Thursday, 6 February 2014

Little Things #4

iPad Mini Keyboard Case
As much as I love my iPad Mini, sometimes I really wish it had a physical keyboard. Touch screens are great, but nothing beats tapping away on a good solid keyboard, which is why I decided to invest in this cute little keyboard case from Ebay. It's completely wireless, makes a lovely case in itself and means that using my iPad on the go is a lot more enjoyable. I think it'll be ideal for anyone at uni wanted to take notes in lectures etc, or if you commute a lot and want to type up blog posts on the go. I think it was a complete bargain at just over a tenner! 

Shaun the Sheep Tangle Teezer
I saw Lily blogged about this a few weeks ago when it was first released, and I immediately knew I needed it in my life. A sucker for anything remotely novelty or cartoon-related, this Shaun the Sheep Tangle Teezer is a dream come true. I actually misplaced my beloved Tangle Teezer a while ago so this makes the perfect replacement. It's the compact version too, meaning it's ideal for putting in your handbag and using when you're out and about. 

Unicorn Brush Pot
Paperchase sale is one of the best things ever - fact. Whilst perusing their sale bits I couldn't help but be drawn to this Unicorn Money Box, which I immediately knew would make a perfect pot to keep my brushes in. It's made out of tin and is the ideal size for all my face brushes. The best thing is it was only £2 - yay! 

My stationery obsession takes over again! Okay, so I might already have a lot of notebooks, but why not add one more to the collection? Especially when it's this pretty. I've never seen a notebook/journal like this Galison one before, and I completely love everything about it. It's almost too pretty to write in though - eep! 

Diana Mini Superstar Camera
Finally, I've wanted a Diana Mini Camera since I first discovered them, and I recently managed to get my hands on one. Normally retailing at £55, I haven't been able to justify getting one at full-price, but good ol' Urban Outfitters sale came to my rescue, selling this beautiful Superstar (aka uber sparkly) version for only £25. Add a couple of voucher codes into the mix and I was a very happy bunny. Whilst I've not actually used it yet (I need to invest in some films) it looks seriously cute sitting on my bookshelf. 

What little things are you loving at the minute?


  1. Everything is so cute <3 Love the iPad case and journal, I really need both things! x
    Day Dreaming

  2. Loving the camera! So old school but uber cute! <3

  3. Love the Paperchase stuff! I got the same camera a while back, when it was £35, and I love it! Although I wish I'd waited a while before ordering it to get it for £25!
    Emily |

  4. that ipad case is such a good idea!

  5. Love that brush pot! Such a cute post :) xo

  6. That iPad case looks so helpful.


  7. I love the idea of that keyboard! Heading to e-bay straight away!!
    Nicola xx
    Magics in the Make Up

  8. Everything is super cute, I like the keyboard it's really useful stuff :)

  9. That tangle teezer though! Adorable! x

    Aimee | AroundTwenty

  10. you have such a beautiful blog! and everything here is so pretty especially the ipad case! the journal is just gorgeous too :)

  11. This list is adorable, literally cooing as I scrolled down! I love the print on the Tangle Teezer and the Paperchase tin. I really hope that keyboard case comes in another size for iPads - it is so perfect (and love iPad Mini background!)


  12. That cute little camera!!

  13. everything in this post is so cute, loving the journal and the camera! x

  14. that iPad case is so cute!! I have a keyboard for mine but it's nowhere near that pretty! x

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  15. love the ipad mini case.. deffo need to get one!!

    Belinda | Fashion Crossing

  16. This was the cutest post ! I loved it x

  17. I am kind of obsessed with anything paperchase!

  18. I LOVE that keyboard for the iPad! I've been looking for one for ages to use at uni etc but they've been so expensive but thats perfect :)


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