Friday, 21 February 2014

Getting Set for Spring Wishlist

1. Accessorize - £32
2. River Island - £18
3. River Island - £6
4. Miss Selfridge - £55
5. River Island - £30
6. Boohoo - £20

Whilst I'm all for wrapping up in bundles of scarves and hats, donning some vampy rouge lips and embracing the wintry weather (read: wet weather) we're having at the minute, it's safe to say the shops are full of spring clothes, and I'm pretty damn excited about it. As much as I love winter fashion, I'm most comfortable come springtime. Being a pastel-loving, ultra girly girl, when those candy-coloured hues hit the rails I am the first to be there. 

This being the case, I've been doing rather a lot of perusing the 'new in' sections online lately. Although I'm desperately trying to save money, some clothes are just too pretty to resist. I've actually set up a Depop recently in the hopes of selling a few bits, although I'm yet to sell anything as yet. I have so many clothes I need to sell at the minute, I'm also thinking of trying the likes of Music Magpie or Ziffit to get some cash for my old clothes. I'm put off selling on Ebay because they take so much in fees, so if you guys have any recommendations for sites to sell on that'd be great! I need to fund my shopping addiction! 

Anyway, onto the bits on my wishlist for spring. As you can probably tell, there's a key pastel theme here. First up, Accessorize are completely on-the-money with their range of pastel bags at the minute, and this lilac beauty has been on my radar for quite a while now. Everyone needs a pastel bag for spring right?! The statement necklace is from River Island, and after seeing this in store I am 100% sure I NEED it in my life. Sticking with River Island jewellery, this flowery thumb ring is so cute and perfectly compliments the necklace. 

The main event in my wishlist has got to be the stunning dress from Miss Selfridge. I'm a bit obsessed with Miss Selfridge's dress selection at the minute, and this one is so, so dreamy. I love the high neck and the colour, and I think it would be ideal to wear to a spring wedding. The embellished flats are from good ol' River Island again and I actually think they'd look lovely with the dress. Finally, the last item on my list is this PU candy pink skirt from Boohoo. I've been after a high-shine pastel pink skirt for ages and this one is a steal at £20. 

Are you loving all the pretty pastel hues in the shops at the minute? What do you think to my wishlist?


  1. ADORE that bag! I love the look of wearing pink as an accent colour for Spring so definitely a fan of that!

    AMANDALOVES.COM | UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

  2. That lilac bag!!!!! <3

  3. That bag is gorgeous, love the skirt too!

  4. Loveeee the bag! Such a lovely colour for Spring :)

  5. That bag is gorgeous!! xoxo

  6. I love that bag, it's so gorgeous! Lovely colour for spring. :)
    Stephanie | from awkwardlystephanie

  7. That dress is gorgeous, and I bet it would really suit you!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  8. Love the dress & bag (and pretty much everything else too!). I saw a bag that looks identical to that in a gorgeous mint green colour that I'm eyeing up! I agree with the ebay fee's, either that or I underprice my postage and lose out that way instead. Annoying! x

  9. I adore the PU candy pink skirt and its such a good price, just not sure I could pull it off.... I cant wait for spring x x

  10. That dress is so girlie and pretty! :)

  11. I want it al!! The dress is stunning! X

  12. These are gorgeous spring peices! I love the statement necklaces :) I must buy some when I get the chance!



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