Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Here & Now

So, it looks as though my plans to blog more often starting in October haven't really worked out. I've been thinking about my blog constantly this month, but putting words down on this little corner of the internet has started becoming increasingly harder. I think one of the reasons is because I'm a perfectionist - I want every post that goes out to be perfect, so sometimes I find it too difficult to click the 'publish' button in fear of letting myself down, and so I don't post anything at all. With the increase in so many fancy, professional-looking blogs with content updated regularly and fantastic opportunities left right and centre, I feel like I'm no contest in comparison, so why should I waste my time trying to make content, when it will never live up to the ever-climbing standards?

Next February I will have been blogging for a tremendous six years, and when I look back at my blogging experience, aside from feeling incredibly proud of everything I've achieved, I also feel sad that I haven't really put my all into making my blog the best it can be. There are countless posts that I wish I'd written, videos I wish I'd recorded and uploaded to YouTube and even events I was invited to but turned down, through money issues or otherwise. I get jealous when I see bloggers who have only been doing this for one or two years are now incredibly successful, and I always ask myself why, if I've been doing it for this long, haven't I made my blog everything I wanted it to be? Well, I think I've finally got the answer.

As much effort as I've put into my blog over the years, I don't think I've put in enough. Over the past year in particular, my blog has been left neglected thanks to finally having a full-time job I love and not finding the time to get posts photographed and written up, instead prioritising other things (like naps, Netflix and shopping trips) over actually growing this space on the internet and making it bigger and better.

And so, I've decided that in order to not look back on my time blogging and regret all the things I didn't achieve or the progress I didn't make, I'm going to take my blog seriously and learn to prioritise it over things that really don't matter. I'm going to stop telling myself that 'one day' I'll be happy enough with a certain blog post to hit publish, 'one day' I'll be the right size to upload regular outfit posts, or 'one day' I'll have a better camera for making YouTube videos, so I may as well hold off until then... no. I need to remember to live in the here and now, and if I want to be happy, I need to put the effort in now - and who cares if that means not every post I write will be perfect? I've decided progress is always better than silly ideas about 'perfection'.

So, expect to see a lot more from me from now on - I'm planning on having a complete redesign on the layout of my blog, as I'm sure it's been the same for about four years now, and with that I'll hopefully have more drive and motivation to keep my blog updated with fresh new content. I love blogging and I feel like my fears around never being 'good enough' for this new world of blogging need to stop - and I just need to keep doing what I love, no matter what.


  1. Aw Hannah, you definitely are good enough! I totally get where the feeling comes from, but remember that comparison is the thief of joy and once you start comparing yourself to other bloggers, you'll never be happy. Every blogger has his/her own personality, growing and learning process and that's what makes everything in this blogger world so special and unique. I agree that you should consistently put effort in your blog to make it grow, but I feel like you should also stay true to yourself and don't follow the trends if you're not comfortable with it. And you should definitely make time for naps and Netflix! :) Maybe you should just find a routine that feels good to you and where it's possible to grow your blog the same time.

    I'm sure that whatever this blog has to offer in the future will be just as awesome as it was in the past! Keep up the good work :)

    Moonlit Stories | Lifestyle, Design + Blog Tips

  2. I really appreciate how raw and from the heart this post is. There are many times in my life where I question why I'm not doing as well as others or why I can't achieve what others have achieved. Your blog is amazing the way it is but I'm very excited to see what is to come! You motivated me to be the best I can and to try and not be as hard on myself as I usually am. YOU'RE AMAZING!!

  3. Hello Hannah :) I really enjoyed this article, see it was good enough to hit publish, you did it once so you can do it again and more and more often ;) I almost had tears reading your article because it's kind of story of my life right now. I know that I want to improve my life to start new things, to be better in what I already do, but it seems like it never happens because I just can't. I keep being distracted by silly things and I don't focus enough on what really matters and everytime I try its seems to never succeed. I can't wait to see you growing, and succeed to move on with your blog to achieve what you really want and I hope it will inspire me to do the same with my life. Again thank you for your honnesty keep doing your good job your already are glitter you just need to find your good light to shine ;) xoxo

  4. No matter how many times you post, a lot or not much at all, I always enjoy reading them. Lovely post very honest and true.

    Beth x

  5. Nice photo :)
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    Maria V.

  6. I've always enjoyed reading your posts! My favourite posts of yours are when you round up things you like or have been eyeing in the shops and you include photos, the prices and where they're from. I've definitely got a few ideas from these posts before! I also love your fashion and am well jealous of your long blonde hair and beautiful eyes! I think you are great, please don't ever be discouraged. I am excited as to the new direction you are thinking of taking the blog, I am sure the new layout will be great....looking forward to it!

  7. I know what you mean about this new blogging world which is crazy professional and the standards feel so high.. definitely wasn't what blogging was like when I started over 4 years ago!

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog
    Fashion Fade Magazine

  8. Just to let you know that I have nominated you for the versatile blogger awards, here's the link to mine: http://missjoy.weebly.com/blog/versatile-blogger-award
    Sneha xx

  9. You are definitely more than good enough for this new world of blogging. I love your blog posts, outfit photos and YouTube videos. Kudos for wanting to improve, but I think you are fabulous already.


  10. Hi Hannah, I'm a Dutch student and have been following your blog for about a year (I apologize for my poor English). I genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts and think you are one of the most honest bloggers around (as far as I know). I always look forward to visiting your blog to read about what you have been doing, whether it’s about clothes, books or blog posts like this. Especially blog posts like this make you stand out for me, in comparison to the other bloggers. Just keep doing what you always have been doing en try to enjoy life.
    X Nayiri

  11. Hey hun, this was a very brave post! I personally love reading your blog. I think they are of a very high standard and look up to yours to make mine even better. Keep up the good work! I'll be reading xxx


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