Friday, 14 March 2014

Perfect Spring Pastels Wishlist

Pastel Wishlist
1. Topshop - £55
2. Ebay - £15.99
3. Escentual - £34.85
4. New Look - £14.99
5. New Look - £14.99
6. River Island - £32

Lately I've been wanting to buy everything online. When spring comes around, and the shops begin filling up with pastels aplenty, I literally want everything in sight. My favourite online shops for pastels at the minute are Boohoo, New Look and River Island. I just think they can do no wrong when it comes to pretty pale hues.

As the sun has been out a lot more lately, I've also been feeling the need to rearrange my wardrobe and bring my pastels to the forefront of it all. That being said, I've noticed I'm missing a few pieces to complete my pastel rainbow of a wardrobe, so of course I've been getting a little carried away when it comes to online shopping.

First of all, this beautiful pale blue gingham dress from Topshop is so stunning and the perfect spring party dress. It's not cheap at £55 but it's to be expected from the likes of Topshop. I've been eyeing up this cute-as-a-button milk carton bag on Ebay for ages now and I think now spring is in full swing (see what I did there?) it's the perfect excuse to purchase it. I know Ebay can sometimes be a bit hit and miss for buying things (myself and people I know have had disputes in the past on there which is never fun!) but for the most part I think it's great for bagging a bargain. I definitely wouldn't buy makeup on there though - chances are it's fake. It's definitely worth learning more about online safety, especially if you're an online shopping addict like me!

Talking of makeup, the next thing on my wishlist is this amazing pastel palette from Dior. I'm not normally one for pastel eyeshadows, but the sweeter-than-sweet hues seen in these cute palettes are too nice to resist. I also think, seeing as I'm loving pastels at the minute, why not go all-out and embrace the makeup trend too? It's a total bargain from Escentual too. I chose this tartan skirt from New Look because I am obsessed with pastel tartan at the minute, and this skirt definitely gets my thumbs up. I also added this pretty mint daisy tee to my list as I think it's really sweet and would look perfect with the aforementioned skirt. Finally, I don't think a pastel outfit is complete without some pretty dolly shoes, and I am desperate to get my hands on these from River Island. They would just complete my pastel wardrobe perfectly!

Are you excited for spring pastels? I placed a sneaky Boohoo order yesterday and low and behold it arrived this morning - how good is that?! I'm also loving that some sites (like Boohoo) are doing this 'Pay after Delivery' thing with PayPal, which is great if you're waiting 'til payday. The only thing I will say is that it is as good as it is bad - you tend to forget you've spent the money and then BAM! It's out of your account. Still I think it's a really good idea!


  1. Ooh, that dress looks pretty nice! Though I'm pretty sure my fat would poke through when I sit down..!

  2. Those shoes are so cute. Very pretty colour :) X


  3. The dress is soo cute! All these pastels are so pretty <3

  4. Such a gorgeous wish list! Absolutely love the pastel tartan design skirt!

    Laura x

  5. I was nodding along in agreement reading this post! New Spring collections are my weakness, and I'm absolutely loving all the pastels out at the moment too. I love what you've picked, the shoes are so pretty! Also, the pay after delivery thing is very dangerous for me too haha. You don't feel as guilty for spending because your money isn't coming out straight away but when the two weeks is up and it all comes out of your balance at once it's like 'oopsie daisies' xo

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  6. I love powder blue and mint at the moment! Love the New Look flower top and the patent RI shoes. I love the style for spring but most of the pairs I've tried on really don't suit me!X

    Life of a Trainee Journalist

  7. I've just posted my March wishlist, there's sooo many beautiful things out right now, it's hard to resist! x

    Amy |

  8. I'm loving pastels at the moment, especially that gorgeous skirt - I need to get my hands on one of them! I've been putting my Spring wish list together and I just keep finding things to add to it!

    Jenny xx

  9. This pink tartan skirt is perfection - so nineties, I'd feel like I was in Clueless wearing it (which isn't a bad thing!).



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