Sunday, 8 February 2015

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons Review

As Valentine's Day is less than a week away (got your pressie requests in yet!?) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about my current favourite kissable-lip product. As a Christmas pressie from the lovely people at Soap & Glory, I was sent a little tin trio of their 'Sexy Mother Pucker' gloss crayons, and after having a good couple of months to test them, I thought I'd share my thoughts!

First of all - if you aren't a fan of S&G's original 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lip glosses - never fear. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of those, but these are a total game-changer. For starters, they contain the same lip-plumping formulation but without the slightly uncomfortable 'tingling' sensation the original gloss gives you, which is always a plus if you're after fuller lips. Personally, I'm not ever interested in lip-plumping products (I have big enough lips as it is) but these babies are so much more than just lip plumpers.

These gloss crayons give gorgeous, super glossy lips that are totally moisturised and nourished, whilst also giving a gorgeous colour. I was worried they'd be a tad too sheer, but after a few layers they give really good colour pay-off. The colours I was given were Bashful - a pinky nude, Fuchsia-ristic - definitely more of a coral than fuschia, and Raplumzel, a gorgeous plum shade.

Bashful is the perfect nude-pink shade. It's probably my favourite of the three as it's the most wearable and probably the one that suits me best. I think it would suit the majority of skin tones and I've been wearing it none-stop since discovering it! 


Whoever came up with the name for this one certainly missed a trick, as it's definitely a coral shade - there's not a lot of fuschia going on here. It is, however, a really lovely red-fuschia that would be amazing over the summer months. 

Raplumzel (BEST... NAME... EVER!) is a beautiful plummy shade that is ideal for the winter months. It's probably my least favourite of the three as I feel it's a bit of an 'older' colour, and I'd have liked it if they had gone a bit darker and deeper, and a bit more purple with this one. That being said it's a lovely colour - just personally it's not my cup of tea! 

Overall I think these gloss crayons are fab little products as they give such moisturisation and shine, without the nasty sticky feel of lipgloss. The fact they plump your lips too is a big bonus! I'm particularly looking forward to using these over the summer months, but they're great at this time of the year too as they keep your lips nice and nourished.  

Have you tried the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons? Let me know what you thought! 



  1. These shades look very flattering on you, especially loved the darker one.
    You look beautiful (:

  2. They look amazing and really pigmented. The shades are so pretty!

  3. I got this wee set for Christmas and totally fell in love with them, they are just such nice products with lovely colour pay off x

    Reverie de Paris

  4. Oh Raplumzel is beautiful :)

  5. wow love the look of bashful, you are so gorgeous!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  6. these shades look so fab! Love the plum colour
    Emma x

  7. I love the look of these... They look so glossy, it's hard to believe they come from a stick! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  8. i'm loving the colors of the gloss! plus they are so shimmery and glossy! <3

    xoxo, rae

  9. Bashful looks lovely on you. I have always been tempted to pick these up at Christmas, but never have done. I think it may be because I feel I need to use up a few other lip products first!

  10. The formula of these sound so lovely, I know how some lip pencils can be pretty drying! Every colour looks so wearable too :) xx

  11. These look lovely! I have to say I found the tingling of the original lipgloss to be quite nice - maybe it's a mental thing, if it tingles it's doing it's job, right? Will have to give these a go. xx

  12. Those are so pretty and I love the lip crayons lately and these colors are perfect for me.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  13. These are so gorgeous, one of my all time favourite lip products! Bashful is a favourite already but after seeing it on you I NEED Raplumzel :)

    Kat |

  14. Oh my gosh, I need these!

  15. I've tried Bashful but since my lips are a bit dark due to sunburn, the colour didn't really show. I'm going to get myself a natural treatment to get pink lips first before applying these.
    And I just knew you could get them it sets!! I want one too!


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