5. Oh I really need to try this brand!

  6. I have been looking around for some eye brushes, but the only ones that seem to crop up are these ones, or there is a few on ebay, I've been looking at this for ages, so I might as well just go and buy them! :) xx

  7. I used to be the same way; I had one brush that was pretty much all I used! I bit the bullet though and recently splurged on two mac brushes. Best. Decision. Ever. They're pricey but worth it! I'd still like to try real techniques so I can see my brush collection growing in the future!
    Lovely Notions

  8. this set was one of the best purchases i've made! i love using the little middle one to apply shadow on my lower lash line under my eye it works perfectly, the angled one i find too big for my eyebrows i prefer using a different one! xx

    An Uninventive Name

  9. I literally bought this last week too! I am RUBBISH at eyeshadow, so thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and got some skills in this area. I love them too. They're brilliant quality brushes, and such good value. I used my Boots points to buy mine, so even better value!

    Like Abby above, I also first thought that the angled brush was a bit big for my brows - but actually now I quite like it. It gives me a softer, more natural finish than the smaller one I was using (the one that came with my Benefit Brows Kit).


  10. I love this brush set! At first I thought the brow brush was a bit too big but I'm used to it now and much prefer it! I like using the accent brush for applying inner corner highlight. My favourite is the deluxe crease brush which is amazing for blending but I also love it for applying concealer under eyes and on blemishes.


  11. I've been eyeing this for ages! (ha!)

  12. I love these brushes i actually have all of them now haha! they are amazing!!

  13. I was going to buy these myself from superdrug great review <3

  14. I love the Real Techniques face brushes so will have to pick these up, great variety of brush shapes! Xx Emmi


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