Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New Rouge Edition Velvet Shades from Bourjois

The Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks from Bourjois have definitely been one of my favourite makeup additions of late, and now I love them even more after they released a few more gorgeous shades to add into the already beautiful brood.

In case you didn't know, the Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks apply like lipglosses but dry to an opague, matte lipstick. They are absolutely amazing for staying power (seriously, these guys don't budge) and don't crack or dry out your lips like so many matte shades. If you've been swooning over the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lips but can't get hold of them yet (why they're not in the UK yet is anyone's guess!) then these will definitely be for you.

Don't Pink of It!

So Hap'Pink

Beau Brun

And the new shades don't disappoint either. There's So Hap'Pink, a bright and bold reddy pink that definitely delivers the 'wow' factor, Beau Brun, probably my least favourite of the three, a deep brown-red shade, and Don't Pink of It!, which is my current go-to nude lip shade that I seriously can't get enough of.

For £8.99 I think the Rouge Edition Velvets are absolutely amazing value and I honestly have nothing negative to say about them - they last a long time, come in an ever expanding selection of shades and deliver an opaque, matte finish without drying out the lips. What more could a girl want?

Have you tried the new shades yet? Let me know what you think!


  1. I can't believe I still haven't tried these, I've heard so many rave reviews about them they really do sound like the perfect formula :) I love the look of 'Don't Pink Of It' and the name is so cool too! I've got some boots advantage points saved up that I think I'll use to get a couple of these :)
    Love Holly x


  2. I've been looking at these for a little while now,and will defiantly purchase after reading this they look fabulous ! X

  3. I picked up my first rouge edition the other weekend and I absolutely love it! I need more x


  4. That's such a decent price! I definitely need to purchase one - they look so moisturising for a matte finish!

    lucy | luceellen xxx

  5. Wow, I need to get don't pink of it asap. I love these, they last ages and the pigmentation is incredible. sabiha xx


  6. I still haven’t tried this. They look fab!


  7. I love the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks. My favourite out of those three has to be Don't Pink of it, such a pretty summer pink. I will be off to the shop today to purchase some of these.

    Beth x

  8. looks so goon in your skintone. are the formula all the same??



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