Monday, 14 April 2014

George at Asda Spring/Summer Wishlist

1. Polkadot Shirt - £10
4. Thumper Pyjamas - £13
7. Mint Lace Shirt - £12

Any bargain-hunting fashionistas will know that more often than not, your favourite supermarket is actually the home of some absolute clothing gems, all at really affordable prices. My favourite supermarket to shop for clothes at has got to be Asda - their George at Asda range is always spot on, and I'm pretty much always guaranteed to go away with at least one item of clothing I'm chuffed with. 

In homage to the great British supermarket and their amazing range of affordable clothing, I thought it was about time I put together a wishlist featuring my current favourites from the amazing George at Asda. They have some gorgeous pieces in for spring/summer so what better time to swoon over their fab range of clothes?

First up, this boxy polkadot tee is seriously cute and will look amazing with shorts for trips to the seaside. The floral canvas shoes I found would compliment this outfit perfectly, and I can't believe how cheap they are at a mere £6. They look seriously comfy too, perfect for long walks in the sunshine. Next up, this fruity bikini is totally gorgeous and seriously bargainous at only £8 for the top and £4 for the bottoms. George at Asda has always been my first port of call when it comes to swimwear and you can totally see why. It's also my favourite place to go for for pyjamas - I'm a bit of a pyjama addict and this set of Thumper pjs is too cute to resist. I always find some amazing Disney pjs in Asda. Back to clothing, although I'm not the biggest fan of animal print, I was totally drawn to this lilac/purple pair of shorts. I think there's something really chic about them and can imagine wearing a nice lilac cami top to compliment them over the summer. Midi skirts are all the rage right now and I've jumped on the bandwagon too. This bright waffle-texture midi from Asda is different to what I'd usually go for but I think it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. I couldn't resist throwing some mint shades in here, and this mint lace shirt is stunning and I actually think would look pretty cool with the aforementioned midi skirt. Finally, I threw some more swimwear in there as this beach print swimsuit is too cute not to include. 

Are you a fan of George at Asda? Let me know what you're currently loving from the supermarket fashion departments at the minute! 

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  1. The shirts are gorgeous! I'm more of a F&F at Tescos girl myself, am planning a trip there over Easter weekend :)

    Chloe x

  2. ASDA really have exceeded themselves recently. I need the Polka Dot and Lace shirts. Beautiful!

    Bamboozle Beauty

  3. I love the Thumper Pjs! :)

  4. I have the beach scen swimsuit! It's lovely! I also purchased the coral laser cut bikini too! x

  5. That swimsuit is amazing! I want a colourful swimsuit for my holiday and I think I might have found my match!


  6. I normally go to Asda for my work shoes, as recently they have been getting on trend with their fashion, I love the swimming costume - colour is perfect & i love the print of it :) I can't wait to head on my holiday either :)

  7. I love the pink polka dot shirt!

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  8. They have some gorgeous pieces- I love the Thumper pj's, shirts, bikini and swimming costume you have picked out :) xx

  9. I love that swimsuit!! I just bought some not so exciting sports leggings from George, every time I go to Asda I can't resist having a look around the clothes section X

  10. I really want a photo swimsuit for summer - they're super soul cal! The problem I have is my (less what washboard) stumach makes them all out of shape!


  11. Those animal print shorts and that mint shirt are just gorgeous!

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