Saturday, 2 January 2016

#OffDutyDenim with George at Asda

I love jeans. I think there is nothing better than slipping on a pair of your favourite, almost loved-to-death jeans that fit like a glove, and look great whether you're in a t-shirt and trainers or your favourite sparkly top and heels. There's just something really comforting about how easy to wear they are, and that somehow the more battered they get, the better they look. 

I'm a big fan of George at Asda anyway, so when they got in touch to challenge me to style a pair of jeans in three different ways (for morning, afternoon and evening) I, of course, obliged. I chose the Fashion Box High Waisted Jeans* (because we all know high waisted is the most flattery fit) and I love the ripped knees on them. For just £16 I think they're amazing value and after living in leggings for the past few months I've really enjoyed wearing something a bit different. 

For my morning outfit, I styled up the jeans with this Tartan Faux Fur Trim Coat* (which is sadly out of stock online but it might be worth trying in store) as my mornings usually consist of taking Rory for a brisk walk out in the winter air. I absolutely adore the colours on this coat and the duffle style is perfect for this time of year. Rory decided he wanted to pop his coat on too (it was chilly out there!) and we nearly looked matching! 

Weekend afternoons for me are usually about chilling on the sofa, grabbing my laptop and doing a bit of blogging. I'm always freezing cold no matter where I am, so this Colour Block Cardigan* is ideal. It's really big and cosy and I love the colours and design on it, and think it looks fab with the jeans. There are loads of these oversized cardigans about at the minute - I'm building up quite a collection! 

Of course, when evening comes it's all about getting glammed up, popping your heels and something sparkly on and dancing the night away. This Embellished Neck Dress* is in a gorgeous wine red hue and has a bit of sparkle in it too, so it's great for this time of year. The material is quite textured too which adds something a bit different to the outfit. 

Overall I loved styling up these three different outfits and I think each of them look great. I've been wearing the jeans constantly since getting them and I think they'll definitely see me through to spring and summer. Are you a fan of George at Asda? Let me know if you've got any jeans from George and what you think to them! 


  1. Your dog is adorable. I love every outfit here and that cardigan is gorgeous, you look amazing in every picture too!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. You look in each of the looks you show here very good! My favourites are the cosy cardigan and the red dress!
    Happy New Year!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  3. Every outfit here looks great on you! I'm the same, I love a pair of jeans.
    Your dog is gorgeous too!

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  4. Love the cardigan, it looks super cosy :)

  5. I love the colours in your coat, it looks so warm! x

  6. I love these sets of photos so much! The browns and reds your wearing go so well together too! xx

  7. I love this coat and the photos are so cute too! Just gorgeous xx

  8. Nice post.....i would like to ask which camera are u using?

  9. Really pretty pictures.


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