Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Magazine Freebies I'm Currently Loving

I've always been a fan of picking up magazines when there's a freebie on offer (I mean, who isn't!?) so I thought I'd share a couple of gems I came across recently, just in case you missed them. I have a feeling these won't be on the shelf for much longer though, so if you're going to try and get them - be quick! 

First up, In Style. A magazine I always tend to leave sitting on the shelf, which is odd because it's actually a really good read. This month (August) they're offering a free mini bottle of the new St Tropez In Shower Tan, so getting hold of the magazine is a great way to give it a test before purchasing the full-size bottle. I had a little try of it the other night and wasn't too impressed, but if anyone else has tried it I'd be really keen to hear how you got on! 

Another really fab freebie this month comes from Marie Claire - a personal favourite of mine after interning there a few years back. This month they're giving away a free Ciate nail set, complete with top coat and colour, in a range of different shades. I picked up the bright orange shade (it is supposedly summer so I thought it kind of apt) and I was really impressed. Again, it's a good way of testing out a brand before investing, and you actually get a fair amount of product in these. The top coat is AMAZING as well, so it's worth buying the mag for that alone. 

Have you picked up either of these this month? Let me know if there are any other freebies in magazines you're currently loving! 


  1. Oooh I really want to try the in shower tan, must pick up the magazine!

  2. I almost always just buy magazines for the freebie!! I got the August edition of In Style too and I must agree with you, I didn't find the gradual tanner very effective unfortunately although I do have very pale skin!

    Cathy |

  3. Everybody loves a freebie. I thought that the in shower tan was such a good idea - I may pick it up, so I have a travel version x

  4. I haven't picked any of these this month as I don't care much for fake tan and can't paint my nails regularly! But hopefully I'll spot some freebies on the next issues for my taste!

    Sara |

  5. These are such amazing freebies! Magazines are never this generous in Australia. x

  6. I never look at magazines so thank you so much for this post, really good to know there's a sample available for that in shower tan, I've been wanting to try it for so long x

  7. I loved InStyle this month, the St Tropez is excellent, but also the 2 mini freebies from L'Occitane are super cute and smell amazing! There is a coupon on page 156 for them! :)

  8. I've been thinking about buying the St Tropez in shower tan but wasn't sure if I could justify the price, especially since I find tanning products to be very hit and miss. I may pick the magazine up to give it a go though, especially since it is much, much cheaper than buying the full size bottle. Raspberrykiss xo

  9. This is such a clever post idea. There are so many freebies in magazines right now, that I always find it hard which one to choose. I love the look of the St Tropez freebie in the In Style magazine, may have to purchase that. Thanks.

    Beth x

  10. It hasn't even crossed my mind to check out what freebies magazines are offering right now. I'll admit it's been a while since I've even bought a mag! They do tend to bring out the good freebies in the summer months though. I'll have to have a look when I next do a food shop!


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  11. Such good freebies! Really want to try the in shower tan too see if I like it before paying loads for a big bottle.

    Pippa | LittleLifestyle


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